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Prominent, Young Trini Music Producer Takes Big Bite Into Artiste Limelight

Trinidad. November 2011————- The producer with the swag of a stunner’s at it again. Holy House Production’s Mr. Spine has been known for creating some of the most amazing beats out of T&T with the young artistes of the Millionaire Family riding them hard in recent years. Now, ahead of Carnival 2012 in T&T, the man who usually sits behind the scenes and directs the sound is prepared to stand at the fore, ready to deliver some tough ‘stuff’ as he delves into the realm of being an artiste.

A first release entitled For D Carnival is just what it says- a track for the carnival season that will penetrate the souls of true fete lovers. Together with singing sensation, Buffy, Mr. Spine 2.0 as he’s now being called, is making use of his vocal ability, coupling it with his skill behind the mixing board and computers to deliver nothing short of magic to the people he feels deserves to hear it, feel it and move to it. It’s just a taste of what’s to come as he assures a number of self-produced singles will hit the market as the season unfolds. Another track alongside IRAWMA award winning artiste, Buffy will hit the airwaves soon after the first release and according to the duo, this one will make a statement. “ It’s called, For De Lovin, and it’s about the lengths that two people would go for each other’s loving,” explained the super producer. The second single admittedly invokes emotions and Spine said the combination makes for some really good musical listening.

Holy House Production has lent its expertise in musical production to many artistes in recent years. Having secured a distribution deal with Universal Records’ InGrooves, for tracks on the Flex Riddim earlier this year, Mr. Spine 2.0 has been hard at work. He’s worked with a number of entertainers from across the Caribbean, among them Shabba Ranks, Beenie Man, Konshens, Rayvon, Pamputee, Meritol Family, Orlando Octave and the other talented artistes who make up the Millionaire Family, among others. Now, his new mission to infiltrate vocally with self-produced singles not only sends a strong warning but also a tremendous message to other youths looking on. “I feel that we’re all capable of charting the course we want in this life. Music is my passion but why should I be bound to one aspect of it? I feel I have what it takes to give more of me and I want other young people to understand that there’s always something more for them out there. They just have to go after it!” he said.
Mr. Spine 2.0 is ready for C2K12 and he’s bringing a strong catalogue with him. With determination to make it all a success, Mr. Spine 2.0- youthful and determined in every sense, is looking forward to an interesting season ahead.

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