Machel Montano New Single "Fog"

“The FOG”, imaginatively puts into words and music the transcendent mass hysteria that overwhelms all senses, uniting participants of this one of a kind festival in celebratory spirit, as differences melt away, euphoria rises, and bodies join in gyrations raising a mystical dust that covers parading souls for Jouvert, Carnival Tuesday or on its ever popular manifestation, Machel Monday.

This release captivates the essence of the rapture that envelopes every fete, masquerader, and music aficionado during this time, and is the result of the sublime combination of Precision Productions, Full Blown Entertainment, and Machel Montano. Precision’s undeniable musical pull, wraps around the salient truth of Full Blown’s lyrics, while Machel’s uncontainable energy voices this thrilling masterpiece, billowing to life in song, Carnival’s stirring reality.

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