Lady Taz Is Jamaican At Heart

New York based reggae artiste Lady Taz is seeking her big break on the local market with the recent release of the video for her single Everyday.

Lady Taz, born Tazurdee Fortunato, is originally from Milwaukee, but was strongly influenced by Jamaican culture and music by relatives. Singing reggae music from a tender age, Lady Taz explains how she came to love Jamaican music: “As a child I got a taste of Jamaican culture and music from my Jamaican relatives. They would always talk about Jamaica and it always sounded so mystical. Then they started giving me Jamaican music as gifts whenever they would visit and I was hooked. The music was so powerful and touched me in a way no other music had done before. Reggae became an outlet for me to express my emotions and creativity. Once I began singing, it was like a force had captured me and gave me a release. The best part of performing is giving others the opportunity to feel my joy and pain through my voice and my interpretation of this powerful music. During my journey as an artist I have learned to embrace the Jamaican culture and I learned to love and appreciate the energy of Jamaican music”.

Lady Taz’s new video for Everyday was shot on location in Port Royal, where her family has roots, and captures the historic and romantic feel of the town. The track which was produced by TheBadGuyz/BrassGatesMusic, is a fun composition to emphasize her competence as a reggae singer with her own edge and style.

Following on the release of Everyday, the singer says she has several hot tracks to release for the Jamaican market: “We have a lot of buns in the oven and some of the tracks are reggae while others are dancehall. I try to constantly show my versatility as an artiste and also reflect the flavor that people are interested in hearing. It’s my way of showing the world that in my heart, I am Jamaican”.

Lady Taz is also set to release her first mix tape locally aptly titled “Jamerican”. The compilation features dance worthy tracks that explore this Reggae-Soul Princess’ personal brand of Jamaican/American fused music. Already burning the music critics’ ears for its fervent spice, “Jamerican” is set to drop in early February.

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