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Wiluvbeats Recording Studio: Mark Hardy, Yung Rudd & Anohka – “We Are Young Again” and Inzey & Nailah Blackman “Faded”

Wiluvbeats Recording Studio releases two fusion hip-hop hits with “We Are Young Again” and “Faded,” both now available worldwide from all major digital retailers (released June 17, 2016), from FOX FUSE. Producer Gerard “Jerry Perry” Perreira of Interstellar Productions has been building beats since he was 17, and having recently inked a digital distribution deal with FOX FUSE, his catalog is now available to the worldwide audience.

Jerry Perry also captains the Wiluvbeats Recording Studio, which is based in Barataria, Trinidad, and where both tracks were recorded. The songs are featured on the Interstellar Riddim, a spectacular dub and R&B flavored melody produced by Jerry Perry, with additional guitar and bass composition by Joshua Salcedo, of the hip-hop band The Dopeskis.

“We Are Young Again” features Trinidadian thrillers Mark Hardy, Yung Rudd and Anokha. It was written by Marcus Braveboy, Isaac Foderingham-Rudder, Anokha Baptiste, Jerry Perry and Salcedo. “Faded” showcases Trinidadian singing sensations Inzey Gabriel and Nailah Blackman, who share writing duties alongside Jerry Perry and Salcedo. The beautifully crafted songs place Trinidadian hip-hop, R&B and dub on the map and are sure to find a home with music fans globally.


We Are Young Again faded

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