Swiss Duo Lends Hypnotic, Ethereal Twist to Bob Marley Cover Song

Los Angeles, CA – Very few can say that they’ve had the privilege of working with an international superstar like Celine Dion, or had their music featured in an Academy Award winning film like “Little Miss Sunshine”; however, this is listed among the numerous accomplishments from the band Aurah. Marc Dold and Judith Martin who form the powerful electronica duo, showcase their effortless skills once again on the band’s latest single “3 Little Birds,” an ethereal modern interpretation of the Bob Marley classic. The single is off their upcoming EP Summon the Sky, due out this summer. The pair recently released a colorful music video for the track on YouTube; which transports viewers into the imaginative and tranquil world of Aurah. The video has already caught the attention of many, gaining over 8,000 views; attesting to the group’s large and ever-growing fan base.

Aurah’s signature sound builds with a steady, vibrating pulse that expands with layer upon layer of harmonic exploration. Influenced by the fusion of modern electronica and world music, Martin’s echoing voice compliments Dold’s ambient, textural guitar stylings resulting in a genre they have labeled Organica. Standing independently as almost a completely different song, Aurah’s “3 Little Birds” is carried by a mid-tempo guitar beat, amplified by bright belli-like synths, crashing symbols and drums. Produced by Dold and Martin, with Blair Shotts on drums, the single embraces the easy-going vibe with just enough excitement in the chorus. Martin’s vocals match perfectly with the lyrics of the song as she sings the reassuring words “don’t worry about a thing.”

The duo is all hands on deck with their involvement in the creative process and take the lead with their artistic visions. Martin directed, edited and assisted in shooting the music video, which was shot in beautiful Costa Rica. Taking on a more adventurous approach, the music video features multiple screen boxes to portray Aurah’s iridescent and partly trippy view of the world. In one box, Martin is shown singing on a bus and taking in the view, one is a kaleidoscope view of the country’s fruitful nature, while others show the locals and children playing and laughing freely. The video is sure to leave viewers as hypnotized as their music does.

Switzerland’s hidden gems, Dold and Martin, were destined to share their talents with the world. The musically inclined pair met as teenagers while they were both making their rounds in the local music scene. The two eventually left Europe for Boston where they furthered their studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Soon after, Dold and Martin joined forces to record their first album, “Judith Martin,” and from that Aurah was created. Shortly after, Dold aligned with DJ, Christian B., to form the producing team, Swiss American Federation (S.A.F.). The pair scored two #1 Billboard hits with a remix of Enya’s “Only Time,” which became a 9/11 anthem, and Celine Dion’s “A New Day Has Come,” the title of her Las Vegas show and album. Although Judith Martin and Marc Dold are not quite household names yet, you have probably heard their work. Dold’s numerous production credits include major artists such as, Paul Van Dyk, Peter Gabriel and Nelly Furtado. In addition, both Dold and Martin composed the original film score for “Loving Annabelle” and “Sunset Junction.” Their repertoire expands showcasing tracks included in the films, “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Blood Diamond,” among countless other films and hit television shows.

“3 Little Birds” is available for a free download, when you like Aurah’s Facebook page and the video can be viewed on their YouTube channel. Learn more about Aurah and check out the single at www.Aurah.com.

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