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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • MV Collection By Mr Vegas Now Available

    Internationally renowned dancehall/reggae artist Mr. Vegas is launching his new merchandise line – MV Collections. Known across the world for his biggest hits “Heads High” and “Bruk It Down”, Mr Vegas’ fans and reggae lovers alike now have access to their own personal memorabilia.

    The MV Collection is a recollection of Mr. Vegas’ hit songs and important elements of his lifestyle and culture. These designs and slogans are internationally recognized across the world.

    Featuring brightly coloured printed t-shirts for men and women made from 160-gram cotton, the collection provides long lasting colour after several washes.

    Mr. Vegas released his latest album “Lovers Rock and Soul” at the end of 2015. More recently, he released his new track and video, “Dancehall Dabb”, which is being talked about as the 2016 club banger. His highly anticipated single “My Jam” featuring Pitbull is coming out now on Sony Australia.

    MV Collection By Mr Vegas

                              MV Collection By Mr Vegas

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  • Cooler Park Carnival Delivers for the Masses

    P.O.S. Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) – Green House Entertainment which recently saw the debut of its ultra premium inclusive event ‘Finesse’ in La Vega, outdid themselves with their annual cooler fete experience ‘Cooler Park’ and attracted a huge crowd to this Central T&T party staple. What started off as a small house lime in a residential area in Couva years ago, later evolved into an all-out block party or ‘blocko’ and has now grown into one of the country’s full-fledged cooler-inclusive events.

    In its short history, ‘Cooler Park’ has grown exponentially from a regular street party to a full blown carnival fixture and has filled out venues such as the Ato Boldon Stadium.

    This year the event moved to the Upper Crust Carpark, Freeport and delivered a vibrant atmosphere from start to end with patrons of all ages hailing from North, South, East and Central Trinidad.

    The Green House Entertainment committee members went all out for this year’s edition and brought forward a stellar cast of DJs which included, Nuphoric, Damian Kidd, Lurbz & Aswaad, Assasin Singh and the Artiste Team.

    Entertainment at Cooler Park was at a high level and included live performances from 2016 International Soca Monarch finalists 5 Star Akil, GBM Neutron and Shal Marshal.
    Also notable was the live set from Chutney-Soca superstar Ravi B who delivered several of his many hit songs such as ‘Prescription’, ‘Bread’, ‘Rum is Meh Lover’, ‘Over Doing It’ and the fan-favourite, ‘Ah Drinka’.

    The Cooler Park crowd erupted at the arrival of featured performers Kes the Band who gave a mind blowing show to the appreciative attendees who could not help but sing along word for word to the band’s every song.

    Lead singer Kees Dieffenthaller had the massive audience eating out of his hands as he unleashed his popular Cross-Caribbean arsenal of musical hits which included, ‘Wotless’, ‘A Million’, ‘Summer Can’t Done’, ‘Tuesday on the Rocks’ and the 2016 hit ‘My People’.

    Cooler Park 2016 delivered on all levels and brought forward the essential elements to create a successful, festive Carnival environment i.e. a spacious, centralized venue, top class DJs and live entertainment and an endless supply of vibes for audiences of varying tastes and backgrounds.


    Fashionalbe and ready to fete

    Fashionalbe and ready to fete

    Fetters of all ages and backgrounds came out to enjoy the Cooler Park vibes.

    Fetters of all ages and backgrounds came out to enjoy the Cooler Park vibes.


    Feters in Full support with their Cooler Park gear.

    Fetters in Full support with their Cooler Park gear.


    Friends got together at the 2016 edition of 'Cooler Park'.

    Friends got together at the 2016 edition of ‘Cooler Park’.


    The Massive crowd at Cooler Park 2016.

    The Massive crowd at Cooler Park 2016.


    Freeing up at the Cooler Park Fete.

    Freeing up at the Cooler Park Fete.


    Ravi B revs up the Cooler Fete crowd.

    Ravi B revs up the Cooler Fete crowd.

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  • Tifa Lands Double Nomination In Irie Jam Radio Awards

    Currently enjoying premium rotation on the FM airwaves with ‘Belleh’ remix featuring Sanjay, Demarco and Shelly Belly dancehall diva Tifa again has something to smile about following the announcement of the 2016 nominations for the Irie Jam Radio Online Awards.

    The ‘Spell It Out’ singer has landed a double nomination for ‘Collaboration Song of the Year’ and ‘Video of the Year’ for ‘Jealous Ova’ a collaborative effort with 2015 breakout star Dexta Daps. If that wasn’t enough she is also featured on U.S Hip Hop star Ricky Blaze’s newly released album ‘Conquer The Moment’ with the fiery club banger ‘Look Like Me’; The track also features female singer Chelley.

    Alluding to the nominations Tifa says, “It’s always a good feeling when your work is acknowledged”.
    Ricky Blaze is a talented artist, producer and musician and Chelley is an amazing artiste. So collabs like that are always a win. ‘Conquer The Moment’ is an awesome project overall with awesome features from Shaggy, Dean Fraser among others.” She added regarding her feature on Blaze’s album.

    Adding to her already impressive stack of accolades Tifa will also vie for top honours at the February 20th staging of the Youth View Awards at the National Indoor Sports Center 2016 Youth View Awards: ‘Favourite Local Female Artiste Of The Year’, ‘Fashion Icon Female’, ‘Young Hot & Hype Female of the Year’ and ‘Favourite Music Collaboration Hit Song for 2015’

    The entertainer, whose given name is Latifa Brown recently renewed her endorsement deal with telecommunication giants Digicel for the sixth year which sees her acting in the capacity of brand ambassador throughout Jamaica and the wider diaspora.

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  • Vieux Fort Nobel Laureate Literary Night 2016 a Great Success

    We are pleased to announce that The Vieux Fort Nobel Laureate Literary Night was a great success; over a hundred persons attended. Some persons had to turn away because all seats had been taken.

    On the night, the art of Jonathan Gladding, Lesley Lubin, and Janice Samuel were on display; so were the books of Modeste Downes, Jolien Harmsen, Clive Sankardyal, and Derek Walcott. The poets who read included Shan Lucien, Augustus Cadette, Moses Jn. Baptiste, Julius Ersthee, Vigna Antoine, and Marcia Dolor. There were performances by the Augier Combined School and the Micoud Secondary School. N’Vogue presented a dance called “A City’s Death by Fire.” There was a video presentation of the Nobel Laureates, musical performances by Ally Kyatt, Itoobaa, and Adrian Klien; folk drumming by Tanbou Mele, storytelling by Sylvester “Wasi” Flood, and the premier of a poetry video of Phases, Modeste Downes’ epic poem tracing the history of Vieux Fort. The event was Emceed by Kendall Elva and Sherma Charles (see attached program), and was graced by The Honorable Winall Joshua, Mayor of Vieux Fort, and his wife, Christine.

    In terms of audience applause, N’Vogue and Adrian Klien were the standouts.

    Above all, we want to say this: that good things can happen in Vieux Fort, and good things have been happening in Vieux Fort. However, more good things need to be happening in Vieux Fort, and in a more consistent fashion. So what does it takes? Well, take the Literary Night, for example. How did it happen? Well, a few of us responded to a call to let us try to always have an activity in Vieux Fort to match the national calendar of events. That was late November last year. The rationale being that the consistent hosting of such activities will help strengthen Vieux Fort as a community, instill confidence in the future of the town, and enable residents to take pride and ownership of their community.
    So next time a national event goes by and Vieux Fort is not represented, and you say how come Vieux Fort is so dead, nothing happens in Vieux Fort? For the answer, look at the mirror. For if things are not happening in Vieux Fort, it means no one in Vieux Fort, no group in Vieux Fort, came together to stage activities. It means you didn’t do anything to help make it happen. It is people that make things happen; no matter what community, in what country, in what planet, it is people or intelligent beings who come together to make things happen. The Literary Night happened because a few persons (5 to be exact) came together to make it happen and then solicited the participation of other persons and the broader community. By participation I mean the performers, the sponsors, the volunteers, and you the audience. We all played a part.

    So the moral of the story is, let us all become the ball to ensure that our communities, wherever we reside, thrive and progress. Let us adopt a “can do and let’s do it attitude.” For it is together we can make our communities a better place to live and raise our children. For the answers, don’t look at the politicians, don’t look at the government, don’t look at your neighbors, look at the mirror.

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  • Julien Believe – Party Ambassadors Feat. Fadda Fox, Beenie Man & Ricardo Drue “2016”

    Created to inspire ALL Caribbean nations that are united by their love of rhythmic vibes, this track has effortlessly earned its place amongst the upper echelon of hits for this season. Front man Julien Believe along with Fadda Fox, Ricardo Drue and Beenie Man present the new airwaves dominator, “Party Ambassadors”. Guaranteed to get you jumping, whining and celebrating, Party Ambassadors pays homage to the most celebrated festival in the Bahamas known as Junkanoo.

    A true Caribbean kaleidoscope of flavor and fun, Junkanoo is the music and very soul of the Bahamian people. Party Ambassadors will lit that fire “in ya belly” and get you whining your waistline all in the name of getting you feeling the rhythm and deeply immersed in the very soul of the Bahamian people
    Through flawless selection and execution of melodious vibrations, lyrics and composition, these Caribbean powerhouses call on all Junkanoo and Soca veterans to carry on the electrifying tradition and echo these sentiments to all amateurs to the craft.

    As for you, the listener, you are now tasked with a mission! Join these diplomats, and see to it that the vibrations of this world-renowned sound are felt throughout the Soca diaspora and beyond.

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  • Bramma Partners With Hype TV For New Reality Series

    Days after hosting a listening party allowing members of the entertainment fraternity and a few close friends to hear some of his upcoming material for the new year, Dancehall artiste Bramma ‘Di Gorilla’ is certainly stepping up his game for 2016.

    The ‘Cha Cha Boy’ singer recently inked a partnership deal with popular cable television outlet Hype TV to air his new reality series ‘Gorilla Chronicles’. The series now in its sixth episode archives his musical journeys throughout Jamaica and the expanse of the world showcasing all the perils and challenges associated with the entertainment industry.

    Later this week Bramma is scheduled to release ‘Morning Jamaica’ his first official single from his cadre of new material. The single will also be accompanied by an official video currently being shot.

    In a statement to the media Bramma explains,

    “I’ve grown a lot in terms of lyrics, delivery. For 2016, I feel like I’m on top of my game. Oftentimes mi put out songs and mi feel like dem get overlooked. In the latter part of my career, I feel like I’ve been working extremely hard, but people would always be commenting that they weren’t hearing from me. So I decided to host a listening party to show that I’ve been putting in the work,” he said.

    In relation to the reality series he added, “Big up to Johann Dawes. They took on this project and have been airing The Gorilla Chronicles on Friday nights at10:00. This show basically entails the lifestyle of Bramma. People can now see a different side of the Gorilla Boss,”

    With tracks such as GGOD, Birds of a Feather, Call The Police and Morning Jamaica, Bramma is promising an exciting year for his fans.

    Watch Video Here:


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  • T&T’s Carnival Adds ‘Finesse’ to its Fete Line-Up

    P.O.S. Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) – The latest addition to Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival fete calendar, the ultra premium inclusive event ‘Finesse’ proved that first-rate feting experiences were not only confined to the boundaries of Port-Of-Spain as it unveiled an all new, chic Soca music-filled soiree set to the backdrop of the nation’s Central Range.

    Finesse made its debut last weekend at the picturesque La Vega Estate in Gran Couva. Several attendees hailing from various parts of T&T eagerly came out ready to party to pulsating music but also to experience one of the country’s most renowned nature spots creatively transformed into a true Soca paradise.

    The poolside event was produced by events outfit Green House Entertainment which is known for its signature cooler party ‘Cooler Park’. The producers pulled out all the stops to create a relaxing yet festive Carnival mood within the lush, secluded ambiance.

    The fete offered a culinary mix which stood up to true all-inclusive event standards and represented the eclectic tastes of partiers in attendance. Matching this was the collection of top shelf liquor and beverages which was available at the various bar stations strategically placed across the venue.

    Most notably, Finesse featured the newest premium spirit on the market, Meukow Cognac.

    In between trips to the multiple foods and bar stations, the fashion forward feters congregated at the poolside dance floor to party with the event’s cast of excitable DJ’s.

    On the live entertainment side, Finesse brought forward performances by DJ turned Soca artiste 5 Star Akil who had the crowd moving to his 2016 smash “Different Me” along with classics such as “Partier”, “To Meh Heart” and “Noise”.

    2014 Groovy Soca Monarch Kerwin Dubois continued the onstage action with his catalogue of current and previous hits which sent the audience into a state of Soca ecstasy.

    Rounding off the entertainment card was the performance by 2015 Chutney-Soca Monarch Ravi B and the band Karma. Ravi along with co-singers Krystal Khayne and Abbyshi and his young band of musicians kept the crowd dancing and singing to a collection of old school Chutney and Soca favourites combined with 2016’s biggest Carnival tunes.
    Regarding her event experience at ‘Finesse’ one patron shared, “I enjoyed the fete and all its exceptional features and entertainment but I particularly love the use of La Vega for this event and I’d certainly want the promoters to put together another similar party experience in this neck of the woods”.

    By all accounts Finesse scored major points on the 2016 feting scale due to its creative Carnival vibe, premium party atmosphere, top notch entertainment and gorgeous venue.

    Finesse's Fashion Foward feters

    Finesse’s Fashion Foward feters

    Finesse partiers said 'Cheers to Life' at the premium all inclusive affair

    Finesse partiers said ‘Cheers to Life’ at the premium all inclusive affair

    The Greenhouse Entertainments girls and guy served up something special at Finesse 2016

    The Greenhouse Entertainments girls and guy served up something special at Finesse 2016

    The fete offered a culinary mix which represented the eclectic tastes of its attendees

    The fete offered a culinary mix which represented the eclectic tastes of its attendees

    Finesse feters partied poolside at La Vega to the DJs' pulsating Soca selections

    Finesse feters partied poolside at La Vega to the DJs’ pulsating Soca selections

    The duo poses at the chic Soca music-filled soiree

    The duo poses at the chic Soca music-filled soiree

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  • Recording Artist K’Coneil Releases “Hot Like You” (90s Don Dada Riddim)

    International recording artist K’Coneil has released “Hot Like You”, the lead single off his upcoming yet untitled 2016 EP with the hit bound single on the 90’s Don Dada Riddim has been blazing both the airwaves and dance floors.
    The song written by K’Coneil, his long time writing partner Reggaetwin Gairy Blake ad Seannizle, glorifies independent women who are confident in their “hotness” factor regardless of society’s views and standards. “You got The body of an angel Mi nah lie you summin turn up. You’re sexy figure is amazing Anywhere you touch burn up, You buy anything you want, You no cotch a gal yard. Cause it pay for with the na na, You no park like trailer pon no corner, You no par with gal dem wa mash up the partner” Sings K’Coneil.
    Speaking on the song’s inspiration, he recalled an earlier encounter “The day that I was on my way to the studio to work on the song; I stopped at a gas station to get some water and I saw a super hot girl pull up in a nice vehicle; I would have offered to pumped her gas but I was in Kingston and it’s full service so I couldn’t, that’s how hot she was! So it was just right place right time because I was writing something else the night before and I threw it out and started afresh after seeing that girl. She’s probably hearing the song as we speak and don’t even she inspired it. I hope to see her again one day…”

    Featured among Grammy-award winner Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Konshens among other notables of dancehall and reggae music, is a feat that K’Coneil humbly takes in stride “Being on a Riddim with some of dancehalls greatest is not just a honor but a blessing I think I told Seanizzle thanks over a million times already lol”

    A video for “Hot Like You” is in the works, and just like the anticipated EP, it will deliver the essence of the genre fluid K’Coneil.

    Free Mp3 Download – Hot Like You

    unnamed (3)


    Born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, K’Coneil was raised in the village of Granville in Montego Bay. It was there amid family and friends that at an early age he was indoctrinated in music by singing in the church at the urging of his beloved grandmother.

    Coming from a musical family, music was embedded in his DNA, but not to be stereotyped; education played a major importance in the young artist life. At the age of 16 he migrated to the United States on a full soccer scholarship where he attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. But there was no denying his musical calling, and while in college K’Coneil joined a group called GAM (Godly Anointing Men) who would go onto performing at the prestigious Madison Square Garden.

    Music bridges people around the world. No matter one’s place of birth, economic class or skin color, it all evokes a human feeling and K’Coneil’s is no different. A vocalist influenced by his reggae roots and the Musical melting pot of his urban surroundings in New York City, K’Coneil sounds admittedly, doesn’t classify by the industry standards. Rather than to be boxed, K’Coneil created his own lane of sonic perfection, that can only be classified as being “genre fluid,” by comfortably fusing rhythms, genres and sounds from Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and Pop. Honing his musical craft by writing and voicing for notable producers, K’Coneil has received heavy rotation on various worldwide airwaves, while touching the stage alongside some of the biggest name in music.

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  • Farmer Nappy Celebrates Carnival with ‘House of Soca’

    Internationally-acclaimed, Trinidad and Tobago-born and based entertainer Darryl “Farmer Nappy” Henry celebrates over 30 years in soca music and his rich legacy manifests with his new masterpiece album, House Of Soca, now available worldwide from all major digital retailers.

    Born and raised in the town of Siparia in southern Trinidad, Farmer Nappy is the definitive soca performer, presenting provocative lyrical styles and soulful vocal flows that span all spectrums of the genre, from calypso to groovy and everything in between.

    Farmer celebrates the 2016 Trinidad Carnival season in style, with two internationally-acclaimed albums under his belt and a kaleidoscope of new anthems for the masses on House Of Soca. He placed first runner-up in the 2015 International Groovy Soca Monarch Competition with his groovy crowd favorite “My House,” and will be competing in the 2016 International Soca Monarch finals on Fantastic Friday (February 5, 2016) with his new monster hit “Bambilambambilambilambam,” both of which highlight this new collection of classics.

    “I’m very grateful to have my team to help me build my house – the producers, musicians, songwriters and everyone who worked on this album, and also all the fans who support my music,” says Farmer Nappy.“From children to grandparents, my music is for everyone to enjoy so welcome to my house of soca.”

    Jammed with 12 soca gems, House Of Soca is spiced with all flavors of the soca genre and features a slew of top groovy anthems including “Rental,” “In Trouble” featuring soca queen Alison Hinds, “Meet Trouble” and “Loosen De Chain.”

    Having spent most of his career playing an integral role in fellow soca star Machel Montano’s HD Band, Farmer Nappy also embarks on a new journey as he steps out as an international solo artist with his personal backing band, De Red Boyz Band (a collaboration with De Red Boyz), and stands in his own, hard-earned and much-deserved spotlight. His accomplishments continue to earn him respect from the industry and fans alike, and cement him as the voice of the groovy soca genre.

    1. Meet Trouble
    2. Go Do Dat
    3. My House
    4. Lie To Mi
    5. In Trouble Featuring Alison Hinds
    6. Bring Iron Beater
    7. Rental
    8. Doh Remember
    9. Doh Find Me Rude
    10. Bambilambambilambilambam
    11. Aroused
    12. Loosen De Chain

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  • New Song + Video: GETOVERHER by “Baby Oil”

    After years of wearing many hats in the NYC music scene, Jason Scott Henderson is finally following his passion as solo musician GETOVERHER. “I’m a moody Scorpio, therefore I’m constantly either pushing someone away who loves me or I’m seeking the attention of someone who could care less.” he says. “I’m not perfect and I never will be but I am self-aware and willing to share all of my insecurities with anyone who needs to relate.” After riding shotgun withBoyslashfriend, GETOVERHER is ready to take the wheel and steer his own sound.

    The debut album, A NAVY BLUE LP is set to release this coming Spring 2016. The first single by GETOVERHER is titled Baby Oil which is a soulful tale battling self-worth, resentment and codependency. “Baby Oil is about my last relationship. She was a big part of my childhood since we met in junior high school in Forest Hills, Queens. We had to separate in order to evolve as individuals but how I left things was messy and I’ll always regret that.”

    Watch the video here:


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  • Monty Alexander & Friends: Frank Sinatra at 100 with Kurt Elling for Rose Theater, Jazz at Lincoln Center

    At 17 years old, a serendipitous encounter with Frank Sinatra and his long-time pal Jilly Rizzo changed the trajectory of Jamaican-born pianist Monty Alexander’s career forever: Alexander would soon become the house pianist for the famed Jilly’s club in New York City and develop a unique relationship with its most famous patron.

    Sinatra’s centennial elicits fond memories of Alexander’s time spent at the intimate hangout, and with the help of GRAMMY® Award-winning and DownBeat Critics Poll-dominating singer Kurt Elling, he will share stories and anecdotes from a treasured and rare perspective. A masterful pianist, Alexander’s career spans five decades and includes collaborations with some of the most important figures in jazz, like Milt Jackson, Miles Davis, and Dizzy Gillespie, as well as an illustrious recording career as a leader.

    National touring artist Elling, referred to by The Guardian as, “a kind of Sinatra with superpowers,” will provide his vocal interpretation of the classic tunes, of which he is no stranger to. Joining the duo will be bassist Hassan Shakur, guitarist Frank Vignola, hand drummer Robert Thomas Jr., and drummer Dennis Mackrel. This early, nurturing period in which the young pianist and an iconic hero spontaneously mused on saloon songs up into the wee hours of the night is a Valentine’s weekend treat sure to satisfy both nostalgic and contemporary tastes.

    Sinatra songs featured in the concert will include “Young at Heart,” “I’ve Got You Under my Skin,” “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning,” “Luck, Be a Lady Tonight,” “The Summer Wind,” and “Fly Me to the Moon.”

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    The Saudicka Diaram Show (SDS), a weekly entertainment and lifestyle talk show in Jamaica has inked a deal with Caribbean International Network (CIN-TV). CIN TV is a television channel in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) watched by over half-a-million Caribbean nationals on channels 73 and Verizon Fios 26.
    “I am grateful for this opportunity as I will have a much larger platform. My work will have a wider reach and different audiences will gain access to the entertainment and lifestyle issues aired on my show. I will be able to ventilate the entertainment and lifestyle issues prevalent in the Caribbean and specifically Jamaica before a wider audience. I have received emails from hundreds of fans living overseas wanting to know when the show would reach across borders and get to their living rooms. The plan is to start in NY and then take the show to other markets” Diaram informed.

    Stephen Hill, CEO of CIN TV had high praises for Diaram saying that she has the most popular talk show on Television Jamaica (TVJ).

    “She is Jamaica’s Oprah Winfrey and brings an engaging presence and her upcoming airing on CINTV will attract another large audience to the CIN platform. The personalities and topics that she covers will entertain the large Caribbean audience in New York” he said.

    Diaram, who serves as host and producer said since the program debuted on TVJ last August, it has made an impact among teenage and adult viewers.

    “Thus far we have done extremely well. We have explored the surge of cosmetic surgery in Jamaica where we featured celebrity plastic surgeon ‘Doctor Miami.’ We have also secured an intimate interview with Olympian Novlene Mills about her journey and battle with breast cancer. The issue of ‘fluffy women’ was a big hit. We also featured former dancehall artiste Miss Ting who is now a Christian and preparing for a career in the gospel music industry and most recently I sat down with iconic selector Sky Juice who shared his remarkable contribution to dancehall.

    My team and I hope to continue bring refreshing, exciting content to television, while showcasing topics and issues that are universal” Diaram said.

    The award winning TV host brings spice and perspective to entertainment journalism. She boast an enviable interview tear sheet, having interviewed some of the most formative names in showbiz including Celine Dion, Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley, Regina Belle, Mary J. Blige, Natalie Cole, Dionne Warwick, Nicki Minaj, Sean Paul, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man among others.

    Her work was acknowledged by the Jamaican media fraternity in 2010 and 2011 when she was named the Press Association of Jamaica’s (PAJ) ‘Best Entertainment Journalist’. She has also garnered special recognition for her insightful coverage of the Buju Banton trial in 2010.

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  • Jamaican Producer Celebrates Success At Soca Monarch Finals In Trinidad

    Popular Disc Jockey turned producer has yet another reason to continue celebrating the unpredicted success of his immensely popular Jambe-An riddim. The riddim has made its way to the finals of International Soca Monarch competition in Trinidad and Tobago.

    One of the two Trinbagonian artistes featured on the Jambe-An riddim, Pternsky secured a spot in the finals of the highly anticipated Soca competition. His song, ‘Non Stop’ has been receiving tremendous support since its release. This may very well be the first time that a Jamaican production has secured a spot in the competition. While the producer had high hopes for his production he is still amazed. “I didn’t expect Trinidad and Tobago to accept the riddim so well” he shared.

    When the producer decided to allow two Trinbagonian artistes (Pternsky and Shurwayne Winchester) to record on the dancehall dominated riddim, his hope was for the songs to represent the idea behind the name of the production; Jambe-An. His aim was to create a fusion of Caribbean rhythms made in Jamaica with the Caribbean in mind = Jambe-An.

    As he prepares to journey to Trinidad and Tobago to indulge in Carnival just as he has done for some 10 years the feeling he is experiencing is a tad bit different. He is excited to witness Pternsky in action at the International Soca Monarch competition; “I’ve been seeing and hearing the reviews and I am ready to see it first-hand.”

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  • Nadia Batson x BP Renegades, PERFECT COMBINATION!

    The Renegades are performing the beautifully melodic song, “Music Inside Meh Head”, with the multitalented, Nadia Batson.

    Nadia expressed how honored and excited she is to be involved in this particular project, not only because she has always wanted to perform a song that is composed specifically for pan but she also sees the steel pan as being deeply rooted in our tradition and culture.

    “Hearing that melody on steel is an almost indescribable experience for me. The arrangement is such a beautiful expression of our art” says Nadia.

    BPTT Renegades continue to exude excellence in their field, rehearsing non stop in preparation for the Panorama finals on Carnival Saturday.

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