Lena British Makes ‘Priceless’ Debut

Two months ago, astute businesswoman and fashionista Lena British caused quite a stir when she announced that she had decided to spend quite a bit of time in the studio. She quickly pointed out, however, that her focus would be on the production side of the business, not as an artiste.

Now, Lena, known for executing her projects with class, has made what could very well be considered her ‘Priceless’ debut. Lena teamed up with hit-making producer, Jam 2, to inject some energy into the dancehall with a riddim that is bouncy, fierce or friendly, depending on which artiste is riding it.
According to Lena British, she is pleased with the outcome of her first production, which she will be strategically marketing in the dancehall and on iTunes prior to hitting radio. She declared with a smile, however, that “production is hard work.”

“I have always had a lot of respect for producers, but getting this hands-on experience has given me some real insights into the magnitude of work that is involved in a productions such as this. I really appreciate the effort of all who have been involved in this project and I hope the listeners will love it,” said Lena.

Jam 2, the son of legendary music producer, sound system operator and businessman, King Jammy’s, explained that for this project he and his team went for “raw dancehall” rather than the hip hop-influenced dancehall riddims that currently abound. He stated that the Priceless Signature had a more old school feel and that is exactly what he and his creative director, Spider, were aiming for. “It’s takes you back to the days of a Dave Kelly Showtime riddim,” Jam 2 said.

The Priceless Signature riddim, featuring artistes such as Tarrus Riley, Mr Vegas, Wayne Marshall, ZJ Liquid, Bugle, Lady Saw, Spice, D’Angel, Ishawna, Munga, Bling Dawg, Gappy Ranks, Flexx, Bridgez, Kibaki and others, is now being rotated in the dancehall and is also available on iTunes.

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