Ravi B releases new mobile app!

As the digital revolution continues to sweep the globe, the entertainment industry especially music is successfully riding this technological wave. In his mission to take the Chutney-Soca genre to international heights and to keep it on par with all other musical art forms Karma’s Ravi B recently announced the release of the Ravi B and Karma mobile application.

An historical first for the Chutney Industry, the new ‘Ravi B and Karma app’ is available for download on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and also Android platforms and will soon be available for Blackberry. The multi-faceted app will feature a home page, music page, band member biographies, as well as access to Karma’s merchandise and much more to be revealed. Also notable is the fact that Karma will use this new mobile medium to showcase the new fresh faces and up and coming talents of the Chutney world.

When asked about the decision to have this app developed, Ravi B stated, “We saw the importance of making our music digitally accessible. At the rate that the world and technology is growing, it’s evident that in 2 years basically everyone will have a smart phone or tablet device and we (Karma) had to think ahead to find ways to reach our fans and general Chutney-Soca fans around the world. We see the Ravi B and Karma app as the key to the digital world, the key to reach the supporters and the key to the future.

Now that Karma and Chutney-Soca is in the global technological mix, this signifies a stepping stone to great possibilities for the band and its indigenous regional music styles to gain new markets and more international recognition.
This new development has thus far been receiving rave reviews from fans, fellow artistes, music industry stakeholders and media practitioners. Many see this as not only a great achievement for the band Karma but for Chutney-Soca and Caribbean music on the whole.

To download the Ravi and Karma App log onto: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/ravi-b-and-karma/id512608625?mt=8&ls=1 OR http://www.karmaholics.com/

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