UK Beats- Trinidad & Tobago Flavor. Brent Anthony Eyes Global Market With Electrified

Another Trinidad voice will soon be penetrating international airwaves. Brent Anthony is not a Soca artiste delivering that traditional islander’s melody. In fact his crossover appeal has caught the attention of producers in the United Kingdom.

Anthony’s latest single, ‘Electrified’ was produced in London by Gregg X and Martin Raymond and he says he really wanted to get that authentic dance music sound so he decided to go to the source. Already, the track has peaked the interest of Right Recordings in the United Kingdom. The company is an independent music label distributed under the Universal Music banner. For Anthony, it’s a step up. He’s been working hard over the years and he’s hoping that this latest development would mean a breakthrough for his music.

The elder brother of Wong and Sean Nebula of T&T’s Nebula868, Brent has been trying to garner the attention of the music industry’s execs locally and overseas- the people who will make his music matter to the world. He’s currently aligned with Boston’s On The Spot Entertainment and even with Electrified having only been recently released, the young vocalist isn’t sparing any chances. He’s already finished up another single called ‘This Pain I Feel’, which was produced by On The Spot Entertainment. That single will be released later on this year.

‘Electrified’ was written by Brent and his brother Wong Nebula while the yet to be released, ‘This Pain I Feel’ was written by Anthony and Saloi Chyn-Vun. Looking at music’s continuous transformation, Brent Anthony says he feels it’s now or never for him. His passion for music’s varying genres, particularly house music, dance and R&B has equipped him with an open mind when it comes to the infusion of collective melodies. “I’ll never be one dimensional. I really believe that music is the only universal language so why should any artiste from any country be boxed into one or two genres? Why shouldn’t music be fused and new sounds created? That’s what life is all about- creating new beginnings,” he said thoughtfully.

At home in Trinidad, Brent Anthony is making the necessary links and marketing his sound internationally- a sound while may seem far from the norm at home, will ultimately be accepted across the seas. He promises to continue the hardwork. He believes that it’s the only way he’ll make the necessary inroads. His encouragement? A simple saying- “the race is not to the swift but to those who endure to the end.”

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