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Junior X Tours With Release of his Plead My Cause Album

Recording artist, and Reggae Prince of the Battlefield, Junior X tours with the release of his sophomore album, Plead My Cause on the Revolutionary Entertainment record label.

The 15 track disk which was released May, 2011, featuring collaborations with Reggae royalty such as Queen IFrica and Gyptian, and has been touted as one of the best Reggae albums for 2011. The album, which also features music production from Dennis Livingston of Revolutionary Entertainment, Paul Lowe-Chin of Chiney K Productions and Ezroy Francis of Mixing Lab, keeps the spirit of Roots Reggae at the forefront for listeners.

Since the albums release, Junior X has travelled to California, Boston, Delaware and Philadelphia, giving the artist an opportunity to connect with fans as he shares his messages of hope and upliftment.

The albums lead single, “Not Afraid to Live” was written by X himself. Known for making songs that plead the cause of the people, X’s lyrics hit home when he says “This life is like a free wave/ just let it come / just let it go / I faced this life the hard way / until I learn to let it flow / the record shows I took the blows / been through life’s highs and lows ….” The melody that accompanies the lyrics replicate that of the heart beat in unison with the chant of the drum, only in place of the drum, the bass guitar is used creating a pulse that connects the lyrics to the music. Radio jock DJ Sparks says “this is a good song from Junior X who typically delivers substantive lyrics for the people.”

Moving with the momentum of the feedback to “Not Afraid to Live,” Junior X will be releasing his follow up single “You Saved Me” which features Alborosie. The two artists make equally powerful music, and chose this time to collaborate in hopes their coming together musically will inspire fans. The extra vibes fans feel from the song is an extension of the two recording in Jamaica.

The title for the album, Plead My Cause, is seen as a continuation of the international success Junior X received when his 2002 hit song of the same name was released. “I’ve been through a lot in my career from then until now. Just as the people go through issues is the same way I go through issues. On this album, we go through life together,” the artist said during his photo shoot in Boston, Massachusetts.

The video for the song was shot on location in Jamaica and features the artists understanding of the hardships everyday people go through.

“Not Afraid to Live” video:

The Album ‘Plead My Cause’ is also available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/plead-my-cause/id424610669

About Junior X:

When the call is sounded for music warriors to assemble, one dedicated soldier rises; Junior X – Prince of the Battlefield! Using his faith inRastafari, and the brilliance of lyrics that resonate with listeners, Junior X moves to eliminate negativity through story telling in song.

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