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Precision Productions presents Toya with Give It To Me

There are some things in life that are best enjoyed only when shared with the ideal partner.

La Toya “Toya” Lewis seductively sings about the discovery of this phenomenon in her newest release with Precision Productions.

In the appropriately named, “Give It To Me”, she sings about a dance partner, whose in-sync moves fulfill her every need and drive her to entreat for even more.

Precision lays a hypnotic musical foundation on this track, while steamy lyrics from Stephanas Ramgattie and Akeem Chance form a stairway that leads listeners into a realm of loosed inhibitions.

Once again the team has managed to reveal the unleashed delight to be found this time of year, when Soca music takes over influencing us to surrender not just to each other but also its sweet embrace.

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