RDX Music superstar, Shinehead briefly described the differences in style, ambition and preferences between Jamaicans and other residents of the Big Apple in his hit song “Jamaican in New York.”

The Producers of Mama Please Take Me Back to Church have taken quite a different approach; they have put together a play that gives the audience a front row seat view into the lives of a Jamaican family with a matriarch determined to keep her Jamaican style discipline, culture and values at the center of the lives of her children in response to those children becoming more assimilated into the “liberal American” way of life.

The play is a wonderful mix of church culture vs dancehall culture; old time Jamaican years of courtship vs. modern day speed dating; low carb organic food style diets with unsweetened ice tea versus Jamaican fried chicken with rice and peas washed down with carrot juice. It is like watching two world collide right before your eyes.

Drama, tears, fears and some fun make this play quite like no other released out of Jamaica in the last few years. Produced by the Production Team that brought you the last three Oliver Samuels written hits, written by Andrew Roach, writer of the major mega international hit STRENGTH OF A WOMAN and starring the infamous Dorothy “Miss Zella” Cunningham from Lime Tree Lane; Mama Please Take Me to Church is a refreshing new addition to the theater scene in Jamaica which will single handedly bring families back to Jamaican theater after the genre suffered a lull with family patronage due to the prevalence of risqué often adult material in many recent plays.

With its international appeal, the play is only playing in Jamaica for 5 nights only as it is high demand in North America and UK, especially in you guessed it, New York City.

Watch Mama Please take me back to church video Here:

Watch Take Me Back To Church vocals in the mix here:

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