Bacchanalist Soundtrack for MTV Real World, St. Thomas

Bacchanalist Soundtrack for MTV Real World, St. Thomas.
That’s right!! Kerwin Du Bois is not resting; straight out of the most successful year in his career thus far the Trinidad-born, Toronto-based artiste is still flying the Soca flag high.
Music enthusiasts, Kerwin Du Bois supporters and Soca Junkies will all celebrate with Du Bois when they hear the hit single “Bacchanalist” playing on MTV Real World, St. Thomas. This year the series that is one of MTV’s most sought after reality shows headed to the beautiful island of St. Thomas. It is only fitting that one of the best Soca tracks of 2012 be featured on the reality show…Right?
According to Du Bois, “Both myself and Precision Productions were contacted by the producers of the show after Carnival and they expressed interest in using Bacchanalist as one of the sound tracks on the show.” The ecstatic, yet humble singer/songwriter/producer said “It is an amazing feeling to know that they considered my music and even greater Soca music.”
The talented Du Bois who has been touring extensively since Carnival is on a mission…”To take Soca music internationally.” He believes that this is a great way to start, “Millions of viewers; Caribbean and otherwise will hear Soca through their television sets, this is a great start.”Du Bois promises to continue to find innovative and creative ways to continue marketing the genre that has engulfed his life. What are his plans? His response, “The thing eh done…When you feel that the Soca done there is more quality Soca to come.”

Look out for all that the talented Du Bois has to offer as he promises not to fail his supporters.

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