Ragga's Newest Album Now Available – Want to Experience the Carribean, Download Now!

Ragga, a devoted singer, writer and arranger, an extraordinarily talented gentleman who is destined to become a major part of today’s music scene as he always says “Tell dem Ragga say so!” He aims to be heard by the music industry and especially the American audiences and help them experience the way we feel in the Carribean. He just got nominated for 2 awards at the International SOCA Awards which will be held in Hollywood California by the end of June. He also released a new album called TALAWAH – you can enjoy listening to his music by downloading it on itunes and cdbaby. With this new album, you will definitely have a good sense of how carribean music really is.

iTunes Link:http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/talawah/id524451330?i=524451939&ign-mpt=%C2

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