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Tobago's Determined To Make A Breakthrough- K Kay's Leading The Pack

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. While Tobago’s golden boy of Soca, Shurwayne Winchester may be doing what he can to expose new talent out of his homeland via the Tobago Next Star project, one of the island’s very ambitious vocalists hasn’t been waiting on that opportunity. For singer/songwriter, K Kay, there’s simply no time to wait to be discovered. He believes in making his own opportunities and that he certainly has. With a brand new musical release on the Smooth Sailing Riddim produced by producer and radio personality, Angel Journie, K Kay is working with all that’s available to him, despite the odds.

Admitting that he has faced a few challenges when it comes to getting his music accepted on the larger of the twin island republic, K Kay says despite it all, he’s managed to utilize global marketing companies and strategic online promo techniques to get the international attention he wants. He’s hoping that his new single, ‘Home For Carnival’ will get the attention of international distribution company, Promo Only, much like a couple of his other singles have. “Promo Only has already distributed four of my singles to mainstream radio stations worldwide, via their Caribbean series,” he explained, noting that the most recent track taken up by the distribution company was the sexually laced Soca/R&B fused, ‘Wine Up On Me.’

Still, he hopes for some attention at home. “One of the greatest achievements for any artiste out of Tobago, is to have their music accepted by the radio stations in Trinidad,” he admitted. He however says he is thankful for the love and support he has continued to receive at home in Tobago from the island’s radio DJs and personalities. “If I don’t get that big break in Trinidad during Carnival 2014, I’ll try again during the year and I will continue to knock on those doors in Trinidad until they open for me,” said K Kay, exuding a fighter’s attitude no doubt.

The Smooth Sailing riddim also features Angel Journie with a single called, “Let The Blessings Flow,” and young Crystal Nixon, known as Sparkles. Journie, a well- known radio personality in Trinidad and Tobago, has launched his very own production company, Angel Music- an effort aimed at solidifying his status as a producer on the island of Tobago. The three have teamed up before on previous projects and this unified effort is what they believe will eventually aid in seeing them reach their full potential in the music industry. In the meantime, the fighter’s spirit is alive and roaring in K Kay and with that, he’s now busily making efforts to place himself in the right position to garner the love and acceptance of his Trinbago people everywhere.

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