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Trinidad, WI: Kerwin Du Bois Prepared To Create Circles At Normandie Hotel On Thursday 05th February 2015 the Normandie Hotel will facilitate an intimate concert titled “Circles.” Reigning Groovy Soca Monarch Kerwin Du Bois has finally answered the calls of many supporters by deciding to share his musical talents in the form of a concert. Du Bois promises to accompany all those present on a musical journey showcasing his works throughout his career. As a performer and entertainer Kerwin began his career at the young age of 13 eventually workingRead More
What began as a release for St. Vincent’s Carnival “Vincymas” has now grown to a well appreciated hit. Light up was released in late April – faring the charts and fans. Light Up grew in a short space of time to find a place in the heart of many listeners – unexpectedly the heart of one special listener Kerwin DuBois. Kerwin and Skinny have been in chats of doing a project for quite some time, and now have put in the necessary studio time to make it a reality. KerwinRead More
When ace singer/songwriter/producer Kerwin Du Bois issued a call for talented singers, songwriters and upcoming producers to participate in his competition ‘Pressure Cooker’, Keston “D’Chancellor” Harris was one of the first entrants. The competition which was the brain child of Du Bois was born in early 2013. With three categories Steam, Heat and Boiling Point; Keston expressed interest in Heat and Steam. The categories chosen by Keston aimed to afford entrants the opportunity to have a song produced by Du Bois, the opportunity to collaborate with Du Bois or writeRead More
In a bid to eliminate conformity of creative ideas when showcasing Soca music in video format to the world, ‘Out Of The Box’ is a term Kerwin Du Bois has embraced. Adamant to add elements which provide visual stimulation to music lovers worldwide, Kerwin Du Bois has added yet another attention grabbing music video to his portfolio. This time, “Monster Winer” steps up to the plate, promising to be one of the most risky, well scripted and costumed Soca music videos to date. Captured in Miami and Trinidad and Tobago,Read More
Sometimes, through the most trying and frustrating of times, the simple wish to forget about all your worries temporarily dances through the minds of many. That desire to go somewhere remote and surreal is echoed through the hearts of many seeking solace. These emotions are real and identifiable and Kerwin Du Bois through his prolific songwriting in his hit single ‘Forget About It’ is speaking to and for every person that has uttered the words “I just want to forget about it.” With minimal planning, Du Bois and ace videographerRead More