Sanjay's Debuts Intense Musical Collabs


…Sanjay is setting up himself as one to watch for the rest of the year.

Prolific song writer Sanjay has recently dropped two intense musical collaborations which have bolstered his image as one of the ‘baddess’ songwriters in the dancehall game today.

The first track called Piece A Di Wine, released last month was produced by Conroy of Washroom Entertainment for Sanjay’s Portland Cottage Productions and features dancehall king pin Beenie Man. It has been described as a legitimate club banger. Since its release the song has been a hit online and is receiving good airplay on several radio stations locally, in the Caribbean and the southern United States.

As if that was not enough Sanjay then released another hot collaboration; this time featuring reggae sensation Alaine. The track called Wine Closer was produced by Arif Cooper for his Fresh Air Productions on the Worldwide Riddim. Like Piece a Di Wine, Wine Closer has also secured a good position on local airwaves and is definitely a favourite among not only fans of Sanjay but dancehall fans in general.

These two hot collaborations show that Sanjay is a supreme lyricist and song writer and has the enviable ability to twist words and manipulate language to do what he wants.

His lyrical dexterity is pronounced. In his track with Alaine he quips: “My girl yuh got it automatic with da wine deh so exotic never static man a watch it”. This dexterity is also prominent in Piece A Di Wine Sanjay when he ads some dancehall swag to the track by beckoning: “Come link up gimmie a small pree, mi mek u si di light like dis a diwali, …das why a mi she a perform fi promptly”

With these two powerful collaborations Sanjay is setting up himself as one to watch for the rest of the year. The artiste has been consistent over the years releasing credible songs; starting off with his mega hit Man of My Word. This was followed by brilliant singles including Lonely and Slipping Away.

All these songs have received warm welcome from the masses and based on this Sanjay’s future as a recording artiste looks bright.

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