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Sizwe C Urges 'Country Love'

Three elements; Love, Unity and Patriotism were molded together to create ‘Country Love.’ For Sizwe C, the thought of utilizing his musical abilities to create a positive track encapsulates those three elements was a challenge that he gave himself. In the song penned by Sizwe and Warren “Willy” Chin, Sizwe declares his love for his country and encourages those around him to do the same. As he calls out a number of islands and their distinctiveness, he boldly urges everyone to raise their hands to the sky in solidarity.

Really though, Sizwe is not just attempting to sell the idea of a type of love that he doesn’t represent. As a staple in Miami’s Caribbean events, the Trini-Haitian artist lives and breathes patriotism and ‘Country Love.’ The beauty of the Caribbean, its people and culture are boasting points for anyone from the region. Sizwe encourages you to embrace the beauty and be proud of your culture.

The creation of ‘Country Love’ is reinforcement of Sizwe’s focus on Caribbean unity. The Trini-Haitian teamed up Jamaican, Warren “Willy” Chin to create a track that was produced by a Jason “Victorious” Victory of Trinidad and DJ Jeaucar the Virgin Islands…That Right there is ‘Country Love.’

“No matter where you are from in this world you should love your land but more importantly love each other because all of we is one!”

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