D-Junction Mas Announces Participation in the 2013 Miami-Broward One Carnival

D-Junction Mas Announces Participation in the
2013 Miami-Broward One Carnival
MIAMI (April 23rd, 2013) – Full of color, hospitality and Caribbean flare! On Sunday, October 13th, 2013 Adonis Inc. in conjunction with D-Junction.com, will participate in the 2013 Miami-Broward One Carnival by introducing a band called D-Junction Mas. The Caribbean culture will be displayed with all the enthusiasm it characterizes and we invite you to explore as D-Junction Mas presents “Lost Treasures.”
At some point, everyone has dreamt of being Indiana Jones. Treasure chests, secret tunnels, old maps…any mention of the word “treasure” is bound to set our imaginations on fire. Human beings have constantly been enticed and seduced by the idea of hidden treasures – the unimaginable. Let us fulfill those dreams by taking you on an adventure and bringing you success!
This year’s theme “Lost Treasures” commemorates all treasures that were lost – from the reluctant few that have emerged to the ever temping unfound mysteries.
D-Junction Mas, led by Wilfred L. Armstrong (Band Leader), Jenny Auxilly (Design/Costume Coordinator) and Nichole Williams (Treasurer), possesses a passion for the culture and encompasses over 20 years of experience, including prior experiences with Carnival bands.
Their well-known staff is fully devoted to providing attractive, high quality costumes with ultimate customer satisfaction to their members and supporters. With this synergic combination, this band will excel in the new era of carnival.
All masquerades and supporters shall join together Monday, October 14 to celebrate the inaugural year of D-Junction Mas Band.

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