After 5-year absence, Junior Kelly to reconnect with fans in Brooklyn

It’s been five long years snce reggae singer, Junior Kelly last performed in Brooklyn, NY, and, as expected, anticipation is running high for the return of this conscious, Rastafarian powerhouse.
Kelly himself is especially pleased to rejoin his fans in a celebration that wil be unrivalled, and which is scheduled to take place at the popular Rose Garden in Brooklyn on Sunday, July 8, 2012.
“This day has been long in coming, but nothing happens before the right time. New York is like my second home because of the love that I feel whenever I am there. So it will be like a homecoming,” the reggae singer said, on reflection.
Simply entitled, ‘Junior Kelly Live’, the event has been creating quite a bit of buzz on radio and on the various social networks. Junior Kelly fans of all ages have been securing their tickets and making plans to attend the July 8th event. This response has prompted Junior Kelly’s management and the promoters to host a meet-and-greet at Clippers II Restaurant Lounge on Friday between 6 and 9pm.
“Although the show is Sunday, Junior will be here for the entire weekend and, knowing him, he will be very busy playing his role in promoting the show even more. He is quite excited about performing at the Rose Garden Sunday and wants to make sure that everything is just right,” Tasz Smith of Triple T Productions stated.
Junior Kelly recently returned from California where he thrilled fans with a performance that lasted over an hour, and still left them wanting more.
Junior Kelly has been in the business of making uplifting and empowering reggae music for more than 25 years. Beginning his career during Dancehall’s ‘rude boy’ era in the late ’80s, Kelly’s inspiring messages have always made him a standout artist within Jamaica’s heavily populated entertainment scene.
His breakthrough single “Love So Nice” established him as a bonafide star in 2000. His commanding juxtaposition of precisely timed, deejayed rhymes and melodic singing, coupled with his vivid storytelling abilities, took the song to #1 on the Jamaican charts. “Love So Nice” spent 15 weeks at the top, making it the island’s longest charting number one single for 2000. The album Love So Nice, released in 2001, also spawned the well-received singles “Sunshine,” “Boom Draw” and the biting social commentary “Hungry Days,” which brought him recognition throughout the Caribbean, North America, and Europe.
Kelly followed up Love So Nice, with Juvenille (2002), Conscious Voice (2002), Smile (2003), Bless (2003), and Tough Life (2005), His latest album, Red Pond (2010) features the lilting lovers rock tune “Too Late” with Queen Ifrica, “Murderer,” a ferocious admonishment of gun violence, and “African Child” which was partially inspired by Kelly’s unforgettable visit to Haiti.
Junior Kelly was born Keith Morgan in Kingston. Raised in the rough area of Red Pond in Spanish Town, he lost his mentor and greatest inspiration when his brother Jim Kelly, a deejay for Killamanjaro Sound System, was murdered. Kelly turned to music to support his family, cutting his first single, “Over Her Body” in 1985. Music proved to be an uphill battle because Kelly, a devout Rastafarian, refused to compromise his beliefs by writing and performing lewd and violent lyrics. In 1995, his career accelerated with appearances on Reggae Sunsplash and Sting. He also performed at several venues in the northeastern United States, recording “Hungry Days,” and the faith reaffirming “Good Tidings” while touring the United States.
His first album Rise, was recorded in 2000. A powerfully stirring performer, Kelly continues to tour the World, spreading the messages of love, brotherhood, and self-empowerment through music. “When I am performing for a crowd, it could only be twenty people, but if just one person says I love your performance, that fills me right up in my heart.”
For bookings and info for Junior Kelly, contact: Tasz Smith of Triple T Production (917) 617-0874 or

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