JUNE 13 @ 6p.m. Brooklyn's Caribbean-American Experience, a book discussion

JUNE 13 @ 6p.m. Brooklyn’s Caribbean-American Experience, a book discussion

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…A Community Discussion on East of Flatbush, North of Love… a clever and witty portrait of growing up in East Flatbush in the decades before gentrification… with Author Danielle Brown, Ph.D., Roger Toussaint, former president of the Transport Workers Union Local 100, and Dr. Lawrence Waldron, City College, CUNY.






“[T]his is a contemplative and amusing first-person reflection on community and identity in the West Indian-American enclave of East Flatbush before the devastating gentrifications of the past decade and a half…. [M]arvel at Brooklyn’s Caribbean cosmopolitanism, hum the tunes to all those transcribed songs, swallow hard through a delicious recipe or a bitter tragedy, thrill to a ghost story, wipe a tear at the loss of community, or laugh at a childhood adventure.”

–Dr. Lawrence Waldron, City College, CUNY, author of Gypsy in the Moonlight and Handbook of Ceramic Animal Symbols in the Ancient Lesser Antilles

“Underlying this beguiling and deceptively simple work is a profound repudiation of eurocentrism and its practice of otherizing and objectifying people…. Indeed, [East of Flatbush, North of Love] is a must read for our community and anyone interested in saving neighborhoods and uplifting our youth as it demonstrates how popular culture can be used as the engine for authentic self-education, activism, and change and renewal.”

–Roger Toussaint, former president of the Transport Workers Union, Local 100


Presented by Medgar Evers College, School of Professional and Community Development in collaboration with the Caribbean Awareness Committee.


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