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  • Kaj Designs Prepares For The International Launch Of Its Latest Resort Collection, “Tribu Sauvage”

    Tobago’s Premier Fashion House Poised To Grow Its Export Potential

    April 23, 2013 – Scarborough, Trinidad and Tobago… Since the 2010 launch of Kaj Designs’ resort line, Tobago’s premier fashion house has worked steadfastly to position itself as a global leader in Caribbean fashion. Led by the dynamic partnership of President/Creative Director, Kevin Ayoung-Julien, and CEO/Director, Liza Miller, this year the brand is focused on growing its export potential and generating international sales.

    The brand’s objective to capture international markets began with the strategic introduction of its more conservative and lighter feeling Kaj Resort line in June 2010. With a clear objective to establish the Kaj brand in international markets, the label launched its premiere resort collection, Shore Culture, at the 2010 Caribbean Fashionweek (CFW) in Kingston, Jamaica. In June 2011, Kaj marked an historic milestone with its launch in the French Caribbean with the placement of the Kaj Resort line at Guadeloupe’s exclusive Caribbean boutique, KOD. This move established KOD as the first and sole retailer of the Kaj brand in the region.

    In February 2012, Kaj received one of its highest honours as it was selected to represent the Caribbean in an initiative of the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA) entitled Caribbean Collections. This initiative sought to create opportunities for access to European markets via participation in the inaugural International Fashion Showcase at London Fashion Week (LFW) Autumn/Winter (A/W) 2012. In the label’s LFW debut, Shore Culture was favoured as it featured at an exhibition held at The Charing Cross Hotel while select pieces featured at a private showing at the Corinthia Hotel.

    The Shore Culture collection made its final appearance on the runway at the Ocean Style FashionShowcase during the 2012 Audi Celebrity Golf Invitational in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The brand closed 2012 with the stellar achievement of copping the Tobago House of Assembly’s (THA’s) Business Development Unit’s (BDU’s) Most Promising Entrepreneur award at Tobago’s 2012 Business Awards in October.

    The unique synergy between Ayoung-Julien’s ingenious creativity and Miller’s crisp entrepreneurial and marketing proficiency, specifically in the field of the creative industries, has poised Kaj Designs to become the leader in Caribbean fashion internationally. The brand recently gained memberships in the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) while registering with the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) with a view to strengthening export readiness, deepening corporate networks and ensuring impeccable standards in garment construction.

    As Kaj Designs looks to the future with the impending launch of the new Kaj Resort 13/14 collection, Tribu Sauvage, the young CEO shared, “I have taken an holistic approach in managing and marketing the Kaj brand which began with developing a sound business plan. It has taken several years of consistent research and planning to get us to this point. Fashion is not just about creating beautiful clothing. To ensure success, there must be a real strategy that informs all aspects of one’s operations.”

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  • Tropicalfete’s Keran Deterville Chats With Author Loverly Sheridan

    Tropicalfete: Can you tell us a bit about Loverly Sheridan?

    Loverly: Well, if you’ve read a Girl Like Me, you already know a whole lot! (Laughing out loud) But in a nutshell, I’m a very curious, daring and passionate young woman, who loves life.

    Tropicalfete: When were you first hit by the literary bug?

    I’ve always loved to write. As a child, I had quite a vivid imagination and used writing to express myself in every way.

    Tropicalfete: Was being an author something you always envisioned or did it materialize from your travels/experiences?

    Loverly: It was definitely one of the goals I had set out for myself. I knew I wanted to write a book one day, but didn’t think it would be at the age of 31! I thought it would be later on in my life, especially since it is an autobiography. It’s amazing how life manifests itself at times. It somehow takes on its own meaning, and things evolve into what it’s meant to be. There were so many factors that led up to me becoming an author, and all the factors were equally important and necessary.

    Tropicalfete: When you finally decided to pen a book, how challenging was it to decide on the subject to be penned?

    Loverly: The subject somehow just presented itself. It was inevitable. It was time, and it felt like a natural process for me. I wrote from the heart, so everything seemed to just flow naturally.

    Tropicalfete: “A girl Like me” was an extremely personal piece. How difficult was it to put it all out there, knowing persons would be getting personal insight into Loverly Sheridan, the woman?

    Loverly: I’ve always been somewhat of an open person. I love to share. (laughing out loud) This sometimes comes at a price, but it’s one that I’m willing to pay. It’s the fabric and essence of who I am as a person. If I believe that my story or any story will inspire, empower, uplift or even change someone in a positive way, even though I may be judged, criticized or condemned for it, I will share it. I had a blog for many years where I wrote candidly and openly, and I connected with many people because of it, so although this book was a lot more revealing, and written for the entire world to read, I felt compelled to write it.  I am happy I did. It has defined my purpose, and changed my life in the most profound way. It also warms my heart to see how my story have resonated with so many.

    Tropicalfete: What did you hope the reader would take away from your words after reading your book “A Girl Like Me”?

    Loverly: I learned so many valuable lessons along my journey about life, people, success, failure, etc, which is what I wrote about in my book. My hope is that the lessons I learned will have some application in the lives of others. People identified with my story in various ways. I was truly amazed at how many girls like me there are out there and men too! (Laughing out loud) Their response was one I had hoped for- to understand that life is a struggle for us all, and that we all go through it. We all bleed, cry, laugh, win, fail, make mistakes etc. But only when we stay true to ourselves can we truly be happy.

    Tropicalfete: What was the reaction from your family, especially your mom, since you covered so many topics of a personal nature?

    Loverly: My family, especially my mom has always been supportive of me. My mom is my biggest fan, and she is very proud of my work.

    Tropicalfete: With all the buzz that the book has generated, is there anything that you would have done differently knowing what you know now?

    Loverly: Almost all the buzz that I’ve heard of has been positive, so it has been rewarding all around for me. Of course, there will always be criticism and people with their own agendas. That is inevitable. I generally don’t pay attention to the negative. I embrace constructive criticism. I learn from it and use it to make my good better, and my better, great. Everything and everyone is always a work in progress, I’m no exception. So no, I wouldn’t do anything differently.

    Tropicalfete: “A girl like me”! Talk about the feedback from the male segment of your audience? Were you surprised at how much males identified with the entire experience?

    Loverly: Oh my! (laughing out loud) I was amazed by the positive feedback from men! Some of them wrote the most amazing reviews via my website.  They were so open minded and receptive of my story, and were able to identify with my story in many ways. The book was never a book for or about women, although some may argue that the title contradicts that (Laughing out loud).  It is a book for everyone. There is a message or lesson in there for everyone, and I am just happy that the men can identify with my story too. Quite a few of them have personally expressed their respect and admiration for me after reading my story. It has just been overwhelmingly positive, and it feels good that I can connect with the male readers also.

    Tropicalfete: How much of an influence does being a Caribbean woman have on how you pen your books?

    Loverly: I am a woman from the Caribbean, so I understand the life, depth and struggles of the Caribbean woman in every way, so it does influence my writing in many ways, but overall, my writing is influenced by any and everything which inspires me to tell a powerful story.

    Tropicalfete: Would you describe yourself as a Caribbean author?

    Loverly: I generally don’t like labels. I am an author is enough. Anyone who knows me knows where I am from. I mention it in all my books. It’s a place dear to my heart, and one I take great pride in, but I don’t want any labels to influence who read my books. I want anyone to feel like they can read my books and connect with my writing.

    Tropicalfete: What is one thing that this journey has taught Loverly Sheridan about herself that went unnoticed before?

    Loverly: (Smiling) Undoubtedly my courage, strength and persevearance.

    Tropicalfete: Are you a self published author?

    Yes I am.

    Tropicalfete: How difficult has it been making sure that this dream became a reality?

    Loverly: Like any goal or dream one set out to accomplish, it has its fair share of obstacles and challenges, but writing is my passion, so I take everything in stride. I embrace it all, knowing that anything worthwhile is not supposed to be easy. And it’s slowly proving that as long as I keep working hard and keep believing, it is worth it.


    Tropicalfete: Since “A Girl Like Me”, you have ventured on to produce a successful series of children’s books. Tell us about that.

    Loverly: I have since written two children’s books. “Tiki Tok:Growing up in Saint Lucia” is filled with captivating rhymes and wonderful illustrations by award winning artist Jonathan Gladding about growing up in my beautiful homeland Saint Lucia.  The other book is appropriately titled,” Unique begins with U,” which encourages children to embrace their uniqueness and that of others.

    Tropicalfete: You are on a superb ride and from all the reviews; you are emerging as not only an author. You are also a teacher, educator and motivational speaker. How do you wear all these hats and still remain the Loverly Sheridan that the public expects you to be?

    Loverly: Let’s not forget a mom! (Smiling) I am first a mom, and then everything else. It’s very challenging balancing it all, especially being a single mother and working full time. However, my astrological sign is Libra, so it’s all about balancing that scale. I try to maintain a healthy balance in my life in every way. I try to eat right, exercise, pray, laugh, work, love, give back and just live life to the fullest. There are some things I have to work harder at than others so that the scale is not way off, but overall, I understand that everything requires hard work, discipline, focus and a positive mind set, and I just apply that in everything I do. As for the public expectations, I’m just always myself, and that speaks for itself.

    Tropicalfete: You have traveled nationally and internationally promoting your body of work. Are there similarities in how the public you encounter decode the message or messages you present?

    Loverly: Overall the response is generally the same-very positive. People love to be inspired. They love to know that they are not alone in the struggle, and they admire the fact that I was brave enough to share my story and speak my truth. The feedback is generally positive and encouraging, and it truly empowers me to keep going, and to keep writing. One general observation which really caused me to reflect a lot on my own history and culture, and how certain cultural influences had an impact on my attitude and behaviors, in terms of how much of my decision making and choices in the past was influenced by what “people would say” or what people thought of me. This caused me to always feel like I had to be perfect, and to not make any mistakes, which was one of the main reasons I felt compelled to share my story. And what I mean by the above is, I found that a lot of people from the Caribbean, my homeland especially, their first response after reading my book, although positive, there was always this great concern about what people would say or think about me after learning more about my story, and the stigma that may be attached to speaking my truth, verses Americans and European whose first response was often focused more on the valuable lessons they learned from me telling my story, and how they would use it to improve their lives. And although I understand my fellow Saint Lucians initial concerns, considering the small size of our Island, and everyone knowing of each other, but I also realized how influenced we are as a people about what others think and say about us, which ultimately cause so many of us to live in a state of chaos and confusion, inevitably hindering our own progress and deterring us from reaching our full potential. That to me is the epitome of having a slave like mentally, and it’s definitely something we need to free ourselves from. I think that’s one of the positive things about living in a develop country, that open minded thinking and understanding of the benefits of learning and being inspired by each other.


    Tropicalfete: How has this entire experience changed you?

    I have just learned and grown up alot, and I’m now able to decipher things and people in a different way. I understand now that in life it’s not about what you are called; it’s what you answer to. I answer only to the good and positive. If someone calls you a dog, do you answer “woof?” No, because, you’re not a dog. The same must be applied in our everyday life. Why answer/defend something we know we’re not. We must know ourselves.

    One of the things I learned and admire about President Barack Obama is how well he answers to his calling. He has been named and called everything possible but, he was always mindful of what he answered to, and when he was compelled to answer, it was always with the most amazing class and grace, and I think that made all the difference, and said a lot about his humility and character. He remained focus on his vision, his goals and his divine purpose.
    I also have a more subtle and open minded approach to life than I did before writing books. I’ve reprioritize so many things. My focus is mainly on my son, my family and my work. But mostly, I just spend a lot more of time focusing on the woman in the mirror more than anything else, and how I can make me better, in order to improve the lives of everyone around me- those I meet directly and indirectly. I understand now more than ever that I have to be the change I wish to see, and I’m just simply always working on being better me-flaws and all. (Smiling)”


    Tropicalfete: It is quite evident that you draw inspiration from your many encounters and you move forward with a plan. Who are you influences?

    I love life. I love people. I love good, humble, civilized people. I don’t care for anyone’s religious affiliations, economic status, relationship status, political affiliations, etc.Yes, I am very liberal. I believe a good/kind heart always reveals itself. I admire people who are comfortable with whom they are, and are always working on being their best and reaching their full potentials. I love people who challenge themselves and others to be and do their best. I love people with a strong sense of character and value system, who stand for something. I love people who challenge the status quo, question convention and think with an open mind. I love people who stand up and speak out for what and who they believe in, with respect and regard for others. I love people who learn and grow from their mistakes. I love people who maintain the peace, and do all things with great love. I love compassionate people, who know the value of love and forgiveness. I love people who know how to say, “thank you, please, I love you, I’m sorry; I was wrong, please forgive me.” I love people who know how to laugh at themselves.  I love people who are genuine, loyal and value people.  I   love people who are able to think for themselves, and make their own choices. I love people who have dignity and honor. I am influenced by all of the above. Whether it’s a family, partner, friend or stranger. I guess you can say I am influenced and inspired by love.

    Tropicalfete: Are you an author for women?

    For everyone.

    Tropicalfete: In a few words, can you tell us of an experience where a reader explained to you the effect your work had on him/her? How did that make you feel?

    Loverly: There are so many of those profound moments, which almost always bring me to tears. A lot of it can be read via my website under “inspiration box.” But I think the most profound one for me, was from one of the main characters in the book, Michael. I wasn’t sure what his reaction would be after reading the book, but after reading it, he said, “I think you should send this book to Oprah, it’s really good. If all women expressed themselves like you did in this book, all guys like me would get it right.” That meant a lot to me, and anyone who read the book understands why.


    Tropicalfete: Where can one purchase a copy of “A Girl Like Me”? and on


    Tropicalfete: And your child books? and


    Tropicalfete: How can interested parties contact Loverly Sheridan?

    I am always happy to read readers feedback and hearing from everyone, so please visit my website, and be sure to say hello.

    Thank you.


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  • Dancehall Pioneer Yellowman Reveals Video Clip (COMPLEX Premiere) from his 2CD/DVD Anthology (Out This Week) Entitled Young, Gifted and Yellow

    This week, 17 North Parade will unlock its vaults once again to unveil the latest Reggae Anthology: Yellowman’s Young, Gifted & Yellow, from the undisputed king of dancehall. Jamaica’s first dancehall superstar Yellowman ushered in a new era in reggae music. His early ’80s success brought the popularity of toasting (reggae’s equivalent of rapping) to a new level and helped establish dancehall as the wave of the future.

    His powerful 2CD/DVD anthology collection features 40 fully remastered essential tracks of both classic and obscure material throughout Yellowman’s prolific career. As an added bonus, the deluxe package will include thorough liner notes written by reggae historian Noel Hawkes and a 25-minute DVD of Yellowman’s 1988 electrifying live performance at Jamaica’s longstanding annual music festival Sunsplash.

    Check out the joint premiere on COMPLEX Media Network of this throwback clip from this iconic performance.

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  • A successful staging of Steele’s Birthday Gala

    It was deja vous at this year’s staging of Steele’s birthday gala as many had to be turned away from a jam-packed Jamaica Canadian Center in Toronto. With a colder than usual weather in the city, that didn’t prove to be a deterrent to the many who braved the cold to give their support to one of their own, turning out in their numbers to the JCA to celebrate with Steele. The lines were long, but the atmosphere on the inside instantly warmed you. Steele’s team went overboard to ensure his fans and friends felt right at home.
    The night started with a buffet style catered meal from chef Courtney, owner of the very popular West Indian diner Caribbean Queen Jerk Drum. The host for the night was Denise Jones producer of Jambana, one of Toronto’s top festivals. Denise masterfully kept everyone engage throughout the events proceedings. The well decorated hall courtesy of Sue Yen Sue decorating services created the elegance everyone was expecting. While the “Juiceman” Jonathan Shaw skillfully put you in the party mood from early.
    It was now time for the live entertainment. With everyone seemingly knowing what to expect, all cooperated and within ten minutes, the hall was cleared of it’s tables and chairs. It was now show time.
    Steele’s backing band the ever popular Mountain Edge took the stage, and again Miss Jones shocked the capacity crown by being Steele’s opening act. Ms Jones delivered a well received performance. Many commented that Denise had now become a singer.
    Finally, it was time for the man of the hour to deliver. All were ready for Steele.
    Dressed in his two piece tailored suit, Steele entered the stage to an astounding applause and approval from his fans. He could do no wrong, it was his night. From beginning to end Steele’s fans songs and partied to his music. He gave thanks with Hear my Cry, before unleashing favorites such as Another Confrontation and let’s get it On. Two ladies got to spend some intimate moments onstage with the artist as he engaged them to the sure approval of his audience. It was hot. Steele later invited comedian Naggo Morris to join him on stage. This was truly a hilarious moment. Naggo showed why he’s so popular in the Jamaican Diaspora. As Jamaicans would say, “Naggo had the place in stitches”.
    Steele ended the live segment on a high with his recorded rendition of Silhouette and set the stage for the dance to continue. Five Dj’s had been instilled with the responsibility of keeping party rocking. One had already gotten the audience primed and ready, four was left. Veteran dj Grand Master Rosa was the second to play and it was evident the huge crowed was there to party.
    Every tune he dropped made the party ignite even more. Up next was Massy Sound, true to form he continued the momentum set by Rosa. There was no stopping now. Enter the “English Five Star General” Mix Master J, out of London England.
    His accent was distinct but his skill was on full display. From lovers rock to dance hall MixmasterJ continued to rock the crowd .The final scheduled Dj’s were Stereo Prophet and these prophets came to deliver a message. They had the party jumping into the wee hours of the morning. At 3.30am the lights at the JCA came on, but no one cared, Steele’s Gala was still rocking.
    But all good things must come to an end with the curtains closing on yet a successful staging.

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  • D-Junction Mas Announces Participation in the 2013 Miami-Broward One Carnival

    D-Junction Mas Announces Participation in the
    2013 Miami-Broward One Carnival
    MIAMI (April 23rd, 2013) – Full of color, hospitality and Caribbean flare! On Sunday, October 13th, 2013 Adonis Inc. in conjunction with, will participate in the 2013 Miami-Broward One Carnival by introducing a band called D-Junction Mas. The Caribbean culture will be displayed with all the enthusiasm it characterizes and we invite you to explore as D-Junction Mas presents “Lost Treasures.”
    At some point, everyone has dreamt of being Indiana Jones. Treasure chests, secret tunnels, old maps…any mention of the word “treasure” is bound to set our imaginations on fire. Human beings have constantly been enticed and seduced by the idea of hidden treasures – the unimaginable. Let us fulfill those dreams by taking you on an adventure and bringing you success!
    This year’s theme “Lost Treasures” commemorates all treasures that were lost – from the reluctant few that have emerged to the ever temping unfound mysteries.
    D-Junction Mas, led by Wilfred L. Armstrong (Band Leader), Jenny Auxilly (Design/Costume Coordinator) and Nichole Williams (Treasurer), possesses a passion for the culture and encompasses over 20 years of experience, including prior experiences with Carnival bands.
    Their well-known staff is fully devoted to providing attractive, high quality costumes with ultimate customer satisfaction to their members and supporters. With this synergic combination, this band will excel in the new era of carnival.
    All masquerades and supporters shall join together Monday, October 14 to celebrate the inaugural year of D-Junction Mas Band.

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    New York, NY (April 24, 2013): On April 30, 2013, VP Records will release Meta and the Cornerstones sophomore album, Ancient Power. The 14 track album, Executive produced by Meta Dia and Co-produced by Sidney Mills, was recorded in Kingston, Jamaica at Tuff Gong Studios. The album features collaborations with reggae artists, U-Roy, Capleton and Damian Marley. Additionally, Meta worked musicians such as Dean Fraser, Julian Marley, Mikey Chung, Wayne “C-Sharp” Clarke and Wilburn “Squidly” Cole, among others, on the album.

    The first single from the album, “My Beloved Africa” featuring Damian Marley pays tribute to Meta’s homeland. “My Beloved Africa” is a love letter that talks about the ancestry, rich history, beautiful and smiling faces of a resilient people. Listeners are treated to the raw emotion of Meta’s pride in what he calls, “Africa, my place of birth.” The chorus, “Mama Africa you are my nice one” ties together the overall theme making this an altogether feel good, positive, reggae single that will make you dance and beam with joy. Add to that Meta and Damian’s vocal similarity and you have a chemistry that makes “My Beloved Africa” a sure fire hit that made its way to #1 in France, is in rotation on BBC 1xtra and a favorite of veteran UK DJ Sir David Rodigan.

    Meta and The Cornerstones will celebrate the release of the album with a performance at Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, New York, New York on April 30th. In addition to the performance, there will be a meet and greet with fans and media outlets. Leading up to the album’s release, on Monday April 29th, Meta and the Cornerstones will make an appearance at Sirius XM Radio, where they will perform live before specially invited guests and media. The performance will be aired live on The Joint.

    On May 9, 2013, the band will kick off their European Tour at Festival Rock’n Solex in Rennes, France. The Rock’n Solex festival combines Solex racing and music and is the second largest musical event in France. In its 46th years, the festival will be held May 8 -12th. The band will then travel to the SuperMarkt in The Hague where they will have the official European album release party for Ancient Power. Meta chose the SuperMarkt in The Hague for the official European release because it was the first venue that the band ever played in Europe. The tour will continue with performances at Festival Le Bouillon on May 16th, Afro Pfingsten Festival on May 17th, Rootstock Festival on May 18th, Petit-Bain on May 30th, Espace Malraux on May 31st, Le Tamanoir of June 1st and Afro Latino Festival on June 29th.

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  • Mikey General’s Album Launch *** Dancehall Retaliates Preview *** Running Belly Riddim


    Mikey General’s Album Launch


    On Tuesday, April 23rd, Mikey General will be having the official launch for his latest studio album, African Story, African Glory. The event will be held at Blue Essence night club which is located in Kings Plaza in New Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica. In addition to a full performance by the Reggae veteran, patrons can also expect to see appearances by several other recording artists and media personalities.



    Dancehall Retaliates Preview


    Blakkwuman22 Music, the record label for Karamanti is giving the public a preview of the new album, Dancehall Retaliates. Although the official release date for the album is not until April 25th, they have posted all fourteen tracks online for persons to listen, and give feedback. The company is hoping that the public will help them to decide which song should be released as the lead single.

    running belly riddim

    Running Belly Riddim


    Muta King Records, the St. Thomas based recording company has released the rhythm driven project entitled Running Belly Riddim. The compilation which features a slew of artists has already been getting positive reviews from the media. The only objection to this project so far seems to be the name. Persons may listen to a medley mix of all songs here:

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  • Tad’s Record Releases Hit Dancehall Compilation, Phantom Vol. 3

    Album Features the Biggest Names in Dancehall Music and is Available Worldwide Today,

    April 23, 2013

    New York, NY – Jamaican imprint Tad’s Record releases the latest installation in their hit dancehall compilation series, Phantom Vol. 3, available worldwide today, April 23, 2013. The album features the biggest names in dancehall music and showcases the hottest tunes straight from the dance halls in Jamaica, to keep the genre alive and fans satisfied year-round.

    Boasting 31 electrifying singles, Phantom Vol. 3 features hit singles that are already tearing up the airwaves in Jamaica, including I-Octane with “Gal A Gimmie Bun,” Mavado with “Million Dollar Man” and Vybz Kartel with “Lighter.” The album also sees the likes of dancehall heavy-hitters Konshens, Popcaan and Tommy Lee Sparta, giving aficionados the very best in dancehall music today.

    “Phantom Vol. 3 is our third installment in the hit series, which has found a home with dancehall fans around the globe,” reveals Tad Dawkins, President of Tad’s Records. “Each year, Tad’s Records strives to bring the latest and best music from the Jamaican music industry to the global fan base and this album fulfills that mission. It also makes obvious that the genre is alive and well, both at home and internationally.”

    Phantom Vol. 3 is now available worldwide from all major digital retailers, including iTunes and Amazon, from Tad’s Record. For more information, please visit



    1. Konshens – No Hesitation (I’m Coming)
    2. I-Octane – Gal a Gimmi Bun
    3. Mavado – Mr Tek Weh Yu Gal
    4. Tommy Lee Sparta – ExplicitBun Nu Nu (Raw)
    5. Tommy Lee Sparta – Bun Nu Nu (Clean)
    6. Popcaan – Naughty Girl
    7. Popcaan – When We Party
    8. Vybz Kartel – Lighter
    9. I-Octane – Bun It and Laugh
    10. Vybz Kartel – ExplicitWeed Smoker (Raw)
    11. Vybz Kartel – Weed Smoker (Clean)
    12. Mavado – Million Dollar Man
    13. Mavado – At the Top
    14. Vybz Kartel – Mr Bleach Chin
    15. Mavado – ExplicitMarch Out (Raw)
    16. Mavado – March Out (Clean)
    17. Konshens – ExplicitFrom Yuh See Me (Raw)
    18. Konshens – From Yuh See Me (Clean)
    19. I-Octane – Buss a Blank
    20. Popcaan – ExplicitKilla From Me Born (Raw)
    21. Popcaan – Killa From Me Born (Clean)
    22. Tommy Lee Sparta – ExplicitDem Nuh Bad (Raw)
    23. Tommy Lee Sparta – Dem Nuh Bad (Clean)
    24. Tommy Lee Sparta – ExplicitDi Mechanic (Raw)
    25. Tommy Lee Sparta – Di Mechanic (Clean)
    26. Konshens – ExplicitBad Gal (Raw)
    27. Konshens – Bad Gal (Clean)
    28. Popcaan – ExplicitCoolie Gyal (Raw)
    29. Popcaan – Coolie Gyal (Clean)
    30. I-Octane – Fly Ova Badmind
    31. Tommy Lee Sparta – Lyrical Bomber

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  • Tommy Lee’s Guzu Musiq & 21st Hapilos presents “Sparta HITS” & “Uncle Demon LP”

    Undoubtedly regarded as one of dancehall most controversial artist, Tommy Lee Sparta has managed to deliver a slew of hits, and remain constant on local and international charts. The artist who hails from one of Jamaica’s most renowned crew “Portmore Empire”, got his start under the leadership of international billboart chart topping artist Vybz Kartel. Tommy Lee has been a controversial figure in dancehall due to his self-described “Gothic Dancehall” style, yet dancehall music lovers around the world, have become fans and kept the artist topping the charts.

    Tommy Lee’s own Guzu Musiq label and 21st Hapilos will be releasing “Tommy Lee Sparta HITS” and “Uncle Demon LP” on itunes April 30th, 2013 via 21st Hapilos Digital. The albums will feature some of Tommy Lee’s biggest and most successful hits produced by such famed producers as Guzu Musiq, Icon, UIM Records, CR203 and more.


    “Tommy Lee Sparta HITS” Track Listing:
    1. No Love – Hype Records
    2. Original F*ck Song featuring Stylish – Dinearo UIM Records
    3. Tommy Lee featuring Tabeta Cshae Sparta – Spartan Angel – UIM Records
    4. Party Non Stop – Wild Bubble riddim – CR203/ZJ Chrome
    5. Nuh Fear Dem – Que Da Wiz
    6. Me Nuh Tek Dis – Stashment
    7. Sparta Story – Que Da Wiz
    8. Buss A Blank – UIM Records
    9. In Da Nite (we b rollin) – Cobe KNetwork Ent
    10. Stocking Up The Paper – UIM Records
    11. Captain Sparta – Tommy Lee’s Guzu Label
    12. Blood Bath feat Vybz Kartel – Yard Vybz
    13. Psycho – Electro dance remix – Icon & UIM Records



    Tommy Lee Sparta “Uncle Demon” Track Listing:

    1. Bun Nu Nu – Claims Records
    2. Psycho – UIM Records
    3. P*ssy Mechanic – Good Good
    4. Uncle Demon – Dinearo UIM Records
    5. Tom & Jerry – UIM Records
    6. Some Boy – Young Vibez
    7. Dem Nuh Bad – Good Good
    8. Gal Yuh Eva Clean – UIM Records
    9. Lyrical Bomber – Head Concussion
    10. Gal Gi Me Wine – SoUnique
    11. Let Me Put It In – UIM Records

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  • Demarco Soars on the Austrian Chart & Prepares For Canada & Dubai

    KINGSTON, JAMAICA | APRIL 22, 2013 | Demarco’s recent musical exploits in Europe is already bearing fruit after the entertainer’s 2009 release ‘Standing Soldier’ has made a comeback, debuting at No.9 in March this year on the Austrian iTunes Reggae Chart despite being released on the continent almost four years earlier.

    In 2011 the song also topped the Reggae Chart in Norway and peaked at No.29 in Canada respectively.

    In a release to the media Demarco says he is very pleased but not surprised by the renewed attention the song has been receiving.

    “I am very happy, but not surprised, this is the result of outputting good music that can cross boundaries coupled with solid promotion.” – A spirited Demarco said.

    Back in Jamaica from last week’s stint in Bahamas, the ‘I Love My Life’ singer is now making final preparations for Toronto, Canada as headliner for a concert in Victoria Park. The event unfolds on Saturday, May 18th at the Hickory House. From there Demarco will turn his attention to Atlanta, Georgia for the Atlanta Caribbean Unity Festival to be held at the Wade Walker Park, the bill also features Soca sensations Rupee and Kerwin Dubois. The triad of concerts will culminate with a performance in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) city of Dubai.

    For Demarco, Dubai is very significant as this denotes his first time plying his trade in the Persian Gulf while introducing his brand of music into that marketplace.


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    Toots Hibbert, Barrington Levy, Queen Ifrika and Coco Tea to perform in New York: Groovin Inc., the promoters of the annual New York City music extravaganza Groovin In The Park are very pleased to announce their third annual concert for Sunday June 30 for Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, New York. The announcement was made at the event launch at the Consulate General of Jamaica in Manhattan recently.

    “I am personally very delighted that my team and I have been able to perfect our game plan and return to Roy Wilkins Park for the third year with another world class production that is guaranteed to thrill music lovers across the New York tri-state region”, Chris Roberts, founder and CEO of Groovin Inc. announced today.

    This year’s lineup is more dazzling that ever and includes reggae’s most illustrious living legend Toots Hibbert alongside iconic hit machines Barrington Levy, Cocoa Tea and Queen Ifrica. Additional acts will be announced later.

    Although Groovin In The Park is only heading in its third year, this eclectic New York City event that synergizes the most awe-inspiring talent from the planets of reggae and R & B has already cemented an enviable reputation as the summer concert that is not to be missed.

    This year the event promises to be a ravishing treat for reggae lovers who will have the opportunity to see Toots, icon and former lead singer from the classic 60s group The Maytals doing nostalgic anthems such as 54-46, Sweet & Dandy and Monkey Man. Equally enrapturing will be a rare performance in New York City by the modern day Fyah Mumma Queen Ifrica who typically has audiences chanting her ever last word in live performances. And of course, the anthologies of both Barrington Levy and Cocoa Tea have defined excellence in reggae music over the past three decades, so fans attending Groovin In The Park this year are in for a truly special treat.

    “I am excited about performing at Groovin In The Park on Sunday, April 30th. It is gonna be a grooving event” veteran reggae legend Toots told the gathering at the launch. “I am encouraging families to come out early and enjoy the event.”

    In its first two years, Groovin In The Park has succeeded in electrifying New York City with legends such as Beres Hammond, Jimmy Cliff, Beenie Man, Boyz 11 Men, Kenny “Baby Face” Edmonds, Tarrus Riley, Machel Montano, Gladys Knight and others.

    Among the special invited guests attending the launch were Herman LaMont, Consul General to Jamaica, NY; Caribbean Food Delights founder & CEO Vincent HoSang and his daughter Sabrina HoSang COO; Shelton Rose, Grace Kennedy, Market Manager, Northern US; Eddy Edwards Chairman Jamaican Jerk Festival USA; Trevor Scotland, SQPA Director of Marketing; veteran radio host Gil Bailey; Chris Chin CEO VP Records; Irwine Clare, CEO Team Jamaica Bickle; Bob Desouza, CEO Trans Continental Shipping; executives from the Groovin Inc. team among others.



    Photo captions (Alison Ione photos)

    Groovin 2013 Chris and Toots - Ione pic

    (L-R) Chris Roberts, founder & CEO of Groovin Inc. greets reggae icon Toots Hibbert at the Groovin In The Park event launch.


    Groovin 2013 group


    (L-R) Joan Lewis, Groovin Inc executive; singer Toots Hibbert; Andrea Bullens, Groovin Inc executive; Anthony Turner, publicist IMAGES Newsletter and Christopher Roberts, Groovin Inc. founder & CEO at the Groovin In The Park event launch, which was held at the Consulate General Jamaica NY.

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    New York: The Vincent HoSang Foundation (VHFF), a non for profit, US based origination that helps the less fortunate and provides scholarship and charitable assist for individuals and organizations in Jamaica and the Caribbean Diaspora is in a much better position today to execute its mandate, thanks to a generous donation from veteran singer Toots Hibbert. The reggae icon and Grammy winner’s unexpected donation of US$5,000 to the VHFF came at a press conference at the Jamaican Consulate in Manhattan to officially launch the Groovin In the Park concert that takes place at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens New York on Sunday, June 30.

    Mr. Vincent Ho Sang, the founder and CEO of Caribbean Food Delights and the VHFF declared at the launch that he had made the procurement of the accelerators a priority project through his foundation. When Toots heard about the plight of acquiring the accelerators, the man who is credited with coining the word ‘reggae’ simply walked to the podium and made his offer on behalf of his Toots Hibbert Foundation.

    The funds will be used towards the purchase of two linear accelerators, medical equipment that is essential for the treatment of some cancers. The accelerators, which cost US$5 million dollars, are earmarked for the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay and an undetermined facility in Kingston.

    “We are so grateful for Toots’ generosity and kindness. It will go a very far way in helping us achieve of goal” Sabrina HoSang, COO of Caribbean Food Delights said on behalf of VHFF.

    During the launch, event promoter and executive producer for Groovin In The Park, Chris Roberts, revealed that part proceeds from this year’s concert will benefit the VHFF. He said he was passionate about giving back to the Jamaican community and that one of the ways he wanted to make a difference was through supporting the vigorous efforts of Mr. Hosang to purchase the two linear accelerators.

    Roberts disclosed that his organization started looking at ways to give back to the community from as early as last year and that his team fine-tuned the concept of partnering with the VHFF for this year’s concert. Roberts shared a few touching anecdotes of his own family struggles with cancer.

    This year’s Groovin In The Park concert promises to be a ravishing treat for reggae lovers in the tri-state area who will have the opportunity to see Toots doing nostalgic anthems such as 54-46, Sweet & Dandy and Monkey Man. Equally enrapturing will be a rare performance in New York City by Queen Ifrica who typically has audiences chanting her ever last word in live performances. And of course, the anthologies of both Barrington Levy and Coco Tea have defined excellence in reggae music over the past three decades, so fans attending Groovin In The Park this year are in for a truly special treat.

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    Artist Asks Concert Promoters to Apologize to Fansand Industry for Misleading Them

    New York, NY – Conscious reggae artist Natural Black wishes to inform fans and the reggae fraternity that he will not be appearing as advertised on Reggae Jam 2013 in Germany, from August 2-4, 2013. The artist and his management have no contractual agreement for this event, and have never received a deposit from concert promoters, to date. The artist and his management are asking for the Reggae Jam concert promoters to apologize to fans and the industry for misleading them.

    Natural Black’s official booking agency, Triple T Production, has made the promoters aware they are falsely advertising Natural Black, whereby the concert organizers say they receive a verbal commitment from a third-party in Jamaica, but cannot present Triple T Production with a signed booking agreement on the artist’s behalf, nor can they provide any deposit details as no payment was ever made to the artist, to retain him for this concert.

    Triple T Production urges promoters to work with established booking and management agencies, and to also make sure contracts are signed by both parties for any transaction involving an artist. “Natural Black wants his fans and the industry to understand he was never booked for this event,” states Tasz Smith, CEO of Triple T Production.“We’re very sorry he’s missing them at this particular event, but we plan to do a European tour and hope they will come out to see him then. Hopefully he will be booked officially for Reggae Jam in the future, in the proper manner so it can happen.”

    Natural Black has been experiencing a tremendous ride on the reggae wave, receiving a warm welcome from fans around the world since reclaiming his roots and taking the reigns of conscious reggae music. His recently released not one but five new singles – “I’m On My Way,” “Natural Chronix,” “Who Cares For Me,””Don’t Play With My Heart” and “Party Truck,” and recently shot music videos for the latter two in New York City.

    Fanscan see this vibrant, uplifting artist live in action on many upcoming international music festivals, including Reggae On The River on August 3,2013 in California, backed by his full band. He recently performed in Los Angeles in early April, and will be live in New Jersey on April 28, and is also scheduled to embark on a UK tour in May 2013, kicking off the touring season on a very high note.

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    Luciano and Lady Virtue send a powerful message to Caribbean governments
    Monday, April 22, 2013; Kingston, Jamaica: Conscious Bajan Reggae sensation, Lady Virtue has teamed up with Reggae Great, Luciano, for her latest single Tek Di Pressure Off, a social commentary focused on the pressures faced by poor people in developing Caribbean countries.
    Tek Di Pressure Off looks at the relationships between politicians and the people. It also highlights the problem that politicians “excite people with their false predictions” and “lose vision” after gaining power. Luciano and Lady Virtue send a powerful message to Caribbean governments: “Tek di pressure off the poor people, I’m talking to you Mr. Politician look how much dem support you so everything for them you should do”.
    The track, produced by Rickman of Jamplified Records, is already receiving rotation on the airwaves in the island. The video for the song, which is already receiving rotation in Jamaica, includes clips where real people speak about the ‘pressures’ they are facing in their respective situations because of government actions.
    Lady Virtue Explains the inspiration for such a controversial song: “The idea for the song came about after I saw how people were living in my country and the struggles at hand not only in Barbados but all over the Caribbean and knowing that at the end of the day it’s the politicians who can and should really take the pressure off.”
    Lady Virtue hails from St. Michael, Barbados and grew up around Reggae. Songs from Bob Marley being played on the radio in her home was her first introduction to Reggae, and at an early age she decided she wanted to be a Reggae artiste. After singing in high school choirs and working as a DJ in her teen years, she acquired the skills and the confidence to take on a musical career.
    While finding success singing Calypso, releasing two albums in the genre and making a name for herself in Barbados, the singer/songwriter was determined expand into the reggae field – the music she says is a source of positive messages for people within the Caribbean and across the world.
    Already known for her conscious Reggae music in Barbados and armed with writing skills, microphone skills and skills on the turntables, Lady Virtue is now determined to stamp her style of reggae on the Caribbean scene. And Lady Virtue knew the best way to be recognised in Reggae is to partner with great Reggae artistes.
    Lady Virtue says her collaboration with Luciano just made sense: “The song has received some excellent feedback so far and I know it will continue because of the type of song it is; it’s as though I was the voice of the people and Luciano added a special flavour to the song. Working with Luciano came about because of the type of song and seeing he is the poor people defender, this song was right up his street. He was the right man for the job.”
    Tek Di Pressure Off is a catchy conscious Reggae tune that will resonate with many of Virtues fans as well as reggae music lovers, as people across the Caribbean and the world can identify with its message to the higher ups: Tek Di Pressure off!


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  • Guyana dominates CTO/TravelMole Sustainable Tourism Awards at STC-14

    Guyana has done it again!




    Guyana has, for the second consecutive year, emerged as the biggest winners at the 2013 Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO)/TravelMole Sustainable Tourism Awards.

    The country won three of the six awards at the awards ceremony at STC-14 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

    The 2013 awards comprised six categories covering all aspects of sustainability, from overall excellence, to accommodation, community, heritage and biodiversity.

    The Caribbean Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Award was won by Guyana’s Karanambu Lodge Inc., an eco-tourist destination providing guests with the opportunity to experience the wildlife of Karanambu.

    The Puerto Rico Tourism Company copped the Destination Stewardship Award with Conservation International Guyana receiving special mention in this category. Guadeloupe’s AQUARIUM de la Guadeloupe; Aruba’s Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort; and Sandals Resorts International were also commended in this category.

    Winner of the Sustainable Accommodation Award was Tryall Club and Villas in Jamaica where members and guests enjoy the beauty of nature in its many forms: from lush hillsides and vibrant seascapes to abundant plant life and local species. Almost Paradise Cottages and Restaurant in Grenada; Community and Tourism Services Ltd., Guyana; and Accra Beach Hotel and Spa in Barbados received special mention.

    The Community Benefit Award was won by Bowden Pen Farmers’ Association in Jamaica, a community based organization in the Upper Rio Grande Valley in the eastern parish of St. Thomas with a membership of 27 persons who are divided in two livelihood streams – agriculture and tourism. Guyana’s Aranaputa Community Based Tourism and The Bahamas Cape Eleuthera Island School were also highly commended.

    National Trust of Guyana took home the Heritage Protection Award for its work in preserving and promoting the nation’s patrimony so that the present and future generations will access and enjoy the richness of Guyana’s heritage. The National Art Gallery and Educulture Bahamas Ltd. both of The Bahamas were also recognised in this category.

    The Biodiversity Award went to the Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society with the Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust; Atlantis Paradise Island in The Bahamas and the Association Evasion Tropicale Guadeloupe all receiving special mention in the category.

    In 2012, Guyana won the Caribbean Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Award, the Community Benefit Award and the Biodiversity Conservation Award.

    The submissions were judged by an esteemed panel of tourism specialists – Ena Harvey, the hemispheric specialist for agro tourism at the  Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA); Seleni Matus, the senior advisor on destinations at Sustainable Travel International and Gail Henry, the CTO’s sustainable tourism product specialist.


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    It was only a few weeks ago that international pop sensation, Orisha Sound, connected with Jamaica’s, Sizzla Kalonji to create the single “embrace it”. Since the song was leaked to the media and general public it has been getting great reviews and is already on heavy radio rotation.

    Wanting to capitalize on the momentum, producer, Shel K immediately invested in a video which was shot and edited by Terminal 4 (based in Jamaica). The video can be viewed here:



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  • DNA Performs @ Gabriele’s



    The New and Improved  Gabrielle’s is hosting DNA tonight April 17th to kick off the warm months and the countdown to open the outdoor bar… Where class meets entertainment and a revised menu… and really good wings.  You can’t go wrong…


    Gabrielle’s Bar and Grill
    Wed April 17th 8 pm
    1351 Centennial Ave Piscataway NJ

    …and every other Wednesday



    “Always a fun time with DNA”. Follow us to start your weekend right..


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  • Trinidad Singer/Songwriter Dale Ryan Makes Big Statement Amid Packaged Release of Colors

    Trinidad and Tobago songwriter and vocalist, Dale Ryan is making some giant steps. He’s doing something hardly ever done in the Caribbean, but really, something that should always be done. Dale is releasing a brand new R&B/Pop single, complete with a video. The song, ‘Colors’ will hit the airwaves on Tuesday, April 16, but even with his method of marketing clear in his mind, Ryan is challenging the senior musicians and entertainers in T&T and the Caribbean, to share their knowledge, and work with budding entertainers to progressively make an impact in the global arena.

    His words may sting some but his feelings stem from his observations over the years. Having been striving to be seen and heard since the age of 17, the artiste who made some headway in 2012 when he delivered the hit single, ‘Incredibly High’, says he has faced many challenges, the most daunting of which has been the challenge to attain radio airplay. It’s a common cry and Dale Ryan is aware of it, however he attests to making some inroads, this of course after making the necessary connections in the past year. “Before, I wasn’t well known and that in itself was a challenge. I’m a little better off right now because I’ve networked in the industry a bit in the past year and people know me a bit more- people in the industry that is,” he said. Dale has co-written songs like Machel Montano’s ‘No Lie’, Benjai’s ‘Feter’. Denise Belfon’s ‘Wining Queen’. Ryan was also partly responsible for the lyrics penned on Patrice Roberts’ ‘Permission Granted,’ Machel Montano’s Life of the Party and Michelle Xavier’s ‘ If You Want To.’ Those songs alone- all hits that pierced the airwaves during Trinidad’s Carnival 2013 season, have placed Dale Ryan in a category that’s separate and apart from the unaccomplished artiste.

    Dale’s new method to better package his musical creations, has come after one year of hard thought. He realized that he’d erred when he released his 2012 single without the backing of a video, a proper public relations campaign and other things that would help the music. This time around, he’ll be marketing his music much harder, much stronger and with mindful strategies. “I want everyone to see and feel this song. On television, people should grasp what the song’s about and enjoy it and when they hear it on the radio, they must visualize the video after having seen it,” he explained.

    The new single, ‘Colors’, was produced by Madmen Productions in Trinidad. It’s a song that may hit home for some. Dale says it’s a song that speaks to men who realize they’ve ended up with, what he termed, ‘bad girls’, after a relationship has already gotten underway. The video for the single was directed by Denith McNicolls of D.Media and produced by Patrice Millien of A Millien Concepts. and will essentially offer a visual understanding of the lyrics- no doubt.

    Set to ultimately define himself as a strong, hard working musician, Dale Ryan is ready for what’s to come. He says he continues to look up to Trinidad and Tobago entertainer, Bunji Garlin, explaining that he feels Bunji is the most balanced entertainer in the country. “In my opinion while some artistes are capable of putting on a great stage show but they fall short in other areas, or vice versa- I think Bunji strikes the perfect balance. He’s got the performance and the lyrical ability.”
    Ryan also said he is ambitiously educating himself thoroughly on the business of music and the ins and outs of the global industry. This, he says he feels all artistes, from every walk of life should strive to do.

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  • The Performers For The 32nd International Reggae And World Music Awards (IRAWMA) Have Been Announced!

    Over 15 Top Reggae & World Music Acts to Perform at IRAWMA

    On Wednesday, April 10th voting to select the winners in the 32nd International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) ended. At the same time, some of the performers for the glamorous awards presentation and show, set for May 4, were announced at the event’s Press launch hosted by VP Records at Finger Lickin’ Restaurant and Bakery in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

    This Star-Studded lineup is not one to be missed.

     ■ Top nominee Mr. Vegas (6 nominations)
     ■ Romain Virgo (2 nominations)
     ■ Calypso Rose (2 nominations)
     ■ Half Pint
     ■ Richie Stephens
     ■ Macka Diamond
     ■ African Soukous Star: Top One-Frisson
     ■ Mutabaruka
     ■ Haitian/Compas emerging star: J-Beatz
     ■ South Florida’s rising stars & nominees: Sons of Mystro

    Popular Gospel Performers:
    * Rev. Dr. Norris Weir
    * Second Chance
    * Jonathan Laurince and True Worshippers

    Additional entertainers will be announced once they are confirmed. The awards show will be hosted by Freddie McGregor and Etana.

    Ephraim Martin addresses media at the press launch, held at Finger Lickin Bakery & Restaurant in Pembroke Pines, Florida. The reception was hosted by VP Records. Photo credit: Uriah Bennett.

    The exciting evening begins with the celebrity red carpet arrival and reception starting at 6:00pm, followed by an electrifying awards ceremony at 8:00pm.

    This year’s IRAWMA is dedicated to Health Awareness and some 200 reggae and world music industry individuals, groups and others were nominated in 40 categories for their accomplishments and contribution.
    Lifetime/Hall of Famer awards will be presented to Derrick “Duckie” Simpson – Black Uhuru, Denver “JAMUSA” Silvera, The Honorable Edward Seaga, Lloyd Campbell of Joe Frasier Records and Inner Circle.

    Martin’s International-IRAWMA Award of Honor will be presented to producer Donovan Germain, event marketing specialist C. “Eddy” Edwards, controversial radio host Bevan “Duke of Earle” Earle and promoter Arthur Lugisse. The recipients for the South Florida Special Award for Extra-Ordinary Contribution to the music industry are: Willie Lindo, Vonnie McGowan, and Winsome “Lady C” Charlton.

    Advance admission tickets are available online at, and Tickets can also be purchased at VP Records and Brawta Caribbean Cuisine in Miramar, and Reggae and Things in Coral Springs, Florida.


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  • Atlanta Caribbean Unity Festival (May 26)


    ( A fusion of music & culture)

    With Unity Magic Happens!

    Rupee, Kerwin Du Bois, Demarco, Cool Sessions, Rebel Band and Special Guest to perform on Sunday May 26th.

    The Atlanta Caribbean Unity Festival (ACUF) is one of the grand finale events for the Atlanta Carnival taking place over Memorial weekend. This event will be an ultimate concert experience bringing people from all islands together for performances by top artistes from throughout the Caribbean. To complement the performances, there will be moko jumbie (stilt) dancers, steel-pan and a kids zone. The event also features various community building activities like football (soccer) games, a talent showcase & and an appreciation ceremony honoring those who have contributed to the success of Atlanta Carnival over the last twenty-five (25) years. It will be held at Wade Walker Park (5585 Rockbridge Rd, Stone Mountain, GA 30088) on Sunday May 26th from 1pm-10pm. Entrance Fee is $20 in advance, $25 at the door(Discounted fees for children under 12) available at or by calling 404-465-3393.

    The concept of the Atlanta Caribbean Unity Festival was born from members of the team at H.C. Promotions and Literacy to Legacy who wanted to celebrate the achievement of Atlanta Carnival celebrating 25 years of existence. According to Henderson Charles of H.C. Promotions, ‘Twenty five years of Atlanta Carnival is no small feat and required tenacity and unity to be achieved. The Unity Festival gives us an opportunity to celebrate this success by bringing representatives from all the islands together in one place to enjoy activities that build a sense of community.’

    This event is a fusion of music and culture. The festival will be headlined by Rupee the Bajan singer/producer who brought several hits including the crossover smash “Tempted to Touch”. Rupee will be joined by Kerwin Dubois the Trinidadian singer/writer who has received several awards and is a staple on the Carnival circuit around the world because of his great performing ability and of course hits such as “Breathless”. Another Caribbean son who will be joining this amazing duo is the Dancehall sensation Demarco from Jamaica. Demarco has become a heavy weight in the very competitive Dancehall world scoring major hit songs throughout. Hits such as “I Love My Life” have endeared Dancehall crowds and crowds from other markets to this artist. The line-up is amped up by USVI’s newest sensational export: the Cool Session Band & The Rebel Band will be representing Haiti featuring such hits as ‘Bebe.’ Moko Jumbie (stilt) dancers, a steel-drum band, a kid zone and video game center will complement the day’s activities and add to the fun filled family day. Music will also be provided by the Award winning party machines of DJ Choice(St. Kitts), DJ Stephen (Trinidad & Tobago) and the Sound System Changez Disco (Jamaica). MC duties will be provided by one of Atlanta’s long standing MC and Radio Personality, Jason SkyWalker.

    The kick-off concert for the event is appropriately named “Fan De Fire”, and will take place on Saturday May 25th. This concert will be headlined by live performances from Antigua & Barbuda’s most famous band Burning Flames along with Virgin Islands’ newest and exiting band Cool Sessions at the Omega International House (3951 Snapfinger Road Lithonia, GA 30038). A portion of proceeds from these events will support the non-profit Literacy to Legacy. More information about this event can be found at or by calling 404-465-3393.

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  • Piton Soca Starz 2013 Is Here!

    The fourth annual Piton Soca Starz was officially launched here on Wednesday April 10 with a press brief held at the WLBL offices, Vide Boutielle. The event was attended by past Piton Soca Starz, judges, the host for this year’s event, WLBL personnel and the media.

    Speaking about plans for Piton Soca Starz 2013, brand manager Rohan Lovence said that it was indeed with heightened anticipation that he was looking forward to the event, as he indicated that his audience would too, when he explained some of the new and exciting elements this year.

    Piton Soca Starz started here in 2010 as an initiative of WLBL, brewers of Piton Beer and forms part of activities for Saint Lucia carnival. Today the event is a major highlight on the calendar of activities for carnival.

    “Piton Soca Starz which we are here today to launch the 2013 edition, is a music talent search which seeks to scout and discover emerging talent in the genre of Soca during Saint Lucia’s Carnival season,” Lovence noted. “And whilst many of our Carnival events are Castries based, this event traverses the entire island in search of the next big Soca star and also offers persons the opportunity to be exposed to some of our more established acts who perform on the Piton Soca Starz train at various venues,” he pointed out. He went on to note the fact that the three winners of the event thus far have hailed from different parts of the island, to underscore his point.

    The first event in 2010 was won by Mongstar out of Castries, now a major Soca artiste here, Sergia from Micoud in 2011 and J Budz from Soufriere won in 2012.

    The winner of Piton Soca Starz 2013 it was disclosed on Wednesday, will receive more than EC$10,000 in cash and prizes. “The champion will also have the option to choose a recording studio of his or her choice with which to record a song which will be paid for by Piton as well as an accompanying music video,” the Piton brand manager said.

    This year, organizers of Piton Soca Starz will also be seeking to engage as many producers and songwriters here as a means of using the events platform to scout for emerging talent in the genre of Soca. Some of these individuals will also be utilized to mentor the performers through various workshops to be held ahead of the finals. The various stages of the event will also seek to engage the “live” audience even more this year, affording them greater opportunities to win prizes at each stop.

    Piton Soca Starz which kicks off earlier this year will see the first event being staged on Friday April 12 at Triple D’s on Jeremie Street in Castries from 7 PM. It will be hosted by popular female Soca performer Q-Pid and will feature performances by Soca Psycho, Mongstar and Ambi.

    The event then heads down to Soufriere, Club Whispers on Wednesday April 17, Anchors Bar in Piaye Friday April 19, Gros Islet Friday April 26 and Dennery Fish Fry Saturday April 27.

    The event will break during Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts and resume Friday May 17 at Richards Bar in Augier, Saturday May 18, Raymond’s Dennery Valley, Wednesday May 29th JJ’s Back in time Marigot and Friday May 31, Caribbean Cocktails Castries.

    Piton Soca Starz will continue in June with the first of two semifinals on Friday June 7, WLBL car park Vieux fort and the second on Friday June 14 Piton Party in De Yard, CSA grounds Sans Souci.

    The Grande finals of Piton Soca Starz 2013 will be held on Saturday June 29, at Fond D’or, Dennery and will feature a “live” band, guest performers and an international Soca act.

    Piton Soca Starz this year be recorded for broadcast by Choice TV and brought to the homes of the thousands who have made it a hit show on television as well.

    Interested performers can still register for the competition at or the Piton Soca Starz Facebook page. Entry forms can also be collected at WLBL offices Vieux Fort and Castries and at the various venues where Piton Soca Starz will be held.

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  • TCI Premier To Lead Delegation To Region’s Premier Sustainable Tourism Conference In Trinidad & Tobago

    The Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), Dr. Rufus Ewing will lead a three member delegation to the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)’s 14th annual Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC-14), which opens in the Trinidad and Tobago capital, Port of Spain, next week.

    This will be Dr. Ewing’s first CTO event since he was elected Premier last November, and since he took the tourism portfolio late last month as part of a cabinet reshuffle.

    In addition to attending the various sessions, the TCI Premier will make a presentation on how the Turks and Caicos Islands and small developing states can continue to advance destination sustainability in the context of the ongoing economic downturn and with limited resources.

    “Rest assured that the Turks and Caicos Islands has a great presentation to make in this regard based on our experiences over the past five years,” Dr. Ewing said. The TCI hosted the 10th Sustainable Tourism Conference (STC-10) in 2008 and, at STC-11 in 2010, reported progress in a number of important areas.
    Dr. Ewing will be joined by the head of the secretariat in the Office of the Premier, Ronlee James and Brian Been, the senior product development officer at the Turks & Caicos Islands Tourist Board. Mr. Been is the deputy chairman of the CTO’s Sustainable Tourism Technical Committee.

    STC-14 begins with an official opening ceremony which is scheduled to start at 6:45 P.M. on Monday 15 April at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain. Prime Minister Kamla Persaud Bissessar is scheduled to address the opening, with Carlos Vogeler, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)’s point man in the Americas, down to deliver the keynote address.

    Themed, “Keeping the Right Balance: Enhancing Destination Sustainability Through Products, Partnerships and Profitability,” the conference will explore ways the Caribbean can enhance destination sustainability and competitiveness in the current global environment by examining a number of critical issues.
    For more information on STC-14, including how to participate, visit

    About the Caribbean Tourism Organization
    The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), with headquarters in Barbados and offices in New York and London, is the Caribbean’s tourism development agency comprising membership of over 30 countries and territories including Dutch, English, French and Spanish, as well as a myriad of private sector allied members. The CTO’s vision is to position the Caribbean as the most desirable, year round, warm weather destination by 2017, and its purpose is Leading Sustainable Tourism – One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean.
    Among the benefits to its members the organization provides specialized support and technical assistance in sustainable tourism development, marketing, communications, advocacy, human resource development, research and information technology.

    In addition the CTO, in partnership with the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, jointly and equally owns the Caribbean Tourism Development Company, a marketing and business development entity dedicated to promoting the Caribbean brand worldwide.

    The CTO’s Headquarters is located at Baobab Tower, Warrens, St. Michael, Barbados BB 22026; Tel: (246) 427-5242; Fax: (246) 429-3065; E-mail:

    The CTO’s New York office is located at 80 Broad St., Suite 3302, New York, NY 10004, USA: Tel: (212) 635-9530; Fax: (212) 635-9511; E-mail:;

    The CTO’s London office is located at The Quadrant, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1BP, England. Tel: 011 44 208 948 0057; Fax: 011 44 208 948 0067; E-mail:;

    For more information on the Caribbean Tourism Organization please visit

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  • We Soca – Montserrat Groovy Monarch – Scrappy

    Montserrat Groovy Monarch, Scrappy has released his first 2013 single from SD Productions UK. The track titled “We Soca” is the first song for the 2013 season for the artiste. We Soca is a mid tempo/groovy type track which was written by Scrappy. Scrappy is currently looking to have his first ever headlining tour with his band Tropical Storm & supporting UK acts. The tour is has a series of dates across Europe which starts and finishes in London, UK. For more information on the artist & please

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  • Surinam Artist, Miriam Simone, Scores On IFE Top 10 Charts

    Miriam Simone is one of Europe’s hottest upcoming female Reggae artists, hailing from Amsterdam and Surinam. She is also now the first up-coming artist to win a position on IFE TOP 10 Charts for March, 2013, with her latest single – “Dem A chat” holding 5th position, marginally behind Rihanna’s – “Diamonds”, Snoop Lion’s – “Lighters up”, Damian Jr Gong’s – “Affairs of the heart” and Sean Paul’s – “How deep is your love”.
    Ms. Simone stated: “I feel honoured, as an up and coming artist to enter the IFE TOP 10 Charts, it gives me confidence to keep on spreading my music to the world”.

    The newly implemented chart program is designed to give up-coming artists greater exposure through a voting system. The artist with the most votes each month wins a placement on IFE TOP 10 and $1000 USD in promotions, with features in the press, radio airplay, interviews and street promotions, both locally and overseas.

    The chart program was developed by Karla Ashley, a British lady originally from Jamaica, who is also the owner of Island Fuse Entertainment (IFE). In a press statement Ms. Ashley stated: “We all know at least one very talented artist who is yet to be discovered. Maybe they don’t have a management team, the know-how or even resources to promote themselves. The IFE Top 10 Chart program is just one of many programs we will be implementing to give emerging artists a fighting chance in the music industry.”
    For more information on IFE TOP 10 Charts visit or email

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  • “DREAMLAND” Produced By Studio 758 St.Lucia

    As We Gear Up Towards the St. Lucia Jazz Festival Studio 758 present to you another Smashing Track by Irvin “Ace” Loctar featuring Acclaimed hit-making producer Paul ‘Computer Paul’ Henton (Grammy Award Winner) out of Jamaica on Acoustic Guitar. This Track is Written By Irvin “Ace” Loctar & Produced By Thygeson “Penn” Joseph & Irvin “Ace” Loctar from Studio 758, St.Lucia.
    Please Listen & Enjoy as we Bring you, DREAMLAND!!

    Thygeson “Penn” Joseph

    A&R/ Director/ Producer/ Song Writer

    (Studio 758/ Slu Records Inc/ AP Publishing)

    Audio Commercials/ Music Production & Distribution

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