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D'Chancellor – HEAT (Prod. By Kerwin Du Bois) *2014 Soca*

When ace singer/songwriter/producer Kerwin Du Bois issued a call for talented singers, songwriters and upcoming producers to participate in his competition ‘Pressure Cooker’, Keston “D’Chancellor” Harris was one of the first entrants. The competition which was the brain child of Du Bois was born in early 2013. With three categories Steam, Heat and Boiling Point; Keston expressed interest in Heat and Steam. The categories chosen by Keston aimed to afford entrants the opportunity to have a song produced by Du Bois, the opportunity to collaborate with Du Bois or write an entire song for him.

With only the first leg of the competition completed, Keston “D’Chancellor” Harris can boast of winning in the Steam category and being the first winner of ‘Pressure Cooker.’ Journeying to Canada, to have his song produced by one of the industry’s talents that he has admired was one that D’Chancellor was willing to take. The six hour drive from New Jersey to Toronto to record proved to be one of his best journeys to date. His winning track titled “Heat” is a groovy track with a hint of raga. Paying homage to the sexiness that some women display, Keston labels it as ‘Heat.’

Excited about the opportunity which he has received, Keston who has been involved in music for twenty years shared; ‘This opportunity is one that I am extremely thankful for.” He added, “Many can only dream of having a track produced by the likes of Kerwin Du Bois.” His talent is endorsed by Du Bois and he is hopeful that the industry is willing to embrace him and his contribution for Carnival 2014.
According to Kerwin Du Bois, “Keston brought a unique vibe that caught my attention immediately.” Laughing he also mentions “The two pressure cookers that Keston placed on the table behind him when taping his entry” as notable. Needless to say, Keston went above and beyond to ensure that his entry was attention grabbing. Du Bois explained that as a result of preparations for the upcoming carnival in Trinidad and Tobago the dates for the remaining categories have not been announced yet. He maintains, that the opportunities provided for the winners are in their best interest and he looks forward to seeing and hearing what the other entrants have to offer.

Ladies this is one time that blushing would be relevant….Keston “D’Chancellor” Harris has lyrics that will do that to you.

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