Road International Brings Strong Social Concept to the Party Scene 'Nerd vs Bully'

New York, New York – For many of us attending parties helps us to release some stress, dance and enjoy the music. During a party sometimes hundreds maybe thousands of people gather socially to have a great time. For the DJs of Road International they are always thinking to take the party scene one step further.

DJ Bully, Mad Scientist and Mr Crump of Road International have brought a socially fused concept to the dancehall scene. They should be applauded for bringing a strong message and awareness to the party scene, which so often is many hundreds and thousands gather. Approximately two years ago Road International started an event called Nerd vs Bully. No one on the sound would consider themselves a nerd or ever being a bully but all members are very familiar with people who have been bullied or may have low self esteem.

Mr. Crump, who wears glasses, has always been one to embrace the look of ‘”the nerd”. ‘I’ve never been bullied or teased but jokingly friends have called me a nerd and its a title I’vee taken on and capitalized on it via my musical image” says Mr. Crump.

Never short of the females surrounding him and friends Mr. Crump has made it his objective to let others know that being a nerd is okay. For DJ Mad Scientist, he says ” Just be yourself and try to know who you are and your goals you want to achieve in life. Your confidence and originality is what makes us all great people”.

DJ Bully is very animated, although NOT a Bully, he is very outgoing. ‘I’ve always been the ‘popular kid’ the one who hangs out with a lot of friends and always trying to be a leader”. The term bully for DJ Bully is one he took on as his musical image because he is a big advocate of being yourself, think outside the box and bully your inner self. Bullying your inner self is a mind set DJ Bully uses, which helps one to push themselves to always achieve more. “Never bully another individual that only takes away the time and focus on you becoming a better individual” says DJ Bully.

With Road International being strong advocates of being yourselves and getting along with each other, they have decided to take the concept to the party scene and bring some awareness to the message ‘be yourself’. ‘Whether you embrace the ‘Nerd’ or you embrace ‘Bully’ on Friday, March 7th at Kerryels Banquet Hall, 127-08 Atlantic Ave. Queens, NY, you will see Road International bring everyone one together and enjoy the musical experience.

Nerd vs Bully is in its second year and have received great support from their fans and from people in the music industry. Road International has now garnered the interest of numerous college associations to bring the concept, Nerd vs Bully to their campuses and partake in several workshops.

“We are happy to know this concept is growing and we look forward to attending the colleges and impact any life we encounter during our Nerd vs Bully College Tour”.


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