Prezident Brown's New Album Debuts November 13 From Tad's Record

Tad’s Record releases the highly-anticipated new album from Jamaican roots artist Prezident Brown with I Sound Is From Creation, available worldwide on November 13, 2012 . Born Fitz Cotterell in Clarendon, Jamaica, Prezident Brown embarked on a prolific musical journey that spans three decades and has transcended international borders, bringing his brand of socially-conscious messages to the global audience.

Hailed as one of the few remaining authentic roots entertainers, Prezident Brown is often compared to the late Dennis Brown and Jacob Miller of Inner Circle. This, his ninth full-length release, is no different, as he continues his mission to educate and entertain, through his music. “I am mentally, physically and spiritually prepared and looking forward to the album release,” reveals Prezident Brown. “I know my existing fans will be fulfilled by it and I am ready to tour and introduce my special Fitz Cotterell-brand of reggae worldwide.”

Boasting 14 tracks molded by Prezident Brown’s signature chanting style, all solidly laced over classic one-drop reggae riddims, I Sound Is From Creation is a must-have album for reggae lovers. With the first single, “Be Careful (Rags To Riches),” Prezident Brown implores listeners to not get attached to material things or lose themselves, as they rise from “rags” to “riches.” The second single, “Teach The Youths Dem (Meditation),” addresses the destruction of the culture and encourages youths to be strong in the face of adversity. Other notable tracks include “Defender,” where he delves into his Rastafarian faith and urges the public to not belief the negative propaganda that is spread about the religion, “Fi Wi Queen (Jamaica 50),” which pays tribute to Jamaica’s 50th Independence celebrations, “Everything Is Everything,” which explores the mysteries of creation, and “Rebel With A Cause,” a unique combination of neo-soul and roots reggae that speaks to Prezident Brown’s musical versatility.

Often hailed as “Towerman” due to his height of 6 feet, 3 inches, Prezident Brown sees himself as “towerful,” with T.O.W.E.R for being an acronym for “Thinking-Overstanding-Working-Enlightening-Reasoning.” There is even a small image at the bottom of the I Sound Is From Creation album poster, depicting the stance of the ‘towerman.’

Prezident Brown celebrates this new release with a European tour, which is currently underway (see tour dates below). “Leading up to the release, I will be in Paris,” discloses Prezident Brown. “France will be my first stop, with veteran Studio One singer, Willie Williams. I will also be introducing young artist Rivah Jordan, from the Tower Gang.”

Paris, France also sets the scene for the video for the album’s first single, “Be Careful (Rags To Riches),” which is currently in production while Prezident Brown is there. He continues his world domination with a U.S. tour, which kicks off in January and will run through February of 2013.

“Prezident Brown, as an artist, is one of those silent but deadly gems of reggae music,” states Tad Dawkins, President of Tad’s Record. “His songs are both entertaining as well as powerful in message. There was no contemplating when the opportunity arose for Tad’s Record to put out an album for Prezident Brown and Axx Of Jahpostles.

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