Burgeoning Music Producer and Recording Artist, Justin “Jus Bus” Nation is hot off the July 13th release of the much anticipated breakthrough single and music video “Blasting Away”. Only about a week since its release, the single has already garnered over 10, 000 hits on youtube. Jus Bus co-produced the cutting-edge single with Torsten Stenzel, the well known European chart-topping producer who now resides Antigua. Also featured on the single are hip-hop artist LogiQ Pryce and Drastic of the group Them Islandboyz (Kiss Me Girl Feat. Jah Cure). The Antiguan trio teamed up to deliver a fresh and unique sound. A fusion of Hip-Hop, Pop and Rock “Blasting Away” immediately puts you in the mind of Grammy-Award Winning acts like Justin Timberlake, The Script and OneRepublic. The single’s undeniable Caribbean appeal however makes this song a one of a kind, creative masterpiece.

“We are so proud of this single and video. We want to inspire everyone to plant their own seeds and to watch it grow and to remind them to never give up on their dreams” says Jus Bus. The single “Blasting Away” is an ingenius lyrical and musical production and the unconventional video proves that stellar creativity and talent in Antigua and the Caribbean is undeniable.

The specially animated video transforms all three artists into a troll, goblin and faun and places them in a parallel universe where they struggle with music and life and the realities of the modern world. Though they plant the seeds, success doesn’t always come and as such they continue to strive to “blast away” to the stars pledging to never give up and ultimately freeing themselves from this world. The video was produced over the course of around 16 weeks By Kenny Frankland with 2D Animation by Mark Paterson.

“Blasting Away” is an Offshore Music ltd. and Tinspider production.
Watch the video here on youtube:

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Music Video Directed, Edited and Animated by Kenny Frankland with extra 2D Animation by Mark Paterson –

Music Produced by Torsten Stenzel & Justin “Jus Bus” Nation
Epilogue Music Co – Produced & Performed By Kasey Phillips Of Precision Productions.

Blast away with us now!

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