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WIZ Records: Black Mass Riddim

WIZ Records drops new hits on its latest compilation Black Mass Riddim, now available worldwide from all major digital retailers (released June 22, 2016), from FOX FUSE. Producer Shawn “Mr. Roots” Mitchell, who is at the helm of WIZ Records, has been enjoying much success from his releases, which are mainstays on soca charts and playlists worldwide.

The three-track, Black Mass Riddim is short but sweet, with offerings from Grenadian stars Pupa Leendi and Otis. The jab jab tracks bring the essence of Grenadian music and were released for the 2016 Spicemas season, Grenada’s annual carnival celebration. They now make their debut to the global audience.


1. Otis – Nuff Ah Dat
2. Pupa Leendi – Come Clean, Leave Dirty
3. WIZ Records – Black Mass Riddim (Instrumental)

WIZ Records Black Mass Riddim

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