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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Caribbean American Media Fraternity Mourns Passing Of TV Producer

    The Caribbean American media fraternity in New York is mourning one of its own.
    Many woke up to the shocking news yesterday, Dec. 27th that Eion “Dreadless Ras” Saunders, founder of ZYNC TV/NEW YORK LINKZ, passed away suddenly early Thursday morning at a Brooklyn Hospital. He was 47.

    The news stunned many in New York’s Caribbean American media circle and the wider community which Saunders had covered since 2005 as an independent television producer, director, writer, and host.

    Saunders became widely known after launching on the Caribbean platform, CIN with Whatz Up TV and then branching out on his own as Zync TV. He then moved on to airing on Tempo TV after his show was canned along with several others from the Diaspora by Stephen Hill, of CIN.

    ZYNC TV/NEW YORK LINKZ aired every Friday from 7 p.m. on Cablevision Ch. 1105 in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania and throughout the Caribbean. The television magazine styled show focused on news and entertainment within, the Caribbean Diaspora.

    For his work, Saunders received many awards of recognition, including from the Caribbean American Outreach Association (NY), Jampact, Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Councilmember Jumaane Williams and Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

    The show’s many contributors included Catchcha Fyah, Coral King, Richie Rich, DJ Noah, DJ Hypeness, Shermain Jeremy, Keishel Williams, Donna Mason and Courtney “Mr. Mention” Mitchell.

    Saunders also moonlighted as a graphic designer, working on several projects including the Hard Beat Communications More Magic Solutions campaign.

    Saunders is survived by a wife and three daughters.

    News Americas wishes to extend sincerest condolences to this family.
    “He will be truly missed,” said NAN’s editor-in-chief, Felicia Persaud, who expressed shock at the untimely death of the Jamaican migrant and colleague. “I’m stunned but also once again made painfully aware of how fragile life is and how quickly we pass through this world leaving nothing but the legacy of our work – good or bad! Eion’s good work will live on forever.”

    “Eion was the consummate friendly face that you will ever meet,” reminisced Irwine Clare, of Irie Jam radio and formerly of Caribbean Lifestyle Television, which shared the same platform with Saunders for five years. “His work in the Diaspora is a testimony and a legacy for his children and those who were privileged to have known him.”

    “I got the call this morning and thought it was a bad joke at first,” said Shaun Walsh, founder of Whatz Up TV. “He used to be with our Whatz Up TV at the beginning of his TV career and then took it to the next level. It was good to see a little idea grew and spread beyond New York but now it’s one less person doing it and it’s sad for the community as we don’t have this voice anymore. It’s a loss in every way but my thoughts are with his family and children right now.

    “So it’s important for people to come out to his party tomorrow evening and celebrate his life and support the legacy at Tracks Café at 1556 Ralph Avenue at Brooklyn, NY 11236.”

    “We are deeply saddened on the passing of our dear friend Eion “Dreadless Ras” Saunders,” stated Maxine Nolan of Pure Fame Media INC via email.
    Others took to Facebook to voice their shock.

    Maxine Greaves, of GMAX Entertainment and a friend of Saunders, noted: “You will be missed. Gone too soon! I am at a loss for words,” on Facebook.

    Andrea Bullens, whose show, “Caribbean Lifestyle Television,” aired on the CIN platform along with Saunders, added: “I’ve known this humble and peaceful brethren for over 20 years. We’ve done a lot of work together and we were a part of the CIN family for some 5+ years. We have shared several moments and he was always willing. I am so, so saddened and shocked that Eion Dreadless Ras is no longer with us. I pray for his girls and his wife CJ. May his soul RIP.”

    Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.

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  • Soca For Life!

    Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is coined the greatest show on Earth and the music that emanates throughout the season- Soca music, is by far and large, the preferred choice among party-goers. Soca music will be hailed supreme in 2013 as T&T’s Prison’s Sports and Cultural Club committee hosts a brand new fete in honour of Soca. January 26 will see patrons flood the Prison’s Sports Club Grounds in Arouca, Trinidad for a massive event they’re calling, Soca For Life.

    Organisers have already guaranteed patrons that nothing will compromise safety as prison officers and other arms of national security have mapped out strategic plans for the night. Additionally, patrons can rest assured that transportation from certain key locations across Trinidad will be catered to by the event’s promoter in a bid to ensure the safety of fete lovers who choose to consume alcohol on that night. “Event promoters- all of us, have a responsibility to the patron and that’s to ensure they have a great time in a safe environment, and while it is the patron’s responsibility to watch just how much alcohol they consume or even designate a driver for the night to ensure their safe arrival to their homes, we are taking charge of that to a certain extent because we don’t want any eventualities arising out of our fete,” said the key organizer.

    Soca For Life is not the first big event being hosted by the Prison’s Sports Club Committee. In fact, the group puts on an annual sports day and after party at the same venue in the East, which pulls a massive crowd each year. With that event such a huge success, organisers are extremely confident that this new major carnival fete on the carnival calendar will ultimately be one of the biggest events staged for the season. Already, organisers have indicated that ticket sales are high, something they believe has been boosted by the understanding that any event hosted by the Prison’s Sports Club committee, would be an extraordinary one.

    “What we always guarantee and live up to is a safe event. We’re working closely with the various arms of national security to ensure patrons of a safe, enjoyable carnival fete next year,” said Michelle Weekes- spokesperson for the Prison’s committee. “We want to bring something home to the East. We’ve been hosting the sports day for the past 71 years so that is probably what we’re best known for when it comes to events, but we want to show that the Prison’s committee supports carnival enjoyment as well. The people who have attended the Sports day over the years will agree that we have what it takes to deliver a first class Carnival fete at our facility,” said Weekes.

    Some of the cast’s big names are Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons and the , Ravi B and Karma, Blaxx, Denise Belfon and Destra Garcia and her band. Organisers say signs in the lead up to the event are good, giving early indication that Soca For Life will be the newest fetter’s fete on the annual carnival calendar.

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  • Japanese Singer Endorses ‘Richie Stephens’ Cover Of His 1971 Original

    When Richie Stephens recorded “Mary Jane” for his duets album “Life Your Life” earlier this year, little did he know that the song would find favor with fans, thousands of mile away in the country where the original song was recorded in 1971.

    VP Records representative in Japan Koji Yawata said “Mary Jane” is still a big song in Japan. He said the song has been covered by many Japanese and for 2012 earned more than US$30,000 from master & publishing rights.

    Celebrated Japanese singer/drummer Hiro Tsunoda wrote and recorded the original song, which became the biggest hit of his career. Tsunoda recently took to YouTube to pay tribute to Richie’s rendition of his song.

    “Hi Richie…My name is Hiro” he said in his thick Japanese accent. “I heard your song. Of course my song is nice but your song is excellent. I love it! Someday I will see you.”

    Richie, who had a chance to watch the video tribute, was moved to tears by what he saw and heard on the clip.

    “When I first heard the song, I fell in love with it immediately” he recalled. “I feel its a great honor to receive such a powerful endorsement from the original singer. My heart is overjoyed to see Mr Hiro’s video message saying that he loves my rendition very much. Once again its truly a blessing.”
    VP Records/VPAL Label Manager in New York, Donovan Williams said, “’Live Your Life’ is an excellent album produced by Danny Browine. The collaboration is a great accomplishment and achievement for Richie Stephens and Gentleman.”

    Williams revealed that since the release of “Live Your Life,” many journalists and radio DJs familiar with “Mary Jane” have enquired about the story behind the song.

    “A few months ago, I was asked to do the song in a dub plate style for a Japanese sound system” Stephens noted.

    “When I listened to the song a few times, it felt like it was written for me. Truth be told, I was hooked! I was so into it, I didn’t wait long before I recorded the song. Hiro is someone who sings from the heart. I would love to record a song with him someday” he confessed.

    So far the success of “Mary Jane” is opening up doors and opportunities that were not on the table a few months ago.

    “Japan is a favorite country of mine to perform and based on conversations that are going on now with my booking agent and promoters in Japan, I think a tour is definitely in the making” he gushed.

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  • Machel Montano New Single “Fog”

    “The FOG”, imaginatively puts into words and music the transcendent mass hysteria that overwhelms all senses, uniting participants of this one of a kind festival in celebratory spirit, as differences melt away, euphoria rises, and bodies join in gyrations raising a mystical dust that covers parading souls for Jouvert, Carnival Tuesday or on its ever popular manifestation, Machel Monday.

    This release captivates the essence of the rapture that envelopes every fete, masquerader, and music aficionado during this time, and is the result of the sublime combination of Precision Productions, Full Blown Entertainment, and Machel Montano. Precision’s undeniable musical pull, wraps around the salient truth of Full Blown’s lyrics, while Machel’s uncontainable energy voices this thrilling masterpiece, billowing to life in song, Carnival’s stirring reality.

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  • The New Improved Sulphur Springs

    River Sallee, St Patrick’s in Grenada has a new improved Sulphur Springs, recently cleaned and updated for locals and visitors to enjoy. All of this work has been done by a local family from St Patrick’s.

    There are now over 5 Springs available to take a dip, which were all previously hidden by overgrown plant foliage. Majority of the springs have safe depths. The springs now have drains so they can self clean as they bubble naturally.

    In the same vicinity is a fresh spring river so if you don’t want to take a dip in the Sulphur spring you can take a dip in the river.

    To add to the newly improved area there is a newly built sheltered bar with friendly staff, who are ready to serve you with the best drinks to quench your thirst. There is also local food available prepared by a young and talented Chef.

    In the evening time, the area is light up and the music starts, its a new fresh place to hang out and enjoy the view of the springs. The family also have placed stones around each of the Springs which are painted so no one will risk falling in when the night falls.

    The family who came up with the idea, started this carnival season with ‘Sulphur Fest’ which was very successful, with alot of locals and visitors enjoying the local music as well as taking a dip in the Springs. They decided to continue to make a boost to the springs by clearing up and cutting down the overgrown tress and plants plus clearing away rubbish, with help by family members and friends.

    Traveling to the Springs is safe, the road is pretty short and not as rough as you may of heard, you can walk or drive a 4×4 vehicle.

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  • Beres Hammond’s ONE LOVE, ONE LIFE #1 on Billboard Reggae Album Chart This Week

    Beres Hammond’s new album One Love, One Life reaches #1 on U.S. Billboard Reggae Chart after five weeks in the market. One Love, One Life (VP/Harmony House Records) has been Top 5 on the Reggae albums chart since its November 13th release, with sales climbing the past two weeks.

    This success comes off the heels of his recent U.S. concert performances at Brooklyn’s Barclays Arena on December 12 and Hard Rock Cafe in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on December 14. While in New York City, Beres also sat in with The Roots on December 11 to make his national late night television debut on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

    “Beres’ touring and the national media exposure played a major role in this increase,” states Aaron Talbert, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for VP Records. “CD sales at the venues and the in store appearances in New York and Miami really put the album in front of the fans,” he adds.

    “We hope to continue the momentum through Christmas and into 2013. We are happy and proud to see Beres at the top of the chart,” states VP Records President Chris Chin.

    One Love, One Life is Beres Hammond’s first studio album since One Moment In Time, which was released in 2008 on VP/ Harmony House Records. Beres had a hand in producing 19 of the 20 songs on this new double-disc collection. The first disc One Love includes his signature classic lover’s rock sound on new singles like “No Candle Light” and “Keep Me Warm,” while the second disc One Life contains more of his socially-conscious, spiritually-empowering tunes including “You Stand Alone,” “Truth Will Live On” and “Prime Time.”

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  • Jamaica Is Still The Home Of Roots Rock Reggae, Thanks To Mikey General

    If you are one of those who believes that Jamaica no longer produces authentic roots rock reggae music, you need to get a copy of Mikey General’s latest album, “African Story, African Glory”. The album was released on December 7th on his Qabalah First Music Label and it’s his 11th studio recording. African Story, African Glory displays the best of Mikey General, from his vocal reach to his song writing abilities, all are paraded on this 16 track CD.

    In conventional style, Mikey’s introduction is a prayer spoken in the Ethopian tongue, Amharic. Immediately after track one he goes right into tracks two through sixteen with no interludes just nonstop music. As expected most of the songs are of a spiritual nature giving praises to the Most High God while others highlights the importance of African people knowing themselves and their history. Guest appearances are made by Toussaint, Lutan Fyah and Ifa Tunde.

    Though a couple of the songs seem to have been recorded abroad, most of the album was produced in Jamaica, the home of Reggae music. Executive producers are Michael Taylor and Lloyd Stewart. African Story, African Glory is distributed by High Power Music Inc and can be purchased at Ernie B, CD Baby, I-tunes and all major music outlets.

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  • Jamelody Celebrates Birthday Amid Tremendous Accomplishments

    Even T&T reggae crooner Jamelody knows when it’s time to give thanks for the blessings of life, kick back a little and enjoy another year of the Almighty God’s grace. Today, Michael ‘Jamelody’ Williams celebrates his birthday. The artiste who is preparing for what is likely to be an exciting and fast paced 2013, returned from Jamaica recently where he wrapped production of a single with prominent reggae and dancehall artiste, Capleton. Amid that, he is currently promoting the release of a track entitled, ‘I Love You’, which is currently available on iTunes for worldwide purchase.

    Jamelody’s God given gift of vocal distinction is especially appreciated as he celebrates his birthday today. He is reminded of his accomplishments and is thankful for the support received by his fans, friends and fellow entertains across the world. His recent visit to Jamaica afforded the opportunity to work with a number of producers, among them Ace out of Bobby Digital’s Digital B studio who produced ‘I Love You’ and producer extraordinaire, Calibudalso of Digital B studio, who recorded the single done with Capleton. That track is set for release in mid-January. Calibud described the T&T reggae singer as extraordinary- explaining that he feels Jamelody is in a class of his own. “He blends in so well in Jamaica but he is really in a class of his own and he has his own space in the industry. With more time spent in Jamaica, he will secure his space in the market,” said a confident Calibud. The Jamaican producer has produced the remake of the War riddim, which featured Bob Marley’s single, War. On it are artistes such as Taurus Riley, Shabba Ranks, Bushman and Cutty Ranks who collaboratively do the remake of Marley’s ‘War’. On the riddim, Jamelody sings with Capleton for what is expected to be a one of a kind contribution.

    Ambitious as he is, the T&T artiste who hails from Carenage in West Trinidad, was able to work on approximately five singles while in Jamaica and having returned to Trinidad, he now has a short window of opportunity to relax on his birthday with friends and family. The recent release of VP records’ Strictly The Best 46 album in the United States has seen Jamelody’s single ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You’, accompany the music of hit-makers like Jah Cure and other top billing acts, automatically signaling the high caliber of artistes alongside whom he is ranked.

    Pleased with his ongoing journey in the world of music, the young entertainer who proudly represents Trinidad and Tobago,continues to work hard in a bid to become a household name in the worldwide reggae market. Still, even amid the hard work he’s been putting in, he takes this time to give thanks for his blessings and certainly wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday season, in the same breath calling on fans to anticipate a tremendous catalogue of new music in the New Year.

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  • Miss Teen Diva 2012 And BVI Show Love For Mental Health Sufferers

    Recently crowned Miss Teen Diva (MTD), Shaemore Smith, solicited support from the BVI community to give a holiday treat to persons who suffer from mental health issues. Miss Smith and the Miss Teen Diva Pageant Committee worked in conjunction with the Community Mental Health Centre to spearhead a grocery drive for donations of non-perishable goods such as rice, macaroni, canned milk, snacks, and toiletries among other items. Road Town Wholesale Trading Ltd. graciously agreed to allow Miss Smith to ask shoppers at the Pasea location to “spend $2 or $3 on a little gift that can lift someone’s spirits”.

    Miss Smith and the Pageant Committee would like to express a big “Thank You” to everyone who shared over $550.00 in groceries. The items were dropped off on Monday, December 17, 2012 to the Community Mental Health Centre staff who will deliver the donated items to persons who suffer from mental health issues for the Christmas holidays.

    Shaemore was crowned Miss Teen Diva 2012 on November 24 and this Grocery Drive is her first official community service. The Pageant Committee would like to say ‘thank you’ to all the persons who showed support for this initiative and wishes the BVI community a safe and happy holiday season.

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  • Nadine Queen. A True, Beautiful And Talented Empress.

    Nadine received her Big Break singing with the ALGORYTHMNS and DECISION BAND.They went on to perform on numerous and Multiple events such as the famed PORTLAND JERK FESTIVAL, PORTLAND BUSU FESTIVAL and FI WI SINTING.

    Singing for many years Nadine was yet to be recognized as an artist of massive talent but, in 2012 following a dream, Nadine Queen went on to do a cover of ADELE’S chart topper “SOMEONE LIKE YOU.” The song went to the no.6 position on the N.Y. TOP 30 Charts and is still being played on numerous Radio stations around the world.

    She was asked in “what has been her proudest moment in life” To be a part of a musical documentary on the life of the late great ROBERT NESTA MARLEY…and to do a collaboration with Alborosie, “it is an honor to me and I am truly proud.” “Be true to who you are and to other people and always do your best at whatever you do. Never give up on anything because life is a challenging journey and we all have to travel that road.” Nadine Queen

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  • Tanya Stephens Long Anticipated Return To NY “Woman Is Boss” Good Vibes, Good Music, Good Times!

    The long anticipated return of Tanya Stephens takes place at the Woodbine Ballroom in Brooklyn, New York on December 24th, 2012. The influential dancehall and reggae artist will headline “Woman Is Boss” Christmas eve concert ,and also feature sizzling sensation “Princess Menen”, and the talented empress “Nadine Queen”.

    Tanya Stephens who will be performing some of her greatest hits such as “Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet”, “These Streets”, “Goggle”, “What A Day”, “Pon De Corner”, “Handle The Ride”, “119”, “The Truth”, “Big Heavy Gal”, “Draw Fi Mi Finger”, “After You” among many others, will also give her fans a preview of her new upcoming album titled “Guilty” slated to be released early 2013.

    Tanya explains why she chose the name “Guilty” for her new album. “Because I get accused so much, so I’m just like f–k it, I am Guilty! ‘[The Ablum] will be out next year. I was aiming for this year, but I didn’t hit the mark. I’m finished with the album though.”

    “I feel proud, coming from where I’m coming from and getting to where I am, that’s definitely something to be proud of. I am very happy”. – Tanya Stephens

    Appropriately title “Woman Is Boss”, these ladies promise to deliver an evening of good vibes, good music, and good times to bring in Christmas.

    Brimming with youthful energy, self-confidence and conscious lyrics this artist has been intriguing many fans with her musical talent for years.

    Princess Menen began writing songs at the age of 13 while living in England and she began to seek Rastafarianism. Her first single recorded was a duet with Chrisinti, Nothing But Love. She has performed at Reggae Carifest 2001, Reggae Splash, Irie Jamboree, New York-Miami Linkup, amongst many more concerts and festivals, she even performed in Gambia (West Africa) sharing the stage with reggae superstar Sizzla.

    Recently Princess Menen has also worked with International recording artist Moby, with whom she has recorded a few songs, one to be a soundtrack in the film “Won’t Back Down” a 2012 release entitled, The Sweetest Sound. Listen out for Princess Menen, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

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  • Dynasty, The Latin Prince Of Dancehall Ready To Step Out On The International Scene

    New York based, Latin singer, Dynasty, has been thrilling the Latin community for years with his brand of Dancehall music. He has developed a steady following which has grown consistently, stretching across the United States and even into Canada. Dynasty says that he is now ready to introduce himself to the hardcore dancehall massive both in Jamaica and around the world.

    Dynasty was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, to parents of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent, and then ventured over to the US at the early age of 8. He was raised in the musical melting pot of Brooklyn, New York, in the tough neighborhood of East New York. The culturally rich Jamaican, Trinidadian, and Guyanese influenced allowed him to experience the essence of pure Caribbean culture – good food and tantalizing rhythms. It was there during his youth, he witnessed the birth of Dancehall music in the U.S.A. He would hear hit songs blasting from local record shops by veterans like Shabba Ranks, Ninja Man, Cutty Ranks and Papa San. “I fell in love with reggae the first time I heard it. I remember when I was 10, I locked myself up in the room with a reggae cassette and listened to it over and over for the entire day, I was infatuated with it,” Dynasty reminisced.

    By the time he was 11 years old, he was already sneaking into local dancehall clubs absorbing the culture and the scene. He would then go on and see the arrival of a new generation of deejays. But it wasn’t until he heard Super Cat’s superb vocal style that would inspire him to learn and sing in patois and shape him into the artist he is today.

    When the 2004 explosion of Reggaeton became main stream, Dynasty teamed up with Giovanni “Padrino” Suarez creating a fusion of Reggaeton, Dancehall Reggae rhythms and Spanglish lyrics for two years. During that time, they went on a 15 city tour, where they performed all over the U.S. at events such as the Billboard Latin Music Conference, Calle Ocho, Latin GRAMMY, Street Parties, Reggaeton on the River, and in numerous festivals throughout The United States of America, South America and some Spanish speaking Caribbean islands. They shared the stage with big acts like Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Busta Rhymes, Wisiny Yandel, Notch, Alexis y Fido, Beenie Man, Pitbull, Kat De Luna, Toby Love, NORE, and Juelz Santana, to name a few.

    Dynasty’s connection with reggae had always been apparent, incorporating it into any song collaboration he has worked on but in 2006 he decided to focus solely on his first true love: Reggae. Since then he has performed as a solo artist and has recently opened up for Serani and Buju Banton on Hot97’s Metro PCS 5 Borough Takeover Tour in 2009. “The culture is in my blood, Reggae is my life, it’s what I feel.” He started recording over Jamaican riddims and ever since then, he’s been doing what he loves, making him what he is today: a brilliant, multi-faceted Dancehall singer and songwriter ready to excite and inspire the youth and energize the industry with the music he loves so much.

    Currently, Dynasty has gain a lot of buzz from collaborations with Don Omar on “Hasta Abajo” and Plan B’s Si No Le Contesto (Remix)” alongside Lumidee, Tito ‘El Bambino’ “Llama al Sol (Remix)” . He also jumped in the studio with Kush Gang/Rocafella rapper, Memphis Bleek. The newest collaboration’s are SLIM from the hit R&B group 112, scottie boy (Maybach Music Group), Reaggeton artist Sir Speedy Also Queensbridge’s Microphone Maestro Cormega.

    He is now putting the finishing touches on his debut album and will be performing in front of thousands of screaming fans on his first European tour (December 2012 – February 2013).

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  • New Single From Hawaiian Singer-Songwriter Anuhea ft. Tarrus Riley Rises To The Top of Charts

    Hawaiian singer-songwriter Anuhea teams up with Jamaican vocalist Tarrus Riley on the new single “Only Man In The World,” out now on VP Records and WorldSound. The digital and 7″ vinyl release also includes an acoustic mix of this sultry duet written by Maui’s rising star.

    The song debuts this week at #6 on Billboard’s World Music chart and peaked at #4 on the iTunes Reggae Chart – making this VP Records’ best-selling first week for a single since Gyptian’s “Hold You.”

    This breakthrough track is already climbing the radio charts in Hawaii – landing at #12 on The Paina 93.1 and #19 on Island 98.5.

    “Only Man In The World” is the first title from Dub Rockers, a new compilation that will showcase Jamaica’s top artists (Etana, Morgan Heritage, I Wayne) with the latest wave of reggae-influenced musicians based primarily in the United States (Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, Bad Brains, SOJA).

    Anuhea, born in December 1985, is widely known for blending reggae into her soulful pop and acoustic island-flavored rhythms. The self-taught guitarist and songwriter’s 2009 self-titled debut album shot to #7 on the iTunes Pop Charts, #4 on R&B and #3 on the World/Reggae Billboard Charts. Multiple singles became commercial successes on Hawaii and AAA national radio. Her latest album For Love continues to be a top seller in United States, particularly Hawaii and the West Coast. She has shared the stage with artists like Bruno Mars, Babyface, Al Green, FloRida, Hoobastank and Pepper, but this is the first time she has teamed with a Jamaican reggae artist on a record.

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  • Richie Spice “Crying” (Tad’s Record)

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  • Brother B donates Hampers To Two Homes

    Grenadian soca artiste Brother B donated two Christmas Hamper to two homes in Grenada, last Friday 7th December 2012.

    The Hillview home in St John’s and the Charles Memorial home in St Mark’s received a Turkey and other grocery items each all wrapped up in a Christmas Hamper, from Brother B.

    Matron Emmaline Thomas of the Charles Memorial home in St Mark’s, and Matron Linda Evans of the Hillview home in St John’s and staff were delighted to receive the Hampers.

    The Hamper donations were filmed by CC6’s Shere – ann Noel and crew who took time out of their busy schedule to travel to St John’s and St Mark’s to film for CC6.

    Brother B who has just arrived back into Grenada from Touring overseas, states ‘Its important to give back to the community, and I hope to do this every year. I gave a Hamper to The Charles Memorial home in St Mark’s last year and decided to give to both St John’s and St Mark’s home’s this year’.

    Brother B is planning a private charity event for children in St Mark’s later on in this month.

    Brother B would like to thank the Staff and residents at the Hillview Home in St John’s and The Charles Memorial Home. Shere Ann Noel and crew and CC6. Rio and Cherokee.

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  • Should Vybz Kartel Be Credited For Discovering The Next Yellow Man?

    Google the name Dotta Coppa and you will see a young man with a striking resemblance of King Yellow Man singing some very harsh lyrics similar to those of Vybz Kartel.

    Dotta Coppa, a 23 years old, St. Mary native, relocated to Kingston when he was a child. Though he always had the ability to create and perform music he did not start taking it serious until he left high school. While residing in the Big Yard community he developed a reputation as the most lyrical lyricist in the region. Word got to Vybz Kartel who was spending a lot of time in the area and it was so that the two met. Having an eye for talent, Kartel immediately connected Coppa with Foxxlink Productions as he (Kartel) had already signed a number of artists and was not able to take on anyone new.

    Unfortunately nothing much materialized with Foxxlink. A few songs were released and Dotta Coppa developed a small international following but ultimately he was left on his own again. It was then that he met and began working with the 2006 former Tastee runner up, The Rizzing. Very similar to Dotta Coppa, The Rizzing did not get the support he was hoping for after competing in the 2006 Tastee Talent Contest. He took a break for a few years but after some solid advice from recording artist Kip Rich (a close friend of his), he has decided to re-enter the game, with more determination.

    The two friends now work closely and support each other as they have learnt that in order to succeed in this industry you need a strong team. Though they have individual singles, they have done a few collaborations which they are releasing now in time for 2013.

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  • Butterfly Methodz Press Book Launch

    Butterfly Methodz Press is a Christian Publishing Company that believes in educating and developing writers while transforming them into authors. On Saturday, December 15th, 2012 from 4pm – 9pm at Vivant Art Collection in Old City, 4 new authors will present their latest books just in time for the holidays. The event will serve as an opportunity to meet and greet with the new authors as well as purchase autographed copies of their books as stocking stuffers. There will also be readings from each book and an opportunity to ASK THE AUTHORS, a special Q & A segment.

    The authors are:

    Keanna Ralph has written Detours to Destiny, which gives you the insight in dealing with distractions and detours that prevent you from reaching your destiny.

    Michelle Govan is the D’Stress Diva and has written a life changing book for the woman who is doing it all! Soldiers in Stilettos: Battle Tested and Still Standing captures the essence of multi-tasking women, who fight in the battles while wearing stilettos heels.

    Michelle Sawyer is a pregnant newlywed, who has written a c

    hildren’s book, “Not Like Me!” “Not Like Me” tackles and teaches children about diversity in a fun and colorful way.

    Shaqwan Tisdale writes about a tragedy of being raped as a young boy that changed his life forever in the “The Broken Silence.” It is a story of triumph that deals with coping, religion, healing and family.

    Butterfly Methodz Press is a Christian Publishing Company created to educate and develop writers while transforming them into authors. Authors enter a training process, which is designed to bring out the authentic stories.

    Minister Kelley Sawyer is the Executive Director of Butterfly Methodz Press and a non-profit tax service specialist. She has been ministering for over 20 years and has served as a community leader and advocate for family and education. Minister Kelley has written “Listening to the Lord: Listening to Lessons of the Past.” She is active in her church, Prevailing Church International, and is an active Girl Scout and Boy Scout leader. Minister Kelley has been featured on TBN programs, and has been a presenter at conferences, community programs, and retreats. She is also a song writer and singer.

    “Minister Kelley believes that in order for her to truly be a catalyst of transformation she must be very candid about her personal experiences and the heart wrenching revelations that God has given her about her own life.”

    Minister Kelley is married to George and they have a blended family with 3 beautiful children; George Todd, Declan Zachary, and Abbigal Mary. They enjoy the awesome ministry of family in Pennsylvania where they reside.

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  • Mavado Teams Up With Karian Sang For Sizzling Single, “Take It” (Zojak World Wide)

    Zojak World Wide ends the year on a high note with their latest release, a sizzling dancehall pop single from dancehall superstar Mavado. The “Gully Gad” teams up with Jamaican-born, Canadian-based pop princess Karian Sang for the sexy single, “Take It.” The track released internationally through Zojak World Wide and is now available on iTunes and e-tailers, worldwide.

    “Take It” was produced by Troy “Troyton” Hinds and Michael “Askhell” Fairman for famed dancehall production house, Troyton Music. They were contacted by Mavado and his camp, and commissioned to build the single specifically for Mavado and Karian Sang. “We’ve been working together with Mavado for years, making some of his biggest hits,” states Hinds. “As I’ve been known for producing tracks like this song with him all the time, I think that’s why I was called.”

    “It was great working with Troyton on this track, as we always do, every time we hit the studio together,” reveals Mavado. “We have a good chemistry going. As for Karian Sang, she has a great talent and is hard working, so it was only fitting to do this track with her. And it came out to be great song, we know we have a promising hit song in hand.”

    “Working with Mavado has been one of the most exciting experiences for me,” says Karian Sang. “To meet one of my idols and become friends then being able to do a song with him…unbelievable! He sees the talent in up-and-coming artists and gives them their props, so when I finally had a chance to link with him in the studio, it was great.”

    In addition to digital distribution of the blockbuster single, Zojak World Wide teams up with Troyton Music to assist in the financing of a marketing campaign, through radio and media outlets, to maximize the promotion of the release. “The feedback we have been getting on the track is amazing and we are looking forward to big things with it,” discloses Aaron Mahlfeldt, President of Zojak World Wide.

    The “Take It” video is currently in pre-production and the shoot is scheduled to take place in late December, in Jamaica. It will be directed by Scorpio21, Kingston’s most innovative red tape video company. The highly-anticipated video is expected to premiere in mid-January.

    Mavado is currently the only dancehall act, besides Sean Paul, signed to a major label, inking a deal with We The Best Music Group back in 2011. His latest hits “Emergency” featuring Ace Hood and “Survivor” featuring Akon have been responsible for keeping the sounds of dancehall on U.S. radio. Having previously shared stages with the likes of Sean Paul and Jason DeRulo, Karian Sang continues to captivate U.S. and Canadian audiences through sizzling, live performances, and this prized collaboration with Mavado is sure to take her fusion sounds to the global massive.

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  • Drupatee & Machel Montano “Indian Gyal” – 2013

    As the dawn breaks on the last day in our lifetimes we will ever see such alignment as the 12/12/12, Machel Montano and Drupatee Ramgoonai, exactly 12 years after giving us the culturally epic “Real Unity”, have collaborated once again to give us a melding of ethnic melodies in “Indian Gyal”. With the chorus ringing out an enchanting “Wuk Up D Larki”, where Larki means girl, the track is produced by Millbeatz Entertainment, and written by the Ghostwriters; it flows with woven harmonies that create a hypnotic blend designed to bring all who listen, together on the dance floor.

    In local lore the number 12 represents the king, while 12 by 2, is 24, which represents the queen, and almost preordained on this special day we have the reigning King of Soca working with the incomparable Queen of Chutney showing the world that the best of Trinidad and Tobago is always delightfully revealed when we come together showcasing our mystical charm in love and music. – Mystie Thongs

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  • Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall Group Don Dem Successful In Canada

    Don Dem is a Reggae/ Dancehall Group based in Toronto Canada. The dynamic group consists of 5 members which include Durri “the Scientist” Brown, Kez Ferguson, Kirk “Diamond” Douglas, Chaunard “Bob da Builda” Brown and Olaf “HD” Smith. Bonded by their Jamaican heritage, they have put their eclectic mix of talents together, to help strengthen each other and the industry in which they serve not just locally in Jamaica but internationally as well.

    Starting out as Dancers in 2008, the group was loved for their energy, crazy dance moves and swagg as they as represented not just in dance but attire. However with Kirk and Chaunard being music Producers and writers and Olaf being a professional musician it was expected that the group would evolve into a total package entertainment group and so they did.

    Don Dem is Now one of the top names in Canadian Dancehall market as over the years they have garnered popularity and recognition on many fronts. The Group was featured on one of Jamaica’s top MixTape, namely DJ Kenny’s “Spring Culture Mix” and a few other top selling CD’s for their first Single “Blind To Dem”.

    The single was also recognized on Stampede Street Charts for International Artists to watch. Stampeed Street Charts is based in Jamaica but with International recognition and following across the world. With this, the group has demonstrated that their career not only as a group but individually is developing and will be a force to reckoned within the coming year 2013.

    Whilst Image is very Important to the group, they are quite lyrical filled with refreshing talent and youthful exuberance. As they continue to study and learned the industry, they have realized that its always best to “think outside of the box and is able to deliver in such style, mixing their swag with a back home, up to date flow making it seems while based in Canada it seems as if they never left the place they will always call “Jamaica” home.

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  • Beres Hammond On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon & Show At Barclays Center 12/11/12

    Beres Hammond will make his late night television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight December 11th, 2012.

    Tune in to NBC at 12:35am ET/ 11:35pm CT to see the Grammy-nominated reggae icon sit in with The Roots to perform his hits in and out of the commercial breaks.

    Then, Beres Hammond will take over the new Barclays Center at the BioLife Sounds of Reggae Concert tomorrow night (12.12.12) along with reggae elite Ali Campbell of UB40, Maxi Priest and Shaggy.

    Beres Hammond will make the crowd melt performing his iconic songs as well as new material off his recently released album One Love, One Life.

    His new double-disc studio collection is available now on VP Records. Beres Hammond had a hand in producing 19 of the 20 songs. The first disc One Love includes his signature classic lover’s rock sound on new singles like “No Candle Light” and “Keep Me Warm,” while the second disc One Life contains more of his socially-conscious, spiritually-empowering tunes including “You Stand Alone,” “Truth Will Live On” and “Prime Time.”

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  • Machel Montano Rules Tropicalfete’s 2012 Top 100 International Caribbean Music Chart

    New York, New York – December 11, 2012: In Tropicalfete quest to showcase and promote Caribbean culture to the World, Tropicalfete presented its annual Top 100 International Caribbean songs for 2012 at Negril Village Lounge in New York City last Thursday. “Tropicalfete’s Top 100 Song Countdown is the only chart that brings together the variety of cultures, languages and rhythms emanating from the Caribbean. From platinum selling hit makers like Rihanna, Sean Paul and Pit Bull to Haitian compa bands, carnival soca anthems or dancehall boomshots, these 100 songs reflect the soundtrack of life across the Caribbean and the influence of the region’s sounds on the musical mainstream.” said journalist Patricia Meschino.

    The selectors for the night Msz Trini, Shadow Storm, & Power Book played the top songs for the year under the guidance of Keran Deterville the host. Owen and Ardie both had noteworthy performances. 7IGHQ the Band did an incredible job entertaining the audience with songs such as Mr. Fete, Bruk It Down, Cheaters Prayer, Bachannalist to name a few. According to lead vocalist of 7IGHQ The Band, Julius D Intelligent it was a great feeling when he came to the end of his performance and the crowd did not want him to stop singing. The band’s 30 minute set was extended for an extra 20 minutes. One more, two more, encore were some of the things the dancers on the dance floor were chanting.

    This years number one (1) song was Mr Fete by the dynamic, high-energy singer, song-writer and producer, Machel Montano of Trinidad and Tobago. Montano has a recod six (6) tunes on the chart. The ever consistent Montano who has performed to sold out concerts in Madison Square Garden, has a musical career that spans over thirty (30) years and has collaborated with the likes of the Mighty Sparrow, Destra, Beenie Man, Pit Bull, Red Rat, G-Unit, Burning Flames, Walker Homung, Calypso Rose, Wyclef Jean and Busta Rhymes who are considered as some of the best in the entertainment/musical industry. This year, Montano is the triple-crown winner in his native country, where he is the Road-march, Power Soca and Groovy Soca Monarch. He also won the International Power Soca title earlier this year with Pump Yuh Flag, that was also the tune that won him the Road-march crown for Trinidad and Tobago carnival 2012. To crown off his achievements for the year, Montano received first-round ballot consideration for a Grammy nomination in the 55th Annual Grammy Awards with his 2012 album, “Double M.”

    Tropicalfete congratulates all the artist who secured a spot in the Top 100 International Caribbean Songs. However, the Tropicalfete crew congratulates Mr. Machel Montano for claiming 6 spots on the Top 100 chart and wishes him all the best on his achievements thus far and good luck on his musical journey. Tropicalfete marches on with its mission: Developing the community in the area of arts and social services with the focus on educating the global community on Caribbean culture throughout the World with a workshop on copyrights and royalties for artist in February 2013 with Roger Meltzer, CEO and Director of A&R Capsicum Records.


    Rank Song and Artist
    1 Mr. Fete by Machel Montano
    2 Bruk It Down / Party Tun Up Mr Vegas ft Alison Hinds
    3 Cheaters Prayer by Christopher Martin
    4 Single Forever by KI ft Machel Montano
    5 Affairs Of The Heart by Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
    6 Pound The Alarm by Nicki Minaj
    7 How Deep Is Your Love by Sean Paul ft Kelly Rowland
    8 Bacchanalist by Kerwin Du Bois
    9 Diamonds by Rihanna
    10 Limbo by Daddy Yankee
    11 She Doesn’t Mind by Sean Paul
    12 Get It Started by Pitbull ft. Shakira
    13 Pump Yuh Flag by Machel Montano
    14 Mdamou by BelO
    15 Sleep With Angels by Spragga Benz
    16 Vibes Cyah Done by Machel Montano
    17 Sorry Is A Sorry Word by Tarrus Riley
    18 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Shaggy Ft Eve
    19 Here Comes Your Life by David M ft Beenie Man
    20 Simple Plan – Summer Paradise ft. Sean Paul
    21 Talawah by Ragga & Kavita Maharajh
    22 Set Up Shop by Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
    23 Back To Life by Vybz Kartel
    24 Where Have You Been by Rihanna
    25 Rum And Raybans ft. Cher Lloyd by Sean Kingston
    26 Bam Bam Talk by Fya Empress
    27 Nothing Less by K. Rich
    28 One More by Jimmy Cliff
    29 Come Ova by Patra ft. Delus
    30 Skhi by Cant Stay Away
    31 Kingston Town by Busy Signal & “Jr. Gong” Marley
    32 I Am Soca by Patrice Roberts & Kerwin Du Bois
    33 Land We Love by Bunny Rugs of Third World
    34 Only Man She Want by Popcaan
    35 Over You by Kimba Sorzano
    36 Love di Vibes Jiggle fi Me by I-Octane
    37 Land Of Wine by Teddyson John
    38 Trouble by Shal Marshal
    39 Gal A Bubble by Konshens
    40 The People’s Champion by Benji
    41 Bottle Of Rum by Machel Montano
    42 Stress Away by Kes The Band
    43 Heels On by Lady Saw
    44 Talking to the Wall by Sal Anthony
    45 My Story by I-Octane
    46 The Next Chapter by Delly Ranks
    47 I Love Liquor by Vijay Arjun & Julius De Intelligent
    48 Miss behave by Fayann Lyons
    49 Life Too Short by Gramps Morgan
    50 Runaway by Kerwin Dubois ft Bunji Garlin
    51 In Your Eyes by Erphaan Alves
    52 4 A Cut by Invader
    53 Born on Third Base by Ardie Cuban
    54 Bartender by Yankey Boy
    55 Do For Love by Ishawna & Specialis
    56 Something About You by Wisin & Yandel ft. Chris Brown, T-Pain
    57 In My Arms by Beres Hammond
    58 My Everything by Nando Griffiths
    59 Gangsta Girl by Dolli
    60 Cce La Qualite by T-Vice
    61 Dweet Again by Beenie Man
    62 Dame by Kat Deluna & Shaggy
    63 Wining Time by Brother B
    64 Lies And Tricks by Lutan Fyah & Hefla Nyah
    65 The Girl Is Mine by Morgan Heritage
    66 No Pain by Iwer George
    67 Whine by The iZ ft. Machel Montano
    68 We Loose by Mikey
    69 So Mi Tan by Konshens
    70 Come Over by Busy Signal
    71 World Peace by Nature
    72 Keep on Wukkin by Destra
    73 I Know Better by Romain Virgo
    74 Shiver by Nadia Batson
    75 The System by Popcaan
    76 Delete – Roxanne “Roxxy” Webster
    77 Back Way by Baby CHAM
    78 Don’t You Remember by Romain Virgo
    79 Buffalo Soldier by Matisyahu ft Shyne
    80 Eagles & Doves by Cherine
    81 Cah Stop Moving by Terri Lyons
    82 Free by Richie Spice
    83 Head Bad – On D Road by Michelle X & Kes
    84 Pump It by KO Chicks
    85 Regge by Etana
    86 I Like Muhself by Lil Rick
    87 Leh We Wuk by Umi Marcano & Jahmoun
    88 Give To Me by Tizzy
    89 Body by Kes Band
    90 Pegaito Suavecito by Elvis Crespo ft Fito Blanko
    91 Caribbean Girls by Mavado
    92 Party Plenty by Shakki Starfire
    93 Action by Super Jigga TC
    94 Bajan Style by Cover Drive
    95 Sacrific by 3 Canal
    96 Poul La By Carimi
    97 Any Love by A.J. Brown
    98 Like I Love You by Melanie Fiona
    99 I Found Heaven by Richie Stephens & Gentleman
    100 Shook by Tommy Lee

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  • Steele Goes Gospel

    Canada- based reggae artiste Steele has decided to get in touch with his spiritual side with a single entitled The Devil Caa Stop Wi. The jazzy, infectious track shows a new side to the artiste who has delivered songs such as She Believes In Me, Let’s Stay Together and Decisions.

    Commenting on the song Steele says he has always believed in spirituality and he did the song to encourage those who may be going through turbulent times reminding them not to let evil win out.

    “Personally I have faced some situations where my trust was abused and finding that people I thought would be batting for me are the very ones who turned on me,” said Steele. He says the song is a kind of therapy in getting rid of the bad vibes. He is also hoping it will be therapeutic to others who may be facing the same thing.

    Now that he has sampled gospel the Hanover born artiste says there will be many more.
    According to Steele since he released The Devil Caa Stop Wi in Canada the song has been enjoying air play on gospel radio shows .

    “Even in the dances my friends are telling me that the song had to be pulled up a few times,” he said of the song.

    Come Saturday, December 8 he will be lending his support to the Canadian Cancer Society.

    “It’s a great honour to be apart of this event, this illness that comes in so many different form is still one of the world’s leading cause of death today, therefore any contribution I can make towards the fight against cancer I’m more than willing to make,” he said.

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  • New Music From Cross Check “THE OLYMPIAN” [Calypso]

    Lennox Bailey , known as (AKA )Cross Check.,

    The aspiring artiste has the Soca blood, a born Trinidadian, hails from St Joseph where he grew up and found the passion for Calypso Music. He writes and helps produce songs and deliver it to the people .The one song that inspired him mostly is the Olympian a Profound Achievements by Keshorn Walcott, the Javelin Gold Medalist of Trinidad and Tobago 2012.

    THE OLYMPIAN, his 2012 Calypso Kaiso song, released on October 26th,2012.

    Comments from people,

    Great tribute to the Olympians of Trinidad and Tobago. It great that an artist has taken time out to recognized the efforts of these champions. Great job Cross Check.

    From Brian Joseph.

    Love this!!! My new jump off …

    From eduggan85

    Circulated on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, the social media.

    (AKA) Cross Check has drop about 10 song from since 2007 till 2012 and forward, he did a Great Collaboration with General Grant and Nnika on the song -Staggering Whinning By Skyrecords .

    Bio speech from Cross Check-“I believe kids should surround themselves with positive vibes, stay in School, no drugs, maintain focus on their goal and they too can be an Olympian too.”

    “I love music from Sparrow, Bunji, Gypsy, David Rudder, Benjai, Iwer and Mighty Stalin, they have inspired me to give back to the Country .Our talent is not hidden if we understand and Push to achieve our goals, I try to contribute two song every year to my culture, my heritage , my life “.

    “Soca means to me, a heartbeat, a pulse, this love for culture so rich of a people from then till now,”

    “My destination is Soca City”

    Cross Check Lyrics from the song Olympian

    Lyrics 1: A single mother working hard to feed her children*Dat iz Olympian*

    Lyrics 2: Friends who will always be there for you!*Dat iz Olympian*

    Lyrics 3: Keshorn who went against the best!*Dat iz Olympian*

    Lyrics 4: Hairdressers, Teachers, Taxi Drivers,* Dat iz Olympian*

    Then he went to the controversial side of things Highlights: Shaq gets 12 million !

    Get ready to hear the rest of Cross Check Calypso***The Olympian***Track.

    This song is a Tribute to Keshorn Walcott and the people , Yes you are an Olympian.

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  • Soca Salsa Riddim Feat. Olatunji, Menace And Mr Renzo

    Soca Salsa Riddim Feat. Olatunji, Menace And Mr Renzo

    Following the huge hit riddim called the Project 5 Riddim released 2months ago, this is the 2nd Riddim Contribution from Mllbeatz & Starblu ent. for the carnival 2k13 season….The Soca Salsa Riddim features artist such as M1 (Menace), Olatunji, Mr Renzo & more surprises.. The 2 studios continue to set an example and show how powerful unity in the music industry can be. They continue to go about the mission throughout the carnival 2k13 season mixing the sweet sounds of salsa with soca music to create a magical soca music production.

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