International Reggae Crooner- Sanchez Heads to New York for Ladies Ball

New York, New York – International Reggae Artist Sanchez heads to New York for Ladies Ball this Saturday, February 8th. Wrapping up a solid 2013 with chart topping new singles and US tour Sanchez looks forward to a great 2014.

“Last year I released a few singles yet, ‘Buy You A Drink’ was a hit with the ladies. My management team, New Millionaire and I, are really pleased with the success from the single” says Sanchez.
With Valentines Day in a few days its no surprise that the veteran reggae crooner Sanchez has such a hectic schedule. During this time of year there is a huge demand by promoters globally for Sanchez as he has become a staple for major events. When asked Bobby Clarke, promoter for Ladies Ball, stated “Sanchez has always been an artist we’ve worked with and when we came up with the concept and name ‘Ladies Ball’ we knew it would not be a Ladies Ball without Sanchez”.

Sanchez recently released his second single ‘Hustle in the Streets’ off his soon to be released album ‘Di General’. This album for Sanchez is one which he holds dear to his heart and is looking forward to sharing his masterpiece to the world.

“Di General’ is an album I hold dear to my heart, as I produced the majority of the album and wrote 99% of all the songs. So I look forward to see the reception and feedback from my fans” says Sanchez.

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