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Vibez Productionz Brings Saint Lucian Music Worldwide

Saint Lucian hit house Vibez Productionz hits hard this year by releasing three compilations internationally with the Breakfast Fete Riddim (released May 27, 2016), Vestige 758 Riddim (released June 10, 2016), and Island Vibez Riddim (released January 22, 2016), from FOX FUSE. Based in Castries, Saint Lucia, Vibez Productionz is helmed by producer Miguel “Migz” Joseph, who has been crafting hits and highlighting Saint Lucian talent for over six years now.

Cutting his musical chops as a high school student, Migz was a steel pan player and member of the prestigious Diamond Steel Orchestra, which allowed him to participate in national panorama competitions and perform at various tourist resorts and hotels around Saint Lucia. This led to his first job as the lead pannist at a local resort, while he continued to pursue a musical education. He has since built a career as a primary school music teacher – a position he still currently holds, molding the musical minds of Saint Lucia’s next generation. During his time working as a pannist, a fellow band member introduced him to music production software FruityLoops, and with his extensive musical background and unbridled talent, Vibez Productionz was born.

Now a top producer in Saint Lucia, Migz has his fingers on the pulse of local music and artists, and is determined to spread the unique sounds of Saint Lucian music, all across the world. “I believe the mindset of every producer, writer and artist is to get their music out domestically, regionally and then internationally,” discloses Migz. “I just want to do my best and play my part in helping Saint Lucian music get made and get it out to the worldwide masses, so they can enjoy our culture and music too.” Having inked an exclusive digital distribution deal with FOX FUSE – the world’s largest digital label for soca and chutney music, Migz is already accomplishing his ambitious mission.



Miguel Migz Joseph of VIbez Productionz
Miguel “Migz” Joseph of Vibez Productionz

The brand new Breakfast Fete Riddim serves up three groovy soca songs with “Colliding” by Mysterio, “J.U.M.P. (Jump Up My People)” by Shemmy J and “Liquor Head” by Imran Nerdy. The tracks are enjoying heavy radio play on the island nation and have already become fan favorites at the 2016 Lucian Carnival season, which is currently underway through July.“I was inspired to compose this after attending an actual breakfast fete last year, and just the atmosphere of the fete made me want to recreate that vibe through music,” says Migz. “I hope it will be on every DJ’s playlist and in people’s cars, and also play during and after the carnival season.”

The Island Vibez Riddim and Vestige 758 Riddim were both crafted and released locally for the 2015 Lucian Carnival season, where they dominated the festival scene and solidified Vibez Productionz as a major hit factory in Saint Lucia. Both compilations now make their international debut, with the Vestige 758 Riddim delivering eight vintage-styled, groovy soca tunes for audiences everywhere to enjoy. The classic calypso-flavored rhythm brings crowd favorites from Imran Nerdy, Sedale, Toya, Shemmy J, Arthur and WiLDFiRE. “I tried to fuse the vintage vibe with the new era, where the riddim has that vintage feel and the artists deliver a new style with their melodies and lyrics,” Migz reveals.

The sizzling Island Vibez Riddim features seven up-tempo, groovy gems, including the massive hit “Neighbour” by local star Sedale. The breakout jam was featured on the acclaimed compilation Get Soca 2016, which charted at #7 on Billboard (Top Reggae Albums chart for week of March 12, 2016),cementing Joseph as a Billboard chart-topping producer. Crowd favorites from Mysterio, Imran Nerdy, Shemmy J, Toya and D’Sean round out the album.

“We’re thrilled to work with Miguel ‘Migz’ Joseph and Vibez Productionz to bring Saint Lucian music and local artists to the international market,” states Rhona Fox, co-owner of FOX FUSE. “It’s very satisfying to see the studio and local talents prosper, and also to have helped Migz become a Billboard chart-topping producer. We look forward to being a key part of his prolific journey, as he continues to build hits and spread Saint Lucian music beyond its borders.”

For more information on Vibez Productionz, follow its daily moves at Facebook.com/VibezProductionz, Twitter.com/VibezProd, Instagram.com/VibezProductionz and YouTube.com/VibezProductionzMuzik. Please direct all media inquiries to the FOX FUSE Publicity Department at 1-212-300-3813 or contact@foxfuse.com.

Vibez Productionz Logo
TRACK LISTBreakfast Fete Riddim

1. Mysterio – Colliding
2. Shemmy J – J.U.M.P. (Jump Up My People)
3. Imran Nerdy – Liquor Head

TRACK LISTVestige 758 Riddim

1. Arthur – Vintage Whine
2. WiLDFiRE – Dong Deh
3. Shemmy J – My City
4. Sedale – D’Junction
5. Toya – Mas We Come to Play
6. Imran Nerdy – D’Mung
7. Vibez Productionz – Vestige 758 Riddim (Instrumental)
8. Vibez Productionz – Vestige 758 Riddim (Mega Mix)

TRACK LISTIsland Vibez Riddim

1. Mysterio – Party Holiday
2. Sedale – Neighbour
3. Imran Nerdy – Drunk Is My Name
4. D’Sean – Party Animal
5. Shemmy J – Like a Star
6. Toya – Waist Control
7. Vibez Productionz – Island Vibez Riddim (Instrumental)




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