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Keith Richards Trades Stories and Licks with Noisey in "Guitar Moves"

Today, Noisey is excited the unveil the season premiere of Guitar Moves, featuring none other than rock ‘n’ roll royalty, Keith Richards. Hosted by Matt Sweeney (Chavez, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Zwan), the two dive deep into the art of playing guitar, trading riffs and the stories that come with them.

The two cover the 71-year-old’s expansive career, going all the way back to the first song Keith learned from his grandfather (“Malagueña,” as it turns out). Keith describes the endless hours he spent learning to play as a teen, “I would spend all practicing. I should’ve been trying to get laid, but I was playing guitar,” as Keith  eloquently puts it.

Keith also looks back on his own personal guitar heroes, figures like like Jimmy Reed and Ry Cooder who Richards learned from and emulated. He even recounts teaching Ike Turner how to play in his famous five- string, Open G style — showing Matt Sweeny how it’s done in the process.

Guitar Moves, hosted by Matt Sweeney, is Noisey’s show where the viewer gets an opportunity to sit in on a private, interesting, and hilarious conversation about guitars, music, life, and craft. Previous episodes have featured figures like James Williamson of the Stooges and St. Vincent. Later this season, Noisey will sit down with everyone from Lemmy from Mötorhead to the Geto Boys’ Scarface.

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