Iley Dread takes on a new name — Chardavid

Rastafarian reggae singer, Colin Levy, aka Iley Dred, takes this opportunity to officially introduce his new stage name CHARDAVID .

The singer explained that a name change has become necessary owing to challenges relating to the securing his publishing. He has described the situation as “a nightmare”.

“The company which used to handle my publishing was sold a few years ago, however, the new owners say they did not buy out the publishing aspect of the business, but the former company no longer exists,” Iley Dread/Chardavid said.

With his publishing in a virtual no man’s land, the singer a very lucrative aspect of his career has almost come to a standstill.

“Over the years, I have written songs for so many artistes, including myself. I worked on several projects; one in particular that I did was the “Koolie Dance” project. This has been used in movie, “Coach Carter” starring Samuel L. Jackson, and many other television and radio commercials. However, all of this was under the name Iley Dread, so I have not been receiving any publishing. Until that is sorted out, it is prudent for me to use a new name, moving forward,” Iley Dread stated.

With regard to his decision to us the name Chardavid, he noted that as a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, he is from the tribe of Issachar.

“Since I am small in stature my brethren and sistren have often called me ‘Char’ from the name Issachar and ‘David’ in reference to the small boy David who slew the giant Goliath,” Levy elaborated.

He continued, “I see this name fitting as 2012 is a new chapter in my life musically. My new album ‘Unleashed’ shows my creativity, and while my messages of love and unity remain the same, my style of music has evolved and will definitely appeal to a wider fan base.

“I know my fans will still refer to me as Iley Dred or Colin Levy from time to time, but my music will be released under the name CHARDAVID,” he concluded.

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