A successful staging of Steele’s Birthday Gala

It was deja vous at this year’s staging of Steele’s birthday gala as many had to be turned away from a jam-packed Jamaica Canadian Center in Toronto. With a colder than usual weather in the city, that didn’t prove to be a deterrent to the many who braved the cold to give their support to one of their own, turning out in their numbers to the JCA to celebrate with Steele. The lines were long, but the atmosphere on the inside instantly warmed you. Steele’s team went overboard to ensure his fans and friends felt right at home.
The night started with a buffet style catered meal from chef Courtney, owner of the very popular West Indian diner Caribbean Queen Jerk Drum. The host for the night was Denise Jones producer of Jambana, one of Toronto’s top festivals. Denise masterfully kept everyone engage throughout the events proceedings. The well decorated hall courtesy of Sue Yen Sue decorating services created the elegance everyone was expecting. While the “Juiceman” Jonathan Shaw skillfully put you in the party mood from early.
It was now time for the live entertainment. With everyone seemingly knowing what to expect, all cooperated and within ten minutes, the hall was cleared of it’s tables and chairs. It was now show time.
Steele’s backing band the ever popular Mountain Edge took the stage, and again Miss Jones shocked the capacity crown by being Steele’s opening act. Ms Jones delivered a well received performance. Many commented that Denise had now become a singer.
Finally, it was time for the man of the hour to deliver. All were ready for Steele.
Dressed in his two piece tailored suit, Steele entered the stage to an astounding applause and approval from his fans. He could do no wrong, it was his night. From beginning to end Steele’s fans songs and partied to his music. He gave thanks with Hear my Cry, before unleashing favorites such as Another Confrontation and let’s get it On. Two ladies got to spend some intimate moments onstage with the artist as he engaged them to the sure approval of his audience. It was hot. Steele later invited comedian Naggo Morris to join him on stage. This was truly a hilarious moment. Naggo showed why he’s so popular in the Jamaican Diaspora. As Jamaicans would say, “Naggo had the place in stitches”.
Steele ended the live segment on a high with his recorded rendition of Silhouette and set the stage for the dance to continue. Five Dj’s had been instilled with the responsibility of keeping party rocking. One had already gotten the audience primed and ready, four was left. Veteran dj Grand Master Rosa was the second to play and it was evident the huge crowed was there to party.
Every tune he dropped made the party ignite even more. Up next was Massy Sound, true to form he continued the momentum set by Rosa. There was no stopping now. Enter the “English Five Star General” Mix Master J, out of London England.
His accent was distinct but his skill was on full display. From lovers rock to dance hall MixmasterJ continued to rock the crowd .The final scheduled Dj’s were Stereo Prophet and these prophets came to deliver a message. They had the party jumping into the wee hours of the morning. At 3.30am the lights at the JCA came on, but no one cared, Steele’s Gala was still rocking.
But all good things must come to an end with the curtains closing on yet a successful staging.

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