Tetrack “Let’s Get Started” & Augustus Pablo “Eastman Dub” out this Friday 6/22

Out this Friday June 22, “Let’s Get Started” by Tetrack is one of the true masterpieces of seventies roots reggae music and a must have cornerstone in any self-respecting music fans collection.

Produced by the legendary Augustus Pablo, “Let’s Get Started” showcases the heavenly harmonies of Tetrack soar over a vital set of Rockers International rhythms laid down solid at Channel One and Harry J’s.

This set includes the essential singles “Only Jah Jah Know”, “Let’s Get Together”, “Isn’t It Time” along with the title track, “Let’s Get Started” is paired on CD with Pablo’s monumental Eastman Dub, an album showcasing a vital selection of Rockers dub attacks based around the Tetrack classic. This newly remastered version is by Kevin Metcalfe and includes an in Digi-pack with12 page booklet with liner notes written by Noel Hawks.

“We are proud to release this album set one day after Augustus Pablo’s birthday,” said Christopher Chin, President of VP Records. “Tetrack’s ‘Lets Get it Started’ is a reggae classic and Augustus Pablo’s “Eastman Dub” showcases a piece of his exceptional work.”

CD Tracklisting

CD includes “Tetrack – Let’s Get Started” & “Augustus Pablo – Eastman Dub”

“Tetrack – Let’s Get Started” 

  1. Only Jah Jah Know
  2. Let’s Get Started
  3. Look Within Yourself
  4. Isn’t It Time
  5. Couldn’t Walk Away
  6. Judge And Jury
  7. It’s Up To You
  8. Let’s Get Started
  9. We Don’t Get Along
  10. Simple Things
  11. Only Jah Jah Dub
  12. Eastman Dub
  13. Look Within Dub
  14. Isn’t It Time Dub
  15. It’s Up To Jah Dub
  16. Big Yard Connection
  17. African Dub
  18. Original Scientist
  19. Cornerstone (Chapter 3)

LP Tracklisting

“Tetrack – Let’s Get Started”

Side One

  1. Only Jah Jah Know
  2. Let’s Get Started
  3. Look Within Yourself
  4. Isn’t It Time
  5. Couldn’t Walk Away

Side Two

  1. Judge And Jury
  2. It’s Up To You
  3. Let’s Get Started
  4. We Don’t Get Along
  5. Simple Things

“Augustus Pablo – Eastman Dub”

Side One

  1. Only Jah Jah Dub
  2. Eastman Dub
  3. Look Within Dub
  4. Isn’t It Time Dub
  5. It’s Up To Jah Dub

Side Two

  1. Big Yard Connection
  2. African Dub
  3. Original Scientist
  4. Cornerstone (Chapter 3)

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