Sanjay Stirs Controversy With Bad Up Di Luvy

Dancehall artiste Sanjay has created a buzz, accompanied by some controversy, with the new video for his track Bad Up Di Luvy .

The video, which was shot on location at Waves Beach in St Catherine, has had tongues wagging with questions as to whether it is fit for airplay in this era of Broadcast Commission strictures.
According to Sanjay the video is a fun video featuring some of his friends on the beach but he does see the controversy: “Being one of the directors, producer and artiste in the video, I got a little caught up in the moment and only in hindsight did I realize that a couple of the scenes may have been a little over the top for national TV.”

Since its release the Bad Up Di Luvy video has garnered over 6000 thousand views on Youtube and has created a buzz on social media. Many are wondering why the video was not premiered on national television but Sanjay says this will happen in the coming week as a new sanitized edit is being done.

“We shopped the video to several national stations and they, while liking the video, were afraid to premier it so we have decided to do an edit that addresses their concerns so everyone gets a chance to see it.”

Sanjay’s Bad Up Di Luvy song which was produced by Washroom Entertainment is also getting credible airplay and has had resonance as far as Russia and Poland.

The artiste who is gearing up for his summer push says he has several other hot tracks ready to go: “I have a few one drop songs as well as some other songs similar to Bad Up Di Luvy that I plan to release in the coming weeks. The fans really love Bad Up Di Luvy and they have also been asking me for some one drops so I know it will be a bad summer.”

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