Karamanti brand continues to grow in West Africa

Since the release of her single “African song” for Ghana based record label S-Dee Music, Karamanti’s brand has climbed significantly in the West African nation. In addition to getting steady radio rotation for not just “African song” but other Karamanti tracks as well, she is also being approached by several artists and producers from the region desiring to work with her.

Based on the rapid growth of brand Karamanti, the producer, Strike Dee, who is also a media personality and disc jockey, has designed a series of T-shirts which are being called “Karamanti African song t-shirt”. They are being sold to the public and the general consensus is that since the launch they have been getting good support.

Persons may listen and download African song here: http://soundcloud.com/karamanti/karamanti-african-song

And anyone wanting to purchase “Karamanti African song T-shirts” may do so by sending an email to S-Dee Music at strikedee@yahoo.com

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