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Tropicalfete Calls for Donations of Caribbean Vinyl Records for Exciting Projects

Tropicalfete, the renowned Caribbean cultural organization, is on the hunt for vinyl records from various Caribbean music genres to fuel our upcoming projects. Our organization is issuing a heartfelt call to the public, asking for donations of vinyl records encompassing the rich tapestry of Caribbean music, including Dancehall, Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Zouk, Kompa, Chutney, Bouyon, Salsa, Merengue, Ska, and more.

As Tropicalfete delves into multiple exciting projects, the contribution of vinyl records plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting the vibrant music heritage of the Caribbean. Vinyl records, with their distinctive analog warmth and unique sonic qualities, offer a tangible connection to the past, and the organization is eager to include these gems in their endeavors.

Anyone with Caribbean vinyl records collecting dust in their attic, basement, or living room is encouraged to participate. Whether you have classic reggae LPs, vintage calypso gems, or rare dancehall releases, Tropicalfete is keen to take them off your hands. The organization is particularly interested in records from the following genres: Dancehall, Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Zouk, Kompa, Chutney, Bouyon, Salsa, Merengue, Ska, and more.

Tropicalfete offers multiple convenient options for making donations:

  1. Pickup: If you have a significant collection to donate, Tropicalfete can arrange a pickup. Simply contact us at 646-504-3383 or via email at Info@tropicalfete.com to schedule a pickup date and time.
  2. Mail: You can package your vinyl records securely and send them to the following address: Tropicalfete, Inc., 850 New York Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203.
  3. Delivery: If you’re in the Brooklyn area, you can personally drop off your vinyl records at the Tropicalfete, Inc. location mentioned above.

By donating your vinyl records, you not only contribute to Tropicalfete’s mission of preserving Caribbean music but also ensure that these cultural treasures are accessible to future generations of music lovers and researchers.

Tropicalfete has been a vital force in promoting Caribbean culture, music, and arts for years, organizing events, festivals, and educational programs that celebrate the diverse traditions of the Caribbean. By welcoming these vinyl record donations, we are taking yet another step toward their vision of a culturally rich and interconnected Caribbean community.

So, if you have any Caribbean vinyl records gathering dust in your collection, consider donating them to Tropicalfete, and be a part of preserving the Caribbean’s rich musical legacy. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated, and it will undoubtedly help propel Tropicalfete’s exciting new projects.

For more information on how you can donate your vinyl records, please contact Tropicalfete at 646-504-3383 or via email at Info@tropicalfete.com.

Let’s come together to keep the Caribbean’s musical history alive!

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