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  • Reggae & Hip Hop DJ 4eign from Jamn 94.5 using the world as his musical compass

    With music being a universal symbol of enjoyment and feeling for all who listen to and create it, such a form of leisure has created avenues all across the world that people can travel along. DJ 4eign hails as an ideal example of a musician who’s successfully maneuvered down these roads along his journey to success.
    Born in the African nation of Kenya, DJ 4eign (pronounced foreign) has become a success locally and overseas as a result of his exploits as a highly acclaimed disc jock. Hailing as the official DJ for internationally renowned Reggae singer,Da’Ville, DJ 4eign has infiltrated the airwaves through his weekend spots on WJFM Jam’n 94.5 FM in Boston as well as Caribbean Connection, a new show that the Shadyville Caribbean turntable specialist hosts on Sundays (10 p.m. to midnight) HOT 99.1FM in Albany, New York.
    However, before becoming well known for his craft in the U.S.,DJ 4eign became inspired to follow the DJ path by watching professionals like DJ Pinye and DJ Morris showcase their skills back in his native Kenya.
    “I was inspired by the local DJs in Kenya in my younger years, and found it fascinating how they mixed songs together; kept a party moving… That’s when I caught the bug and I wanted to be a DJ. So much so that I would use 2 tape decks to mix songs, scratch my Dad’s disco records (and destroy them *laughs*), or just mixing songs in my head,” he explains.
    “It wasn’t until I moved to the U.S. to finish my secondary schooling that about a year later, I acquired my 1st set of technics 1200’s and a mixer; linked up with a fellow African native and Renegade Sound station was born. The rest is history, I’ve been living my dream as a DJ ever since.”
    Part of living that dream included working with many of Jamaica’s top acts including Mr. Vegas, Serani, Red Rat, Cham, I-Octane and Laza Morgan to name a few. With his affinity for Dancehall/Reggae music evident, DJ 4eign has watched award-winning acts such as Sean Paul and the aforementioned Da’Ville evolve into superstars while building his own musical legacy.
    “I consider myself a student and fan of music and most of the now prominent artistes were just busting on the scene around the time that I began my career. So I was always a fan of artistes such as Sean Paul and Da’Ville and always wanted to work with them at some point in my journey since I saw them evolve from new artist to the stars they are now,” he said.
    “I also like being involved and working with up and coming artists who show the hunger and drive to be successful. It’s always great to be instrumental and play a part in an artiste’s career.”
    These ventures with Sean Paul and Da’Ville have proved successful as the former artiste hosted part one of theDancehall Kings series created by DJ 4eign while the latter artiste’s new mixtape, Vitamin D also featured the Kenyan-born disc jock’s skills as he helped promote tracks off theCan’t Get Over You singer’s newly-released album, Krazy Love.
    Many persons wouldn’t consider Boston, MA as a proverbial hot-bed for Dancehall, Reggae or urban music in general. However, DJ 4eign insists that the market in which he’s currently based offers strong support to these respective genres.
    “We are a market where major and up and coming artist frequent to build up their fan base so that alone says a lot,”he said.
    “The dances ram and the stage shows full up. Weather I’m playing on the radio or at clubs, dancehall/reggae tun up in the ‘Bean’!”
    Back home, the reception has proved just as strong as DJ 4eign hopes one day to perform in front of the native crowd.
    “I played on a radio station Uptown 91.1FM in Nairobi (big up G-Money) for a little while before the station moved, which was “1000%” Dancehall. But Africa, Especially Kenya, has really gravitated and embraced Dancehall music. Some of the biggest names in Dancehall are frequenting the mother land now more than ever before and there are even some wicked artist that are coming out of the continent now,” he intimated.
    For DJ 4eign, his travels and experiences within music have helped him to gauge what fans want to hear when on the turntables. The main objective going into any set for DJ 4eign is entertaining those he plays for.
    “My purpose whenever I’m in the mix, on the radio, in a club or even mixtapes is to give the listener the ultimate experience. The ability to read a crowd or know your listeners is step one; next is knowing your music and how to select it. Add some mic talk and you have the perfect recipe for that ultimate experience,” he advises.
    “Anybody can DJ but not everyone can entertain.”
    Going forward, DJ 4eign will continue his Dancehall Kingsseries which he says will have many top entertainers on offer. Furthermore, he hopes to drop more collaborative mixtapes with Da’Ville in the near future and promises new projects from himself and Renegade Sound as the year rolls on as he looks not only to advertise his own credentials, but that of fellow African musicians
    You can follow DJ4eign’s music and updates via Twitter :

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  • Hartford West Indian Week

    Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Assoc. of CT & Soca Senators Presents
    Trinidad and Tobago Night Round 2- Pre Jouvert Party
    50th Anniversary Celebration
    Aug 10th 2012
    Sportsmen Athletic Club Hartford CT. 2976 Main Street Hartford CT
    $15 all night dor open at 10PM & we goin Until Jouvert
    Music by CTs own Soca Senators & Natural Progression
    Special Guest: Hartford Steel Drum Symphony and Sweet Noyz Riddim Section
    Food will be on sale jouvert morning

    Soca Senators Presents
    Red, White and Black: Official Trinidad and Tobago Night For Hartford Carnival
    50th Anniversary Celebration
    August 9th 2012
    Vibz Uptown Hartford CT 3155 Main Street Hartford CT
    $10 b4 11 more after, Pay one price all night with your Trinidad ID card
    Special guest, and Host
    Music by Soca Senators, Natural Progression, DJ Trini, Mr Excitement, DJ Bean

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  • Love so nice, they’ll have to do it twice in New York, NY

    Junior Kelly’s passion for his craft was as palpable as the excitement inside the Rose Garden and as he entered centre stage last Sunday, crooning the lyrics of Blaze, fans held nothing back as they welcomed him back to Brooklyn, New York.

    With a smile that reached the depth of his eyes, Junior Kelly showed his appreciation for the love he was being shown and gave as good as he got. It was a case where the fans could do no wrong and, despite performing on tracks, Kelly managed to pull up a song …or two.. or three .. or more… on demand.

    The theme for the night seemed to be ‘patron satisfaction and pure niceness’ and Junior Kelly delivered masterfully.
    Songs like Believe In Yourself, Dem Wrong, Missing You and Been There, the latest single that Junior Kelly is now promoting, connected with the audience, but Sunshine proved to be one of the biggest winners of the night. It had to be pulled up three times and each time it elicited a whole new wave of screams. As expected mega hits Receive and Love So Nice were eagerly embraced and and had a freshness that captivated.

    It was a performance that reminded everyone present of the compelling power of Reggae music and after exiting the stage, Junior Kelly spent the rest of the night with his fans, signing autographs, taking pictures and graciously receiving compliments on a job well done.

    “It has been refreshing,” Junior Kelly said of the showcase and the reaction of the patrons, many of whom sang his songs word-for-word. “I have to give thanks that these wonderful people made the decision to spend their hard-earned money to buy a ticket to come to my concert. People have choices and, added to that, they also have work on Monday, so I am truly grateful that they chose to be here. And we all had such a blazing time,” he said in between taking pictures and smiling with fans.

    In fact, the ‘Love So Nice’ singer’s concert was so nice that it will have to be done twice. Junior Kelly was booked on the spot for the first available date, which turned out to be two week’s time. New York will therefore experience the second coming of Junior Kelly on Sunday, July 22 at the Village.

    However, as the singer emphasised, “It’s not about Junior Kelly, it’s all about the message and power of reggae music.”

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  • Outrageous Sexy In Black 2012-Dare ToParty Differently!

    The Stage is set, the performers are ready. The Question is are you? And do you have what it takes to endure the greatest Carnival fete come Carnival Friday; Friday, July 13, 2012; a party with a difference? Well if all your body parts are in check—especially your dancing feet, your whining waist and your waving arms-then“Outrageous, Sexy In Black,” is the one for you. But you better hurry and get your tickets now, as they are going fast, real fast. Don’t say you were not forewarned!
    The Wave 94.5, known for hosting some of the best parties anytime of the year, presents the annual Carnival fete, “Outrageous, Sexy In Black” carnival Friday, July 13, Gaiety, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia.
    Dubbed the sexiest party for fun loving folk seeking the biggest thrill for the final weekend of Saint Lucia’s Carnival, this year “Outrageous Sexy In Black” will feature the biggest acts for Saint Lucia Carnival as well as “Kes The band” one of the most progressive international Soca bands in recent times. And of course as they have done so many times before The Wave was the first to introduce Saint Lucia to Kes brand of Soca last year.
    Described as “a one of a kind fantastic experience” by station country manager Sue Monplaisir, this year “Outrageous, Sexy In Black” will feature Mr. Bacchanalist Kerwin Dubois out of Trinidad, Saint Lucia’s 2011 Soca, Groovy and Road March king Ricky T, Mongstar, Ambi, Soca Psycho, Q-Pid, DYP and the 2012 Piton Soca Starz winner J Budz and many more performers. Of course Kes the band is expected to get carnival revelers and fete lovers steamed up with hits like“Your Body Working,” “Take me away,”“Wotless” and “Where You From,” among many others.
    Kes has declared his readiness to thrill the crowd come Friday and he and his band is all set. So too is Kerwin Dubois who told the Wave in a recent radio interview that he is looking forward to performing in Saint Lucia for the first time.“Everywhere I perform I see Lucian flags but has never been to the heart of it but I cyar wait to come to de heart of de sa ka fete,” he said with a laugh.
    Lime, Kotex,Piton, St. Lucia Distillers, Platinum Club, JQ’s Mall and Blue Watersare among the main sponsors for “Outrageous, Sexy in Black,” and patrons purchasing advance tickets get a chance to win an all-inclusive prize trip for two to Crop Over 2012 in Barbados.
    “Outrageous, Sexy in Black” Carnival Friday, July 13, 2012, Gaiety Grounds, Gros Islet Saint, Lucia.

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  • Stars ready for Six Flags Caribbean 2012 Concert Series July 14 CCB, PUMPSTATION AND TEMPO NETWORKS!

    Caribbean stars will take center stage at the most anticipated concert event of the summer – Six Flags Caribbean Concert Series presents TT7, a massive stage show and fun-filled day for the entire family. Powered by TEMPO NETWORKS, CCB International, and Pumpstation. For information, artist updates and tickets please call 973-508-1000 or visit

    This annual concert, presented by CCB International, Inc., Pumpstation Entertainment and TEMPO NETWORKS, features Trinidad’s own Bacchanalist – Kerwin Du Bois, the People’s Champion – Benjai, Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon, popular Dancehall artist – Spragga Benz, Chutney soca stars – KI (2012 Chutney Soca King), Ravi & Nisha B, JMC 3Veni, lyrically conscious Soca artist – Ziggy Ranking, Otis, and more. This highly anticipated theme park summer concert proudly showcases some of the best talent in Caribbean entertainment.

    A fete fit for the entire family, concert tickets include the live stage show, access to the entire theme park including rides, the wild safari, and fireworks, to which we end it all with a bang. General admission for $65 and VIP tickets at $100, which includes a private pre-concert Caribbean gourmet, beer garden, special seating next to stage, and more. VIP starts promptly at 3pm. All Tickets include full access to the Six Flags theme Park rides.

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  • Stein Releases New Single, “Long Distance Relationship,” Digitally Worldwide

    Jamaican artist Stein expands his dancehall repertoire with his hit lover’s rock single, “Long Distance Relationship,” featuring dancehall princess Tiana. The single is released on his own record label, New Planet Records, and is now available digitally worldwide via all major digital retailers, with global distribution from FOX FUSE. “Long Distance Relationship” captures the essence of Stein’s romantic side, a facet of the artist rarely seen by dancehall fans, but one that speaks to his versatility as a lyricist and performer. The track is also based on reality. “My girlfriend lives halfway around the world, so I’m literally living in a ‘Long Distance Relationship,’” discloses Stein. “It’s from the heart. I sing about things that really happen.” Stein reveals he felt a female would be better for the hook of this R&B-esque song, and he reached out to Carlington Livingston who manages dancehall artist Tiana. They went into the studio almost immediately and exited with this hit in hand. Stein recently completed a promo run in the U.S., performing on a school tour in New York City that promoted peace to students. He also performed at numerous radio and promo events including shows for New York’s HOT97 Massive B (Bobby Konders & Jabba) in Brooklyn, HOT 93.7 FM’s Diva Nikki Z in Hartford, Connecticut, LinkUp Radio 93.5 FM’s Kevin Crown at SOB’s in Manhattan, and at Shaggy’s Ranch Entertainment record label launch, alongside Beenie Man, just to name a few. Stein also did on-air, in-studio radio interviews with Nikki Z on HOT 93.7 FM, Hartford’s leading hip-hop station, and in New York City with Dubmaster Chris for 93.5 FM Irie Jam Radio, and Kevin Crown for LinkUp Radio. He was also featured on numerous underground radio and TV stations, newspapers and web interviews, as he continues to bring new awareness to his brand. Stein is now back in Jamaica and ready to tackle production on his debut album, All Or Nothing, due in January 2013. He is also looking forward to touring more, and returns to the U.S. for a concert on July 14 in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. After spending extensive time in the U.S., and working with other international musicians, Stein now heads back to the drawing boards to create, enhance and expand his music, for his fans both at home and aboard. For more information on Stein, visit or follow him at and like him at

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  • The 2012 Music Industry Awards (MIA) Takes Place Tomorrow July 11th in Kingston, JA

    The 2nd staging of the Music Industry Awards will be taking place tomorrow July 11th, 2012 at the Mona Conference Center in Kingston, Jamaica. The red carpet and celebrity studded event will be hosted by Jade of zip 103fm & Sasha Bling of Fiwi Choice. 35 individuals chosen by the public in their respective fields will win awards and receive gifts from corporate sponsor Rumfire. 7 Honors will also be bestowed for various achievements.
    The event will be see performances by Tifa, I Octane, Spice, Flexx, Stacious, Teflon, Raine Seville, Delus, D Angel, Cubanis, Cece, Patexx, Pamputtae and more
    The categories receiving and MIA Awards are Male Deejay of the year, Female Deejay of The year, Male Singer of the year, Female Singer of the year, Male Sigjay of the year, Female Singjay of the year, Most Promising Female Artist of the year, Best Up Coming Male Artist of the year, Dance Group of the year, Best Collaboration of the year, Producer of the yearm Selector of the year, Media Personality of the year, Female Dancer of the year, Best Dress Female Artist of the year, Best Male Artist of the year, Best Group of the year, Most Out Spoken Female Artist of the yearm Most Out Spoken Male Artist of the year, Best Female Stage Performer of the year, Best Male Stage Performer of the year, Song of the year, Male Disc Jock Of The Year, Female Disc Jock Of The Year, Video of the year, Medley Video of the year, Entertainment Program of the yearm Riddim of the year, Male Dancer of the year, Most Determined Artist of the year, Bands of the year, Come Back Artist of the year, Break Through Artist of the year, Mixtape Of the year and Social Media Personality of the year
    There are only a limited amount of tickets left available, please contact for more information
    Venue: Mona Conference Center “Gold Room” 2 Garden Lane Mona Campus, Kingston 7
    (Enter from the back gate of Uwi Campus, Take u first left then left again Bam u reach Conference Hall)
    Sponsor by: Hapilos Entertainment, Stampede Street Chart, Billionaire Entertainment, Rum Fire Rum, Euphoria Skin Care & Spa, Swag Tv, Links Tv, Nickfotoworks, The Shuzzr, I Promote, Angel Boutique, The Advert Berry! Achievecore, Iconic Travel, Cafe Scrumptious,, Liquid Nitro, Mek Yah Wear & Krish Genius

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  • Nefatari Makes Music History As First Caribbean Artist at Essence Music Festival

    Essence Magazine called her “a young Kelly Rowland” and superstar artist and producer Pharrell Williams gave her latest hit song “What U Think About Me” a thumbs up while overheard playing at the Essence Music Festival empowerment seminar.
    These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for Nefatari, not only did she perform in New York at the “Groovin In The Park” headlined by legendary Gladys Knight but she made her debut on the stage of the largest event celebrating African-American culture and music in the United States “The Essence Music Festival”.
    This was a feat in many aspects, not only did she perform at the Essence Music Festival’s first ever “NEW & NEXT” concert, but she is also the first artist to bring Caribbean flavor with her blend of dancehall and pop music to the festival stage since its inception in 1995. Nefatari who proudly represents Jamaica and her reggae/dancehall influence, has often described her music as dancehall pop, that influence stems from her years as a background singer for Lindsay Lohan and Baby Spice of “Spice Girls” group.
    This was a first time for Nefatari in New Orleans, she performed at the Mercedez Benz Superdome to a crowd filled with screaming fans and celebrities. Nefatari and her dancers shared the stage with young superstars such as Diggy Simmons, Disney’s Cocoa Joans and Roshan Fegan , and the OMG Girlz. Her single “What u Think About Me” received an overwhelming response from the crowd and her promotional cd’s which had songs such as “What U Think About Me”, “Day U Mess Up”, and “No Handbag” were gone out of her hands within an flash to the eager concert goers who wanted more.
    Not to leave out any of her fans who were not in attendance at the Essence Music Festival, Nefatari is giving away a free promotional download of “What U Think About Me”

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  • Fashion & Bikinis at BAM!

    JRG Entertainment, presents the 7th Annual Bikini Under The Bridge runway fashion show. The distinguished event will be held on Sunday July 8th 2012 in BAM Parking Lot Downtown Brooklyn, and will showcase the endowed collections of notable designers in the industry.

    “This is a chance for them to present their swimwear lines to retailers, the media and the public, giving them exposure that they may not receive otherwise,” says JR Giddings, Creative Director and Founder of “Bikini Under The Bridge”. He is also the person responsible for producing this event.

    From Guyana to Florida, from Europe to New York City, these eleven renowned and up-and-coming designers -,Adianic Fashions, Moorsecode, Fabric Twinz, Yardrock, Escape The Jungle, ME, Silver Mosquito, Naked Roots, Colefacts, Johana Sarria, Margeille Fashions will present an eclectic array of swimwear with their own signature flair.

    NEW YORK LINKZ on Tempo TV Host and Former Miss Antigua will co-host the event along with this year’s surprise celebrity guest. The event is slated to be riddled with recognizable stars to include Spinderella of salt n’ Pepper. Also performing at Bikini Under The Bridge this year… Izzauddyn (Ya Boy Izz), Futuristic Lingo and Dimitri McDowell.

    Be prepared to indulge in the breathtaking experience of fashion and creativity executed and displayed at its utmost best!

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    Featuring DARLENE “Diva D”FULLERTON and
    TRACEY SMITH, two powerhouse soulful singing ladies

    It’s that time again — the 2nd Monday of the month — time for “Music Monday.”
    It can’t get any hotter than July unless you’re talking about musical heat and
    these two sisters will be heating things up in the cool interior of eta’s intimate
    gallery space. Get out of the heat and come spend Monday night with us.

    Hosted by Emmy-winning vocalist Joan Collaso and
    WVON Radio personality Cliff Kelley

    7 – 10:00 pm
    Admission $10.00
    Refreshments available

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  • Marionettes’ new Children’s Choir debut in A Gift to the Nation 2

    Over the years, many children’s and school choirs have guested at Marionettes concerts. In 1995, the Youth Chorale was formed to give young performers ages 12–26 a serious musical outlet. Seventeen years later, the Marionettes now introduce their new Children’s Choir: 50-odd talented youngsters, among them Music Festival, Panorama and Junior Calypso Monarch winners. They make their first public appearance with their adult and Youth Chorale family this Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July in “A Gift to the Nation II” at Queen’s Hall. Twenty-five years after the Marionettes’ first offering of “A Gift to the Nation” – commemorating the 25th anniversary of Trinidad & Tobago’s independence in 1987 – the Marionettes commemorates T&T’s Jubilee with “A Gift to the Nation II”. The programme features the exciting Caribbean premiere of Karl Jenkins’ new contemporary classic, “The Armed Man (A Mass for Peace)”. Complementing this one-hour, multimedia and multicultural work is a showcase of some of our nation’s most talented singers, as the group’s Music Festival Winners take centre stage. There will also be a tribute to a legend lost too soon, the one and only Whitney Houston – and, of course, the debut of the dynamic new Children’s Choir, including the Marionettes’ youngest ever member at a precocious six years old. After several weeks of rigorous auditioning around Easter, the Marionettes welcomed these 50-odd new young singers, prompting them to form a third choir – this time a Children’s Choir within their Youth Chorale. Marionettes’ conductor and Artistic Director Gretta Taylor is often asked whether a large choir of spirited youngsters isn’t something of a handful, even for a teacher with decades of experience. “They are generally well-mannered and extremely talented, bursting with enthusiasm and good humour,” she explains. “It’s is a place where they can find new friends, new mentors, and an outlet for their talents. They can find a community and family here that they may not otherwise find at home or at school, no matter their background,” she says. Taylor is also emphatic about the value that music and the arts can have for young people’s growth and development. “There is no evidence that healthy creative outlets like music-making are a deterrent to academic success,” explains Taylor, who also taught French, Spanish, General Paper and Music at St. Joseph’s Convent (Port of Spain) for nearly 30 years. “The Youth Chorale’s members have emerged as top performers at CXC and CAPE, with several members becoming National Scholarship winners and recipients of prestigious awards like the Rhodes, Fulbright and Commonwealth Scholarships.” This year also marks 40 years of partnership between the Marionettes and primary sponsors bpTT. “The Marionettes has become an institution in Trinidad and Tobago by using music as a force for positive change. I always look forward to their concerts because they reinforce the idea that music can bring together cultures and generations. One of the more interesting points about the Marionettes is their focus on developing young artists who can carry on this tradition,” explained bpTT President and CEO Norm Christie. Joining bpTT in partnering with the Marionettes on this production is a decorated production team including new assistant musical director Enrique Ali, Jane Carter, Leslie Clement, Desmond Waithe, Margaret Sheppard, Noble Douglas, Dave Williams, Randy Halfhide, Celia Wells, and Franklin Agarrat. Tickets are regularly priced at $200 (reserved) and $150 (open plan, with discounts for students and school children (see website for details). Tickets are available from the Marionettes ( or 868-790- 1751), and at the Queen’s Hall Box Office (tel: 868-624-1284), 12–6pm. Showtimes at Queen’s Hall are 7:30pm on Saturday 14th and 5pm on Sunday 15th July. Proceeds from “A Gift to the Nation II” go toward the Marionettes Property Fund, and the construction of Helios Hall, a secure rehearsal, storage and performance space for the group that it hopes to share with the national artistic community.

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  • After 5-year absence, Junior Kelly to reconnect with fans in Brooklyn

    It’s been five long years snce reggae singer, Junior Kelly last performed in Brooklyn, NY, and, as expected, anticipation is running high for the return of this conscious, Rastafarian powerhouse.
    Kelly himself is especially pleased to rejoin his fans in a celebration that wil be unrivalled, and which is scheduled to take place at the popular Rose Garden in Brooklyn on Sunday, July 8, 2012.
    “This day has been long in coming, but nothing happens before the right time. New York is like my second home because of the love that I feel whenever I am there. So it will be like a homecoming,” the reggae singer said, on reflection.
    Simply entitled, ‘Junior Kelly Live’, the event has been creating quite a bit of buzz on radio and on the various social networks. Junior Kelly fans of all ages have been securing their tickets and making plans to attend the July 8th event. This response has prompted Junior Kelly’s management and the promoters to host a meet-and-greet at Clippers II Restaurant Lounge on Friday between 6 and 9pm.
    “Although the show is Sunday, Junior will be here for the entire weekend and, knowing him, he will be very busy playing his role in promoting the show even more. He is quite excited about performing at the Rose Garden Sunday and wants to make sure that everything is just right,” Tasz Smith of Triple T Productions stated.
    Junior Kelly recently returned from California where he thrilled fans with a performance that lasted over an hour, and still left them wanting more.
    Junior Kelly has been in the business of making uplifting and empowering reggae music for more than 25 years. Beginning his career during Dancehall’s ‘rude boy’ era in the late ’80s, Kelly’s inspiring messages have always made him a standout artist within Jamaica’s heavily populated entertainment scene.
    His breakthrough single “Love So Nice” established him as a bonafide star in 2000. His commanding juxtaposition of precisely timed, deejayed rhymes and melodic singing, coupled with his vivid storytelling abilities, took the song to #1 on the Jamaican charts. “Love So Nice” spent 15 weeks at the top, making it the island’s longest charting number one single for 2000. The album Love So Nice, released in 2001, also spawned the well-received singles “Sunshine,” “Boom Draw” and the biting social commentary “Hungry Days,” which brought him recognition throughout the Caribbean, North America, and Europe.
    Kelly followed up Love So Nice, with Juvenille (2002), Conscious Voice (2002), Smile (2003), Bless (2003), and Tough Life (2005), His latest album, Red Pond (2010) features the lilting lovers rock tune “Too Late” with Queen Ifrica, “Murderer,” a ferocious admonishment of gun violence, and “African Child” which was partially inspired by Kelly’s unforgettable visit to Haiti.
    Junior Kelly was born Keith Morgan in Kingston. Raised in the rough area of Red Pond in Spanish Town, he lost his mentor and greatest inspiration when his brother Jim Kelly, a deejay for Killamanjaro Sound System, was murdered. Kelly turned to music to support his family, cutting his first single, “Over Her Body” in 1985. Music proved to be an uphill battle because Kelly, a devout Rastafarian, refused to compromise his beliefs by writing and performing lewd and violent lyrics. In 1995, his career accelerated with appearances on Reggae Sunsplash and Sting. He also performed at several venues in the northeastern United States, recording “Hungry Days,” and the faith reaffirming “Good Tidings” while touring the United States.
    His first album Rise, was recorded in 2000. A powerfully stirring performer, Kelly continues to tour the World, spreading the messages of love, brotherhood, and self-empowerment through music. “When I am performing for a crowd, it could only be twenty people, but if just one person says I love your performance, that fills me right up in my heart.”
    For bookings and info for Junior Kelly, contact: Tasz Smith of Triple T Production (917) 617-0874 or

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  • Piton Carnival Queen Contestant

    The last time a Carnival Queen Contestant brought home the crown for Piton Beer, the official beer and sponsor of Saint Lucia’s Carnival, was in 2005when Joy Ann Biscette won the title. Now, seven years later, Sherwinner Eleuthere, Miss Piton at this year’s carnival queen pageant is confident that she can once again make the award winning Saint Lucian beer proud. The National carnival queen pageant takes place Saturday July 7 at the National Cultural Centre, in Castries and Sherwinner is one of the seven contestants. On Monday, July 2, during the annual sashing ceremony, Sherwinner Eleuthere discovered for the first time who her main sponsor was for the pageant, something she said she was instantly excited aboutseeing that the other contestants thought highly of Piton and all had hopes of being “sashed” by the brand. Rohan Lovence, Piton Brand manager met Sherwinner for the first time on Monday and said he was quite pleased at first.However it was on Wednesday, July 4 when Sherwinner was treated to a tour of WLBL the home of Piton that the Brand manager says he felt even more confident that Piton would be very well represented by the vivacious contestant. “Sherwinner is a well-spoken and intelligent young lady whocaries herself well, is aware of what is happening around her and comes across as being quite humble as a young person. And I believe that this will translate into her performance on the night and I have no doubt that she will represent the brand well,”Lovence says. On Wednesday, Sherwinner Eleuthere, who is the reigning Miss Saint Lucia Independence, was treated like royalty when she was taken on an official grand tour of WLBL in Vieux Fort. There, she wasexposed to the brewing process of WLBL products, particularly Piton Beer, from start to finish as well as the mechanisms and automation of WLBL. She was taken on a tour of the offices and production plant, and met with staff members as well as the GM of WLBL Gregg Graves and Prisca Eristhe, head of Human Resource at WLBL. She was also presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and gift items compliments Piton by the brand manager Rohan Lovence. Sherwinner thanked Piton for the support and assured the company that she would do her best in bringing home the crown. She said she was not nervous, but confident, diverting her attention to her preparations with her team for the big night and not necessarily on who or what her competition was. The GM of WLBL Greg Graves wished Sherwinner all the best and encouraged her to stay grounded and focused. The WLBL team who met the Piton carnival queen contestant Wednesday was quite pleased with her as their choice and came up with a possible slogan for the “Piton Posse” at the event on Saturday;“Miss Piton, A Sure-winner,” a play on her first name. Sherwinner Eleuthere“Miss Saint Lucia Independence 2012,” hails from the community of Babonneau. The nineteen year olds’ first pageant was“Miss Valentine,” which she won whilst attending the Babonneau Secondary school. She has also participated in public speaking, debates and young leaders and was also a youth parliamentarian. A final year student of Sir Arthur Community College she is pursuing carpentry and joineryand intends on going back to pursue Quantity Surveying. Piton Beer is not just the official beer of Saint Lucia carnival and proud sponsor but a number of carnival bands, events, fetes and calypso tents, community carnival and now of course this talented beauty Sherwinner Eleuthere.

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    Scorching mid-summer temperatures in the tri-state didn’t take anything away from the resounding success of the inaugural ‘Groovin In The Park’ concert last Sunday, at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, New York. The sizzling one day extravaganza which paid tribute to the independence of three nations – the United States, celebrating its 236th as well as Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago who are both celebrating 50 years of independence was highlighted with solid production and stellar performances, topped by the king of lovers rock reggae Beres Hammond and Jimmy Cliff who both turned in magnificent sets.

    Beginning promptly at 1:30 pm, ‘Groovin In The Park’ got underway with Grammy award winning R&B vocal group Boyz 11 Men. The group had the ladies begging for more as they reeled off hits ‘Water Runs Dry,’ ‘I’ll Make Love To You, ‘Mama ‘and their 1992 Billboard hit single ‘End of The Road’ which earned the group their biggest ovation from fans.

    When music legend, Jimmy Cliff romped on stage for a rare performance in New York, the crowd roared in anticipation. Cliff threw down a glittering high energy performance that excited fans. With numerous albums dating back to the 60’s, delivering the goods was easy for Cliff as he glided through popular hits like ‘Sitting in Limbo,’ ‘You Can Get It If You Really Want,’ ‘Wild World,’ ‘I Can See Clearly Now,’ ‘Harder They Come’ and ‘Many Rivers to Cross.’

    Dancehall King Beenie Man, being the consummate performer that he is, delivering a spirited, high energy, fun filled performance. He charmed fans with ‘Slam,’ ‘Old Dog,’ ‘Healing,’ ‘King Of The Dancehall,’ ‘Back It Up’ and ‘Wine Gal.’ Midway his set, Beenie Man invited his 16 year old daughter on stage for a cameo appearance before he delved further into his catalogue of hit songs. He however earned his biggest ovation when he did an adapted version of the Black Eye Peas hit song ‘I Got A Feeling’ which was capped with the moonwalk dance, made popular by pop star Michael Jackson.

    When veteran reggae crooner Beres Hammond, hit the stage at close to 6pm, excitement and pandemonium broke out in anticipation of the tasty musical treat that was to be offered. ‘The ‘Boss’ dazzled the stage for well over 60 minutes, delivering a dynamic litany of love songs, including ‘Rockaway,’ ‘In Love With You,’ ‘What On Dance Can Do,’ ‘She Loves Me Now,’ ‘Step Aside’ among others. Supported by the Harmony House Band the reggae balladeer ran through other hits like ‘Tempted To Touch,’ ‘Golden Touch,’ ‘Double Trouble’ and ‘Putting Up Resistance.’ Midway his set, Beenie Man who was enjoying the performance from side stage, joined Hammond for a surprise cameo.

    ‘Empress of Soul’ Gladys Knight, who grabbed headlines last year for competing on the 14th season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” brought the curtain down on the festival at 8:15pm with her mega hit ‘Midnight Train To Georgia’ which had the crowd hanging on to her every note. Other big hits from her catalogue which went over well with patrons included ‘I Heard It Through the Grapevine,’ ‘Friendship Train,’ ‘If I Were Your Woman,’ ‘I Don’t Want To Do Wrong’ and the Grammy Award winning ‘Neither One of Us.’ which fans sang along word for word.

    Gladys, Beres, Jimmy and vocal group Boyz 11 Men were each presented with Congressional Proclamations and City Council Citations after their performances for their contribution to the music industry. Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, of the 11th Congressional District in Brooklyn, New York and Queens Council members Leroy Comrie and Ruben Wills made the presentations.

    “The general feedback from patrons have been overwhelmingly positive. Most left the park feeling satisfied with the presentation” Christopher Roberts, CEO of Groovin Inc said.

    “Most were caught off guard with the on time start of the event, the speedy band changes and the full length performances from each of the confirmed acts. I am happy to report that the Police, Fire and Parks Departments were also pleased with the seamless execution of the event and that it was an incident free concert. I must thank all the patrons who attended, the sponsors, our media partners and the support staff for making this a successful first time effort” he noted.

    ‘Groovin In The Park’ was sponsored by Grace Foods, WBLS, 107.5FM, Verizon Wireless, Vernon & Associates, VP Records and the Door Restaurant.

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  • DJ Poirier Counts Down to the 9th Annual Montreal International Reggae Festival!

    One of the most celebrated and traveled DJ’s from Montreal is DJ Poirier!

    Specializing in crowd grooving remixes, this bass tumping addict combines Dancehall with Soca and Electronica to give fans hours of non-stop sir horn excitement!

    Always moving, Poirier has been invited to virtually every continent. Poirier on the bill equals a sure fire jam. No surprise that he’s shared the stage with Modeselektor, Diplo, Kode9, Amon Tobin and Toddla T, as well as taken Fabric London, Australia’s Big Day Out, SXSW, the Montreux (Montreal) Jazz Festival, Barcelona’s Sonar Festival, London’s Notting Hill Carnival and Mexico’s Cervantino Festival by storm.

    Poirier’s signature skill of effortlessly linking disparate genres has led to worldwide collaborations with MCs and DJs from global hip hop, soca, grime, dancehall, booty bass, and much more. Electro sensations Crookers, dancehall veteran Burro Banton, the ever-eclectic dj/rupture, London’s tough gyal Warrior Queen, and Trinidadian soca master Mr Slaughter have all connected with Poirier, as well as longtime collaborators Face-T, Boogat and MC Zulu.

    Giving the massive what it wants, yet providing a musical education in what it needs, Poirier is a producer and DJ who has no boundaries except, perhaps, the rule that it’s gotta have bass, and it’s got to bounce. With this philosophy, Poirier will keep the dance rammed.

    Make sure you come out to the 9th Annual Montreal International Reggae Festival to catch a sure fire set with DJ Poirier!

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  • Celebration for Gramps Morgan Tomorrow July 6th in New York !!!

    With the official release of his album Reggae Music Lives, and his Earthstrong right around the corner, Gramps Morgan makes July 6th, 2012 a double celebration for fans in New York! Hosted by CDF Sound and Culture Disciples, Gramps Morgan takes centre stage at Brooklyn’s Culture Barn where he will be backed by his band as well as special guest DJ’s.
    Gramps released his second studio album Reggae Music Lives to critical acclaim as being one of the best releases for 2012. It is noted as being an evolution of Gramps’ professional and musical growth expressed through his singing, narratives, arrangements and compositions. His melodies and hooks are seasoned with mature, worldly lyrics that are delivered flawlessly. All of his experiences have culminated in the creation of a universal sound that he says stems from exposure.
    Angelic harmonies, authentic compositions and a unique sound brand, Gramps calls “Rockaz,” Reggae Music Lives is more than Reggae, it’s world-beat, with a little bit of country, a taste of what Americans call rap-Jamaicans call it toasting; mix it with a hint of r ‘n’ b, a dash of blues synthesized with contemporary reggae that maintains the integrity of the original art form and you get a sense of the musical accents that help to make Reggae Music Lives complete. Because of this, the album is being spoken of as a 2013 Grammy contender.

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  • An unplugged chat with Da’Ville – Prominent singer talks new album and evolution

    Da’Ville returns to the spotlight with a banging new album,Krazy Love; showcasing sides of the artiste never before seen by many of his fans. Available in stores today, Krazy Love is quickly becoming an instant hit with fans worldwide. Tracks like Give You My Love, You Got Di Ting and This Love are reminiscent of the artiste who burst onto the scene in the early 2000s while songs such as Thug Like Me and Your Swag offer edgier elements of Da’Ville, showing his undeniable range. But for the renowned Reggae singer, Took A Break, a song explaining his recent hiatus from the music industry hails as the most surprising success on Krazy Love as it’s already gained acclaim across the world, especially Africa. “That song is dedicated to my fans and some people who just love fi talk s**t but seriously, I’m surprised it is so loved by the masses. The video is now on MTV Africa and their Dancehall chart. The disc jockeys dem love it cause dem can relate to the message in the song,” he said. Another track off the album that has become increasingly popular with fans is Woman, a joint production by Push A Yute Productions and Fashozy Records. Woman is dedicated to the plights and sacrifices made by women in order to provide for themselves and loved ones. According toDa’Ville, the concept of Woman was triggered by an unlikely source. “When I wrote this track, I was in a vibe listening to Ms. Kitty one day and was inspired by how she always a big up di hardworking women dem. Her words took me many places in my head and I just began to write,” he said. “This song was inspired by her and she don’t even know it but she know it now.” Da’Ville also continues to pave the way for the next generation of artiste as he teamed up with upcoming singer,Dr. Love for the remix of his scintillating hit, Now I Am Strong. The song has become a favorite amongst disc jocks in Jamaica and abroad. “The major surprise is a featured young artist name Dr. Love. I was not putting any collaboration on this album BUT I made an exception. ‘Now I am Strong,’ featuring Dr. Love, promoter turn singer, who had a vision for a song and did his ting. He called and ask me for a strength on the song and I recorded and decided that the message was so strong on the track that I included it on my album,” he said. “Di pie big enough fi everyone fi have a chance.” Krazy Love shows ideal evidence of Da’Ville’s musical and personal maturity. For the award-winning entertainer though, it all boils down to hard work and dedication. “Everything you do in life requires work. Even if I did not take a break for a minute, I would still be out there working hard to maintain the Da’Ville brand. My name is well recognized so it’s not hard to garner back Krazy Love from the fans; they been waiting for me,” he insists. Krazy Love is being distributed by Tad’s Record Inc.

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  • Reggae Crooner Beres Hammond has landed – Kicks off 20th Festival of Life/1RAWMA Celebration!

    Reggae crooner Beres Hammond and his entourage rolled into Chicago yesterday for the biggest five day Reggae and world music celebration, the 20th International Festival of Life and the 31st IRAWMA combined. The star-studded celebration kicks off today, July 4th with Beres Hammond and closes on Sunday, July 8th with Third World. A galaxy of Reggae greats will be feted at the 31st IRAWMA on Thursday, July 5. The Festival of Life is July 4-8 in Washington Park, 55th Street & Cottage Grove Avenue . Visit for more information. — INTERNATIONAL REGGAE & WORLD MUSIC AWARDS (IRAWMA) July 5, 2012 Washington Park, Chicago INTERNATIONAL REGGAE & WORLD MUSIC AWARDS (IRAWMA) July 4-8, 2012 Washington Park, Chicago Website: Facebook: Twitter:

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  • Colette Burnett of Super Wings N.Y. Turns New Business Into Hot & Spicy Success Honored as Entrepreneur of the Year

    Colette Burnett, owner of Super Wings N.Y., recently accepted the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” from Borough President Marty Markowitz at the 7th Annual Caribbean-American Heritage Month Economic Development Power Networking Brunch at Brooklyn Borough Hall. “It’s an honor to accept the Entrepreneur of the Year Award; I built the business on a wing and a prayer and I am grateful for the overwhelming support,” stated Colette Burnett. Burnett continued, “I am even more thankful to Borough President Marty Markowitz, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York City Business Solutions, Roy Hastick (President of the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce), my family, staff and most of all our customers. This award really belongs to my family, supporters, and my 20 full and part-time staff and the Super Wings customers who continuously provide unyielding support to our business.” “Colette Burnett is a true Brooklyn success story – launching Super Wings NY on a ‘wing’ and a prayer and turning it into at thriving eatery serving up delicious wings the Daily News voted the Best of New York. More importantly, Colette has created jobs and employed residents in the Crown Heights and East Flatbush communities. I like to call myself a ‘proud Trini,’ but Colette is the real deal-and all of Brooklyn congratulates her on her success,” Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz stated. Super Wings was actually a second career for Colette, who after spending a decade working as a business banker decided to turn her craving into a business. She opened Super Wings N.Y. in the midst of a recession just three years ago. Since then Brooklyn-based Super Wings N.Y.: Expanded the Business: There is the original location in Crown Heights, a second in East Flatbush and a third slated to open later this year in Carnarsie; Threw down with an Iron Chef: Won the Food Network Thrown Down with Iron Chef Bobby Flay; Won over customers: Voted “Best Wings In Brooklyn” and placed #3 in the “Restaurant Sauce Off” creative spicy category at the10th Annual National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, N.Y Colette has the secret ingredient for success. She tapped into an industry that is hot–in more ways than one. It turns out the wing business is thriving–90 million pounds of wings are sold and consumed just during Super Bowl weekend alone in the United States. And Super Wings is there to satisfy this appetite for wings. In fact, Super Wings serves up wings in 10 ten flavors including Pineapple Jerk, Ginger Buff, and Island BBQ, all inspired by Colette’s’ native Trinidad and Tobago where recipes are a tantalizing blend of mainly African, East Indian, Europe, China, Middle East and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Visit one of Super Wings N.Y. locations or log on to Super Wings N.Y. I 1218 Union Street, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y.; (718) 467-8737 Super Wings N .Y. II 888 Utica Avenue, East Flatbush, Brooklyn N.Y. (347) 915-0773.

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  • Honeymoon Couple Falls in Love with St. Kitts

    The newlywed couple accompanied by their bridal party and representatives from St. Kitts: Ms. Sarines Oliva, Director of Sales & Marketing for the St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino (holding the bride’s bouquet); Mrs. Rosecita Jeffers, CEO of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority (third from right); Mrs. Melnecia Marshall, Product Standards & Cruise Manager for the St. Kitts Tourism Authority (second from right); and Mr. Andrew Rowe, Account Sales Manager, International Sales & Marketing, American Airlines; as they prepare to cut their wedding cake at the St. Kitts booth at the Caribbean Fair. Photo provided courtesy of

    Photo: The newlywed couple, Tricialouise and John, at the top of Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park while enjoying their honeymoon on St. Kitts.

    Basseterre, St. Kitts (July 3, 2012) – St. Kitts is being praised as an ideal place to honeymoon by the couple who married in a public ceremony at the Caribbean Fair at Grand Central Station on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, as part of the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s annual Caribbean Week in New York, June 4 to 9. Having recently returned from their honeymoon on St. Kitts, their comments reinforce the island’s emerging reputation as a premiere destination for wedding, honeymoon and romance travel.

    Groom John Millard said, “After just a short visit, the people, the culture, the music and the beauty of St. Kitts have become a part of me that I’ll always treasure and which longs to return.”

    Tricialouise Gurley, now Mrs. John Millard, added, “Winning our beautiful cake and our breathtaking honeymoon from St. Kitts is a gift that we will always cherish. We were able to end our prefect wedding with a taste of St. Kitts and begin our ever after walking on the warm sand of St. Kitts as the sun set. We fell in love with the island and again with each other.”

    Highlighting the destination to the key wedding and honeymoon niche market in the metropolitan New York region, St. Kitts donated a honeymoon and wedding cake to the couple, Mr. John Gordon Andre Millard and Ms. Tricialouise Gurley, in celebration of their nuptials as part of Caribbean Week in New York activities for 2012. As a result of the island’s partnering with American Airlines, the couple received two business class tickets to St. Kitts in addition to a four-night stay at the St. Kitts Marriott, provided courtesy of the resort. The St. Kitts Marriott also provided complimentary spa treatments at the Emerald Mist Spa to the couple. St. Kitts’ own Brinley Gold Rum provided rum and organized the wedding.
    Most recently, the destination ranked #3 on a list of the 10 Best Islands in the World by US News & World Report following its ranking as #1 on the publication’s list of the 16 Best Caribbean Vacations in summer 2011. On February 9, 2012, St. Kitts was named one of “5 Caribbean Islands to Discover Now” by MSNBC. It was also named one of the “Top 12 Spots that should be on your list for 2012” by Caribbean Travel + Life magazine and the island’s Brimstone Hill Fortress was named one of “10 Great Places To Explore The World’s Best-Kept Secrets” by USA Today. Last year, St. Kitts was named a top destination for 2011 by both AOL Travel and British Airways.
    Located in the northern Leeward Islands of the Caribbean, it offers a diverse tourism product developed from the destination’s natural beauty, cultural heritage and rich history. The island’s stunning variety of tourism attractions include hiking through the tropical rainforest, riding the scenic railway that connects the island’s former sugar plantations, visiting the Caribelle Batik factory, touring Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, the only man-made UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Eastern Caribbean, and more traditional vacation pastimes such as watersports, golf, shopping, tennis, gourmet dining, gaming at St. Kitts’ exclusive casino or simply relaxing on one of the island’s sandy beaches. Accommodations range from intimate plantation inns to larger hotels and resorts.
    For more information about St. Kitts, please contact the St. Kitts Tourism Authority toll free from the US at 1-800-582-6208 or from Canada 1-888-395-4887, e-mail, visit, or connect on Facebook, Twitter and/or YouTube.

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  • 20th International Festival of Life Start Tomorrow!!

    We are so excited to kick off the 20th International Festival of Life tomorrow, the 4th of July, with all of you. Featuring 2 stages (International and Gospel-Variety Stage) and more than 200 vendors serving up a taste of African and Caribbean cuisine and culture. Plus, we have a Kids Pavilion to keep the kids entertained.and a Health Pavilion to keep you healthy.
    Festival Times
    July 4 ( 12noon-10pm)
    July 5-6 (3pm – 10pm)
    July 5 – Special Red Carpet International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) Awards
    Ceremony at 6pm and showcase at 7:00pm
    July 7 (12 noon- 10pm)
    July 8 (12 noon – 10pm)

    Celebrate Jamaica 50th Anniversary.
    This year’s festival we will have “All Things Jamaican” to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th year of independence. Stop by the booths and get a taste of Jamaican culture.
    Bring Tents! It’s going to be Hot!

    The forecast says temperature will be in mid-90s during entire festival July 4-8. So feel free to bring your pop-up tents for the lawn.
    Remember also to wear sun protection, drink plenty of fluids during the festival so you are hydrated and can enjoy the entire festival.
    Festival Information
    You can purchase tickets online at
    Free to kids less than 6 years old; $5 ages 6-12/seniors over 65 yrs old
    $10 Adults and kids over 12 years old before 5pm day of event
    $15 Adults and kids over 12 years old at 5pm day of event
    $35 Five-Day Season Pass (Adults and kids over 12 years old)
    $50 VIP Daily Pass (includes: seats and 2 drinks in VIP area)
    $150 VIP 5-Day Season Pass (includes seats and 2 drinks in VIP area)
    $75 VIP Daily Platinum Pass (includes parking, VIP seats, limited backstage access, 3 drinks and hors d’oeuvres)
    $200 VIP Platinum Pass 5-Day season pass (includes: parking, VIP seats, limited backstage access, 3 drinks and hors d’oeuvres). Prices are subject to change.
    This history making 31st IRAWMA and the 20th anniversary IFOL is sponsored by NBC 5 TV- Chicago, The Chicago Park District, Chicago Office of Tourism, Amway, J.FC Jerk and Fried Chicken, Robert Scott – One Stop Studio, Rogers Park Fruit Market, Insurance Brokers, Inc, Captain Hooks Fish/Chicken and Firehouse, KCB Inc, Seashell Restaurant and others. The Marriott Chicago Midway is the official hotel for the five day celebration. Travelers are encouraged to fly into Midway Airport. For hotel reservations call 1-800/956-2606 and mention the code “FES”. For online reservations, please click here
    Marriott Hotel Info .

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  • Out Of Many, 50 Years of Reggae Box Set

    August 6th marks the 50th Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence and VP Records is celebrating with the island’s iconic music. On July 31, the label will release an extensive 3 CD set Out Of Many, 50 Years Of Reggae Music – chronicling the genre’s evolution with an iconic hit from each year since 1962. To coincide with this release and commemoration, VP recently launched a Facebook page for the “50 Days to Jamaica 50th” countdown:

    The page features a daily post on the history of Jamaican music and pays homage to the country’s most iconic artists, producers and engineers – similar to the Out Of Many – 50 Years of Reggae Music release.

    This 3-disc collection captures the essence of every era over the past five decades with 51 distinctive hits from artists including Lord Creator, Alton Ellis, Skatalites, Augustus Pablo, Dennis Brown, Culture, Eek-A-Mouse, Yellowman, Barrington Levy, Gregory Isaacs, Shabba Ranks, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Ninjaman, Beres Hammond, Lady Saw, Beenie Man, Sizzla, Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Tanya Stephens, Mavado, Gyptian and many more. The chronological collection includes extensive liner notes written by reggae historian Noel Hawks. He discusses the innovation and evolution of the island’s music, and how the iconic label VP Records – once Randy’s Record Mart at 17 North Parade in Kingston, Jamaica – played a crucial role in the production and worldwide distribution of these sounds.

    Over the past fifty years Jamaica’s music has made an indelible mark as a cultural beacon throughout the world. Today, reggae is one of the most influential musical forms. VP Records wants to celebrate these achievements and show the world what a bright future lies ahead.

    Out Of Many – 50 Years of Reggae Music Track Listing:

    Disc 1

    1. Independent Jamaica – Lord Creator (1962)
    2. Blow Roland Blow – Joanne Gordon/ Roland Alphonso (1963)
    3. Malcolm X – The Skatalites (1964)
    4. Mouth A Massy – Alton Ellis (1965)
    5. Take It Easy – Hopeton Lewis (1966)
    6. Ba Ba Boom – The Jamaicans (1967)
    7. Such Is Life – Lord Creator (1968)
    8. Love The Reggay – Gaylads (1969)
    9. Love Of The Common People – Nicky Thomas (1970)
    10. Cherry Oh Baby – Eric Donaldson (1971)
    11. Java – Augustus Pablo (1972)
    12. Westbound Train – Dennis Brown (1973)
    13. Everything I Own – Ken Boothe (1974)
    14. Fade Away – Junior Byles (1975)
    15. I’m Still In Love With You – Marcia Aiken (1876)
    16. Two Sevens Clash – Culture (1977)
    17. Smoking My Ganja – Capital Letters (1978)
    18. We Got Love – Freddie McGregor (1979)
    19. Ice Cream Love – Johnny Osbourne (1980)

    Disc 2

    20. Wah-Do-Dem – Eek-A- Mouse (1981)
    21. Fattie Boom Boom – Ranking Dread (1982)
    22. Zungguzungguzunggezeng – Yellowman (1983)
    23. Here I Come – Barrington Levy (1984)
    24. Under Me Sleng Teng – Wayne Smith (1985)
    25. Hello Darling – Tippa Irie (1986)
    26. Rumours – Gregory Isaacs (1987)
    27. Telephone Love – JC Lodge (1988)
    28. Twice My Age – Krystal & Shabba Ranks (1989)
    29. Mr. Loverman – Shabba Ranks & Deborah Glasgow (1990)
    30. The Going Is Rough – Home T, Cocoa Tea & Cutty Ranks ((1991)
    31. Gal Wine – Chaka Demus & Pliers (1992)
    32. The Return – Father & Son – Ninjaman & Ninja Ford (1993)
    33. Under mi Sensi (94 Spliff) – Barrington Levy (1994)
    34. Can’t Stop A Man – Beres Hammond (1995)
    35. Give Me The Reason – Lady Saw (1996)

    Disc 3

    36. Who Am I – Beenie Man (1997)
    37. Heads High – Mr. Vegas (1998)
    38. Can You Play Some More – Beres Hammond & Buju Banton (1999)
    39. Down By The River – Morgan Heritage (2000)
    40. Give It To Her – Tanto Metro & Devonte (2001)
    41. Just One Of Those Days – Sizzla (2002)
    42. Get Busy – Sean Paul (2003)
    43. Pon De River Pon De Bank – Elephant Man (2004)
    44. Living In Love – I Wayne (2005)
    45. These Streets – Tanya Stephens (2006)
    46. Weh Dem A Do – Mavado (2007)
    47. Roots – Etana (2008)
    48. I Feel Good – Beres Hammond (2009)
    49. Hold You – Gyptian (2010)
    50. Zungguzungguguzungguzeng (Horsepower Prod Remix) – Yellowman (2011)
    51. Independent Jamaica (2012)- Peetah Morgan & Hollie Cook

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  • Oliver Samuels Jamaica50 NY Festival

    There is no better way for Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica in New York to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th year of independence, than to reconnect with the greatness and world renowned culture of our island with Oliver Samuels and friends.
    On Saturday, August 4, 2012, to celebrate Jamaica’s 50th Independence at what is already considered the largest event to date in the Bronx area recognizing a special day for the Jamaican community. The celebration starts at 11am and will continue all day until 7pm.
    The venue for this event is already famously known for being the grounds of the annual Puerto Rican Day parade. For the first time Roberto Clemente State Park, will host an occasion celebrated by the people of Jamaica. Located alongside the Harlem River at 301 West Tremont Avenue, Bronx, New York, the cool summer breeze from the river is the perfect venue to escape the hot summer days of August.
    The host for this event will be Jamaica’s King and Queen of comedy, Oliver Samuels, and Andrea “DELCITA” Wright. Oliver, often recognized as Jamaica’s funniest man, will be joined by Andrea, who has developed quite a reputation as an actress and performs extensively throughout the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. This will be the first time this talented duo will be sharing the same stage.
    Speakers and performers will include, OLIVER SAMUELS, Trench Town Ska era group-The WAILING SOULS and the MELODIANS, legendary crooner-DOBBY DOBSON, 3x Olympian-DEVON HARRIS, former USA professional basketball player and current assistant coach of Jamaica’s women basketball team SIMONE EDWARDS, recording Executive to the stars-ANDREA ANMOUR, the GEORGE WESLEY Band, the winner of California’s Best Male Vocalist competition-FARAJI BRYAN, The performer with the most nominations (6) at the Annual Washington DC Reggae Music Awards-RUTH ANN-BROWN, HUMBLETON, Gospel Group The VOICE, singer LEIGHTON MILLER, HUMBLETON and many more. Be prepared to hear great renditions of the national anthem, pledge and other national songs and heritage songs.
    With successful performances at The Consulate General of Jamaica in New York, City Hall, Bronx Borough Hall, The World famous Braata Folk Singers will be showcasing Jamaican folk music and songs. The group utilizes music, dance and drama to deliver a combination of high-energy performances, folk ballads and traditional Jamaican folk songs. If you loved the performance of Ms. Lou then you are in for a special treat from Braata Folk Singers.
    Award recipients will include Olympian Merlene Ottey – presented with Lifetime Achievement Award and honored as Jamaica’s best athlete in 50 years, former City Council member Una Clarke – recognized for her years of outstanding service to the Caribbean community (Award presented by Mt. Vernon City Council President Yuhanna Edwards), Oliver Samuels – recognized for his theater contributions, The Wailing Souls and 3x Olympian Devon Harris.
    If you are a fan of Dennis Brown and Bob Marley you will certainly enjoy a special tribute and performance that will honor their legacy.
    Come out with your family and enjoy, cultural workshops, speakers and performers from Jamaica, great foods, music, entertainment, craft vendors showcasing Jamaican merchandise, loodie and domino contest, traditional Jamaican foods and more, all re-connecting us with Jamaican culture and history.
    The Jamaican Community in New York will all be at this memorable event to celebrate the island’s 50th Independence. To attend tickets must be purchased in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door and no tickets will be available once sold out. For more information on tickets call 914-384-9554, or visit our website

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