Camille Kaye Debut Album press release (June 2013)

Since the success of Camille Kaye’s mixtapes “Bad Nuh…!”, and “14Kaye”
which both earned her nominations with the Official Mixtape Awards in the UK two years in a row, there has been an overwhelming interest to see what she is going to come out with next. “Solstice” will be her first album, which will be released independently by MidiLord Inc. on June 21st 2013.

The album will have a mix of Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, and R&B groves all tailored to fit Camille Kaye’s unique style.

“Solstice” will be a digital release, available in online stores such as iTunes and Amazon. For this album Camille Kaye draws from her reggae and dancehall culture to enhance the love she has for R&B and Hip-Hop, and has fused these genres into a style and a sound that is distinctively hers.
While other Jamaican artists that have what you think is a similar style will just DJ(Jamaican chant style) or rap their verses and sing the choruses, Camille will seamlessly blend DJing, raping, and singing within a verse or a chorus and make it sound like it was meant to be that way. The production for Solstice will be coming from various producers spearheaded by Camille’s Manager/Producer Duane “Midilord” Summers (former Production Manager and Engineer for Sean Paul).

“I love Camille Kaye dj (chant)style,” Jeremy Harding*-Producer and former manager for Sean Paul.

“Camille Kaye is one of the most multi-talented artists I have been exposed to in a long time. She can sing, dj (chant), rap and dance well!

She will be a major force in music!” Jason Sky-Walker-WRFG radio 89.3FM, and www.cariblifecentral.com.

Camille has something the world needs to hear, and with her passion at persistence it’s likely to be heard sooner than later.” Ghostwridah, Independent Artist (The L.Y.F.E. Music)

Born Camille Tiffany-Kaye Fletcher in Kingston, Jamaica, on October 15th1989, her professional singing career started with an introduction to Dancehall producer Supahype of 007 Music. She worked with him along with other local producers in Jamaica until leaving for Florida to attend Florida International University in 2007 which she has graduated from with honors in dance. While attending FIU, Camille worked with Dancehall producer Nynex of Calibur Entertainment who pre produced “Ring Di Alarm”. Then she met Duane “Midilord” Summers, former production manager and engineer for Dancehall/Reggae superstars Sean Paul and Shaggy. Midilord produced her first iTunes release, “Trouble”, as well as all the tracks on both of her mixtapes “Bad Nuh…!”, and “24Kaye” which both has earned nominations at the Official Mixtape Awards in the UK two years in a row.

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