Jamaica Is Still The Home Of Roots Rock Reggae, Thanks To Mikey General

If you are one of those who believes that Jamaica no longer produces authentic roots rock reggae music, you need to get a copy of Mikey General’s latest album, “African Story, African Glory”. The album was released on December 7th on his Qabalah First Music Label and it’s his 11th studio recording. African Story, African Glory displays the best of Mikey General, from his vocal reach to his song writing abilities, all are paraded on this 16 track CD.

In conventional style, Mikey’s introduction is a prayer spoken in the Ethopian tongue, Amharic. Immediately after track one he goes right into tracks two through sixteen with no interludes just nonstop music. As expected most of the songs are of a spiritual nature giving praises to the Most High God while others highlights the importance of African people knowing themselves and their history. Guest appearances are made by Toussaint, Lutan Fyah and Ifa Tunde.

Though a couple of the songs seem to have been recorded abroad, most of the album was produced in Jamaica, the home of Reggae music. Executive producers are Michael Taylor and Lloyd Stewart. African Story, African Glory is distributed by High Power Music Inc and can be purchased at Ernie B, CD Baby, I-tunes and all major music outlets.

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