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Salome Pacific Releases Single and Video, “Beautiful and Strong”

Salome Pacific Releases Single and Video, “Beautiful and Strong”

San Francisco, CA – Salome Pacific is making her U.S. premiere with the release of her single, and music video, “Beautiful and Strong.” The visually stunning music video displays the celebrating of her recent independence, deep appreciation of life, and perseverance. “Beautiful & Strong” is a gorgeous pictorial representation of what we can expect from the sophisticated artist. “Beautiful and Strong” is available on iTunes, along with the video now streaming onYouTube.

Shot in the picturesque woods and along the coast of California, Salome Pacific relaxes leisurely as she sings about courage and self-acceptance. The video for “Beautiful and Strong” finds the artist communing with nature, relaxing and appreciating her surrounding. The song takes listeners on a journey of empowering self-discovery with the captivating hook, “I am beautiful, I am strong, I am everything you want to be.” As the artist rejoices her strength and self-love, a handsome man takes shape, emerging from trees and is immediately drawn to Salome. It is this liberation, the artist finds within herself, which attracts the mysterious tall, dark and handsome man toward her. Complete with a romantic happy ending, the music video is an amazing visual companion to Salome Pacific’s latest single. “Beautiful and Strong” was co-produced by Salome Pacific, Heather Holley, Rob Hoffmann,Brent Fischer and Jon Rezin. This latest release marks a new chapter in the catalogue of her artistry that is compelling, fresh and inspiring. Regarding the recording process, the artist commented, “I wondered, ‘How can I sing these lines when I’m not feeling this way?’ Jon Rezin, reminded me of my own words, ‘there is nothing you have to prove: you are beautiful and strong.’”

Salome Kaniaru found her passion for music singing in church and gospel choirs in her birth country of Kenya. After joining in the Saint Stephen Choir, she knew that she was going to sing for the rest of her life. She would eventually relocate to Köln, Germany, where she signed with Sony Records and adopted the studio as her second home. Salome toured all over Europe in support of her music and was featured prominently in Vive Magazine. Music has taken Salome Pacific on an incredible journey across several countries and continues to pave a path of uncharted territory.

“Beautiful and Strong” is Salome Pacific’s first single since her return to the studio and we can expect several new tracks by the refined, seasoned artist. Salome is just getting started, and is out to prove that she cannot be stopped. “Beautiful and Strong” is available now on iTunes with her new video on YouTube. For news and updates be sure to follow her atFacebook.com/SalomePacific.

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