Capsicum’s SAL ANTHONY Set to Explode in 2012

Capsicum’s SAL ANTHONY Set to Explode in 2012
With Reggae Cover of James Otto’s ‘Just Got Started’

Sal Anthony
Ever since the release of Capsicum Records LLC’s inaugural “Reggae-In-Fusion Album #1”, recording artist and writer-producer-arranger Sal Anthony has been steadily building momentum among fans of his creative Americana mix of rockabilly, modern country and blue-eyed soul with Caribbean rhythms. And his upcoming remake of the James Otto hit “Just Got Started” figures to build an indestructible bridge between the fans of all those genres in the U.S., Jamaica and worldwide, demonstrating his crossover appeal.

Capsicum CEO and Director of A&R Roger Meltzer described the tune as “James Otto and Ronnie Milsap meet Kenny Chesney and take a trip to Jamaica.” Penned by Otto, James Femino and David Vincent Williams, the new track was co-produced and arranged by Sal, Martin Mellinger, Osborne “Ifield”Joseph, and Meltzer. The track features the incomparable basswork of Derrick Barnett.

Jamaica’s icon radio DJ Richie Burgess of Hot 102-FM and founder of the “Jamaican grammies” Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Awards wrote : “Vocally, lyrically, instrumentally and even technically — an all-round solid production. I expect this song to do very well….Capsicum rides again!!! Please give my regards to the entire team. One Love, Richie B.” Richie B. is the DJ who described Capsicum’s unique reggae-in-fusion sound as “roots on the bottom, and pop on the top.”

“Big A (Antoine Higgins)” of IRIE-FM in Jamaica also dropped Meltzer a note – ” Hope you have been hearing the crazy love I’ve been showing to “Just Get Started” Great song. Bless.”

TropicalFete reviewed the new release- “…great vocal clarity, while the beat and the rhythm will keep you dancing along. Lyrics are sensational and easily memorized, Lovers will surely enjoy singing this tune. An unforgettable love story that is musically translated will rip the airwaves and the clubs. With four out of five stars, Just Got Started is the precursor of (fusion) tunes to follow.
Renowned Nashville musician-producer-engineer Terry Wendt heard the pre-release cut, and wrote: “Well, if that ain’t the groovin’-ist tune I’ve heard in forever!! This is a HIT! I can so clearly see and hear the message and vocal – it’s simply awesome :)” tkw

Wendt should know a hit when he hears one. He’s the author of The Early Days, an autobiographical book about the inner workings of Nashville’s music business for the last 25+ years, having worked on stage playing pedal steel in bands or in recording studios with many of the greats, including Roy Acuff, Minnie Pearl, Jimmy C Newman (Grand Ole Opry), Tom T Hall, Carl Perkins, Tanya Tucker, Merle Haggard, Jeannie C Riley, Ty Hearndon, Jo Dee Messina, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Chesney, and Tim McGraw. In 1993 Shania Twain hired Wendt as her band leader/pedal steel guitar player and road manager. Wendt was also the first to record Peggy and Patsy Lynn (the Lynns, daughters of Loretta Lynn), and bring them to Martha Sharp who signed them to Warner Brothers- Nashville.
Tom Lambert’s playlist
The Independent Music Show 10/12/2011:
The Capsicum Production Team Working with Sal Anthony

Capsicum CEO Roger Meltzer and Osborne “Ifield” Joseph

Sal recently signed a non-exclusive music licensing deal with Munchkin Studios, who represent various music libraries, and provide comprehensive music services for film and network productions, including NBC, Fox, MTV, Warner Brothers as well as for background music supplier Muzak. Songs included in the deal initially included “Born on Third Base”, a song Sal co-penned with Meltzer and recorded for the label by the red hot Cuban Cohiba, and “Just As I Am”, another co-write with Meltzer, as well as with Osborne “Ifield” Joseph, and Misteree, who also performed the song, and for which she received a nomination for the “2011 Excellence in Music and Entertainment (EME) Best New Female Artist”. Meltzer and Joseph co-produced both of the reggae crossover hits.

The deal was then expanded to include four other Anthony-Meltzer titles from the inaugural “Reggae In Fusion Album #1”: “No Better Than I” recorded by Sledge, “Exactly” and “If You Really Wanna Know” recorded by Anthony, and finally a reggae cover of “Life’s Too Short” recorded by Mayyah Stuart’ and which Anthony and Meltzer co-penned with guitar wizard George Zeigler.
Said Aimable, “If You Really Wanna Know sounds like Reggae Gone Country. However, the lyrics are well-constructed with a catchy chorus. With such an upbeat tempo, this tune will rip the airwaves from the very first note. The vocal quality sounds great and there is no doubt that this tune is destined to rock you off your feet while you sing along.

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