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“Kerwin Du Bois Offers A Visual Moment To “Forget About It.”

Sometimes, through the most trying and frustrating of times, the simple wish to forget about all your worries temporarily dances through the minds of many. That desire to go somewhere remote and surreal is echoed through the hearts of many seeking solace. These emotions are real and identifiable and Kerwin Du Bois through his prolific songwriting in his hit single ‘Forget About It’ is speaking to and for every person that has uttered the words “I just want to forget about it.”

With minimal planning, Du Bois and ace videographer Cowin “Dori” Thorpe headed to Pennsylvania, leaving any reservations and concerns behind, to capture a video that embodies emotions that are real to Du Bois. In his reflective moments the singer, songwriter, producer and performer would take long drives to secluded destinations just as the location for this video. Kerwin, in a most reflective and honest tone admits that, “After all the madness and when things do start to take a toll on me, I seek comfort and serenity in places hidden away from rushes of everyday life.”

This video allows his supporters and music lovers to experience a more sentimental and intimate Kerwin Du Bois. The track which was produced by Daddy Bubbles and Darien Bailey of Studio B prior to Cropover 2013 continues to resonate in the hearts and minds of music lovers worldwide. As Kerwin Du Bois prepares for Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival he promises his supporters delightful musical treats.

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