Trinidad Artiste Mr. Renzo To Hit Latin America On Soca / Crossover Tour

A total Spanish translation of his hit singles Extraordinary alongside Soca music’s very popular contemporary artiste, Swappi along with a second track called, Soca Rocket Ship is merely the beginning of aspirations to promote his sound to mass audiences. For Laurenzo Gonzalez who’s better known as Mr. Renzo in the music industry, his success is solely dependent on what he puts in. For that reason, his music continues to infiltrate- even after the carnival season and certainly within varying genres. On the heels of his latest release- Remedy, a few weeks ago, Mr. Renzo is promising that a continued hunger to market soca and crossover styles to audiences across the globe, will soon draw attention.

The latest single is pop inspired but also features elements of dance music that immediately transmits that club energy. According to the artiste, a remix of the track is soon to be completed and amid that, work continues to be the order of his life as he prepares music fro Barbados’ Crop Over, London’s Nottinghill carnival and other world carnivals he’s set to be a part of. “ I’m heading to Venezuela, Panama and Puerto Rico this month,” said Renzo, highlighting that he’s about to embark on a promotional tour complete with the release of new singles. “ It’s our way of moving to promote soca music to Spanish speaking countries,” he said. His bilingual ability and cultural understanding of both T&T and the Spanish speaking countries place him in a unique position, he feels, to inform, educate and garner some level of appreciation for his crossover style.

In recent months, following the Carnival season, Mr. Renzo has been laying tracks with producers like T&T’s First Klase and Barbados’ King Bubba. He said he’s also been working with Konata Alleyne whose been working hard to provide him with the perfect sound for the upcoming Nottinghill carnival. “We’ve even been doing some work with the guys at Precision Productions and London Future as well,” he said, noting that while he has been writing some of his songs, he’s had the privilege of working with a few other writers too.

Mr. Renzo plans on releasing an album in January, however he says it will feature an array of musical melodies and styles. “ We’re doing a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure that whatever we share with the world musically will encourage them to gravitate to us here in Trinidad. I’m not even looking as far ahead as Carnival right now. I’m just looking at ways to keep the momentum enjoyable and varied so that people all across the world will gravitate to it.”
Mr. Renzo and his team are putting in the time and money to make sure their final products are top standard when they hit the airwaves. “ We’re making sure that what we put out is the best material, quality wise. Whatever we put out into the public domain must make people want to know more about us and follow us… it must eventually make us globally recognized,” he said.

Follow Mr. Renzo on Twitter @mrrenzomusic and find him on Facebook using keywords, Mr. Renzo Music.

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