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Champeon releases “Woman’s Anthem”

Columbia, South Carolina– Ronnel Ramirez known to Soca music fans by his sobriquet Champeon, has recently stepped out of his comfort zone and released a new Reggae track entitled “Woman’s Anthem”.

The South Carolina based entertainer created this new Reggae offering with the objective of affirming all of society’s women of substance along with all their wonderful contributions. He appropriately released the song in May (a month synonymous with positive sentiment towards women).
The song was written by Champeon and arranged, produced and mastered by AJ & Sixman beats (Quantum Beats) and features the melodic sounds of the Steel Pan on a smooth Reggae beat.
According to Champeon, “I wrote the song as a tribute to all the supportive women of the world for being sturdy rocks for every man and also as a big ‘Thank You’ the special women in my family i.e. my wife and mother”.
When asked about his definition of a ‘woman of substance’ he shared, “To me a woman of substance is one who is strong and passionate in every sense, from her sweet, sensual aroma to the manner with which she takes care of herself and the household, and is her man’s right hand. This song is for women who are not only beautiful in character but who also possess strength in character i.e. the strength to overcome adversity and triumph despite the odds”.
Regarding his foray into the world of Reggae, Champeon stated that although he is known for recording and performing Soca he also writes a variety of musical styles and decided after Trinidad’s 2014 Carnival to create a positive song, a song which organically became the uplifting Reggae track “Woman’s Anthem”. Champeon added, “I wanted to be and do something different on this track and my spirit guided me to release my first Reggae single.
Champeon looks forward to performing this new track at his many upcoming North-American Caribbean festival gigs and remains open to future Soca and Reggae collaborations.
He further stated that the song which has so far been receiving positive feedback from fans and industry colleagues is a show of appreciation to the feminine gender and a dedication to the 300 girls who were recently kidnapped in Nigeria.

Champeon releases new Reggae track entitled “Woman’s Anthem”

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