PHILADELPHIA, PA – Florcy Morisset, gallery owner of Vivant Art Collection and the Chairman of the Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia, will observe the second anniversary of the catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked Haiti and claimed an estimated 316,000 lives. Vivant Art Collection will present a special art exhibit celebrating the beauty and daily life of Haiti, highlighting artwork from local Philadelphia Haitian artist and muralists, Frito Bastien. As the Haitian Community marks this day, guest will gather on January 12th at Vivant Art Collection to pause to remember those who lost their lives and are still suffering from this tragedy. Florcy Morisset will participate in a series of events in observance of the anniversary.

The Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia, led by Ms. Morisset will discuss the progress that the organization has made in rebuilding Haiti as well as Haiti’s major accomplishments and current events. HPP will discuss the organization’s relief efforts from the beginning including an update on the funds disperse in 2011 to non-profit organizations working in Haiti. They will also discuss the long-term strategy, mission and the Philadelphia’s community commitment to Haiti.

Florcy Morisset, HPP Chairman of the Board and Vivant Art Collection gallery owner, states “The Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia is committed for the long haul to Haitians here in Philadelphia and home in Haiti. Our work did not stop with emergency relief, it has continued with strategic partnerships with the University of Pennsylvania and local Haitian non-profit organizations here in the US and in Haiti that are focused on education and economic development.”
Commemoration Events:
“A Better Haitian Community for A Better Haiti”
Sunday, January 8th from 6pm at the Tabernacle Haitien de Philadelphia
Florcy Morisset will address the Haitian community about HPP’s relief efforts and encourage the continued collaboration among the Philadelphia Haitian community. Those who were directly impacted and victims of the earthquake in Haiti will be in attendance.
“Haiti Observation- A Memorial, Remembrance, and Honor”
Thursday, January 12th from 5pm at Vivant Art Collection
Over the last two years, the people of Haiti have shown their resilience, strength, and their efforts to continue inspire us all. This memorial will be led by the Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia with special invited guests including the Haitian Consulate, Chairman Stanley Straughter, Councilwoman Janine Blackwell and other local politicians, The Haitian Coalition of Philadelphia (50+ organizations), the Haitian Clergy (100+ churches) and local Haitians community.
“Haitian Art Exhibition Reception at the Parkway Central Free Library of Philadelphia”
Thursday, February 23rd from 5pm at the Parkway Central Free Library of Philadelphia
Vivant Art Collection, gallery owner Florcy Morisset presents a special historical and spiritual Haitian art exhibit at the Free Library from February 6 – March 31, 2012. Select pieces will highlight the forefathers that aided in the independence of Haiti, making it the first black republic and credited for the first successful black slave revolt. In addition, Voodoo artwork and iron drum artisan pieces will be exhibited telling the spiritual journey of the country.

Florcy Morisset is a business leader, community advocate, and culture arts ambassador working at the intersection of Philadelphia’s business and arts & culture scene. She was recognized by the Philadelphia Tribune as one of the top 10 people under 40 to Watch in 2011 and by City Council as the Next Generation of Leadership, Rising Star.

Vivant Art Collection is at the forefront of presenting enriching cultural artwork, exhibitions and creating a hub for artist, collectors and professionals in the Philadelphia arts community. Florcy collects art highlighting and strengthening economic development in underrepresented countries such as the Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Haiti.

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