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Senator Roxanne J. Persaud visited Tropicalfete, Inc. to present a Check Endorsing the work of the organization

In a significant stride toward cultural enrichment, Tropicalfete, Inc. has inaugurated its new cultural space at 850 New York Avenue, Brooklyn. This vibrant hub, strategically located at the corner of Linden Blvd and New York Ave, aims to become an iconic tourism landmark, showcasing a diverse array of programs and initiatives. The distinguished Senator Roxanne J. Persaud visited the space on Thursday, November 16, 2023, commending the organization’s commitment to community development and cultural preservation.

The extensive programming at the Tropicalfete cultural space encompasses a rich tapestry of activities, including Musicians Mentoring Musicians, Authors Connecting, The Art of Masquerade, Artist Resource Center, Body of Vibration Limbo, Dance, and Theater, among others. These programs are not only enriching the cultural fabric of the community but also actively engaging youth and seniors across New York City.

During her visit, Senator Persaud expressed admiration for the innovative approach of Tropicalfete and its dedication to fostering talent. In a gesture of support, she presented a $20,000 check to Tropicalfete, Inc., earmarked for educational programs benefiting youth and seniors. Alton Aimable, the president and founder of Tropicalfete, accepted the check alongside board members Patricia Meschino, an award-winning journalist, and Keran Deterville, an artist and financial wizard.

Tropicalfete’s commitment to inclusivity is underscored by its initiatives targeting autistic kids. Discussions are underway with officials to enhance their experience and highlight their talents, particularly in technology. The organization, having previously worked with autistic kids, recognizes the importance of showcasing their skills and providing a platform for their development.

Looking ahead, Tropicalfete aims to position its cultural space as a tourism landmark, engaging the New York Tourism Industry in this endeavor. Plans include a café sourcing local and Caribbean products, recognizing our cultural forefathers. featuring  heroes, along with highlighting natural attractions from various Caribbean countries. This initiative aligns seamlessly with Tropicalfete’s mission to celebrate diversity and pay homage to those who have contributed to Caribbean culture. Those undertakings will be unveiled in different phases.

For more information about Tropicalfete, please contact them via email at info@tropicalfete.com or visit their website at www.tropicalfete.com.

Photo credit: Jennifer Horsford



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