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"Culture And Arts Aid Youth In Depressed Communities- Budding T&T Star Calls For Government To Take Heed"

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. He says even if his logical mind were to tell him to give up on chasing his musical dream, his heart would never allow it. Hayden Peters, known best as Therapy- a Caledonia, Morvant, Trinidad native continues to follow his heart. Currently, he’s doing all that’s necessary to promote himself, in the same breath admitting that getting people at home in T&T, to pay closer attention and understand what he’s about, has been the biggest challenge. In the past few weeks he’s been hard at work Juelio Nu Generation Studios where a new pre- carnival release called, ‘Wine On Somebody’ has been wrapped up and is set for release across T&T. Therapy says the track, which was written by him will be the first of several new tracks he aims at releasing.

Studio time is prime time for Therapy. He’s been occupying the recording studio a lot in the past few months, explaining that because of that, he’s had very little time to make appearances at events. However, all of that will change, he assures, noting that the time has now come for some serious networking and promotion of his music. With a number of singles already created, the young entertainer says he won’t be deterred by anything as he pushes forward. In August, the budding artiste worked with two local entertainment professionals who, ironically, carry the names, Wizz Kidd- the music producer and Wyzz Kidd- the video director. Together, they released a video medley featuring two of Therapy’s older singles, ‘Million Dollar Wine’ and ‘Good Every time.’ Therapy says he’s happy with the progress so far and plans on keeping a steady head, as he journeys onward.

Like many budding entertainers on the local circuit, Therapy understands that one must put in the work. “I will continue to put my best foot forward and deliver music that’s fit for the world to enjoy,” he said. Referring to the work of T&T artiste, Bunji Garlin in recent months, in his bid to highlight just how much of an impact the music of our locals can have on the wider world, Therapy said, “We must have confidence in our own product before others can. It would be nice to see corporate entities and government agencies supporting the arts more,” he added, noting that many of the youths who come from depressed communities have held fast to culture and sport as a way out of their situations.

Like many in the entertainment industry, Therapy hopes that the government and corporate T&T could see the financial benefits that could be derived if more investment is made in Arts and Culture. He however says he won’t wait for things to happen- instead he chooses to chart his own course, no matter how long it may take.

With the love for music on his sleeve and a passion to propel, neither stigma nor obstacle will stop this young musical soul. “Music is in me and no matter what it takes, I will show the world just how great my music is.”

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