The New Improved Sulphur Springs

River Sallee, St Patrick’s in Grenada has a new improved Sulphur Springs, recently cleaned and updated for locals and visitors to enjoy. All of this work has been done by a local family from St Patrick’s.

There are now over 5 Springs available to take a dip, which were all previously hidden by overgrown plant foliage. Majority of the springs have safe depths. The springs now have drains so they can self clean as they bubble naturally.

In the same vicinity is a fresh spring river so if you don’t want to take a dip in the Sulphur spring you can take a dip in the river.

To add to the newly improved area there is a newly built sheltered bar with friendly staff, who are ready to serve you with the best drinks to quench your thirst. There is also local food available prepared by a young and talented Chef.

In the evening time, the area is light up and the music starts, its a new fresh place to hang out and enjoy the view of the springs. The family also have placed stones around each of the Springs which are painted so no one will risk falling in when the night falls.

The family who came up with the idea, started this carnival season with ‘Sulphur Fest’ which was very successful, with alot of locals and visitors enjoying the local music as well as taking a dip in the Springs. They decided to continue to make a boost to the springs by clearing up and cutting down the overgrown tress and plants plus clearing away rubbish, with help by family members and friends.

Traveling to the Springs is safe, the road is pretty short and not as rough as you may of heard, you can walk or drive a 4×4 vehicle.

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