Nadine Queen. A True, Beautiful And Talented Empress.

Nadine received her Big Break singing with the ALGORYTHMNS and DECISION BAND.They went on to perform on numerous and Multiple events such as the famed PORTLAND JERK FESTIVAL, PORTLAND BUSU FESTIVAL and FI WI SINTING.

Singing for many years Nadine was yet to be recognized as an artist of massive talent but, in 2012 following a dream, Nadine Queen went on to do a cover of ADELE’S chart topper “SOMEONE LIKE YOU.” The song went to the no.6 position on the N.Y. TOP 30 Charts and is still being played on numerous Radio stations around the world.

She was asked in “what has been her proudest moment in life” To be a part of a musical documentary on the life of the late great ROBERT NESTA MARLEY…and to do a collaboration with Alborosie, “it is an honor to me and I am truly proud.” “Be true to who you are and to other people and always do your best at whatever you do. Never give up on anything because life is a challenging journey and we all have to travel that road.” Nadine Queen

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